Mulberry Womens Tote Bags active sums down the stairs

April 14 [Sun], 2013, 19:45
This time he left. Noisy quarrel he said, he was tired. Pick up something he moved to live in the dorm. Leave her alone and faced cold and naked, cold water. Every fight is before him to try every means to soothe,Mulberry Womens Tote Bags active sums down the stairs with her, now, he's finally sick and tired, bags came to an end, he is not willing to try to find the stairs again. That night, she can't sleep, bored, opens the album in, the first page is their wedding photos. Close her head on his shoulder, two smiling like a flower blooming. From the pictures that she's much shorter than he, but she knows that between them across the stage. She held the picture, thinking, every fight is, he offered to step down, but she never take the initiative to the next level. Why does. His inclusion, would you please indulge wayward. Marriage is two people, always one man down the stairs, and farther distances, of course, will be increasingly far. In fact, she was on a higher level, and can be as tall as he.

He fell in love with her when she was 19 years old, was away from ivory pure dreams in the real world. He has worked for several years, had almost forgotten how romantic and, therefore, he was as careful to take care of her and her spiritual world. One day, Joanna Kramer play he borrowed the Sophie's choice with her. Movie watching, she did not really understand the meaning of films most impressive, but there is a lens embedded in her mind, she will never forget when they open the door, burst into the room, only to discover that two people who love each other have hold, bid farewell to this world. She cried, she asked him, it is not the highest level of love. He smiled, and did not answer. Make her think, he must know that there is a higher level. He waited for her for years, and she became his wife. Little by little, I do not know, knowingly or unknowingly, their habit of embracing and sleeping habits. No matter how visitors will change position, no matter what their things to each other, woke up the next morning, she was always in his bosom. She felt very Loewe. And then, something happened between them, begin to suspect each other the feelings between them. He no longer says I love you to her, of course she can no longer be said to him I am, too. Time away, I have at least a year, long time joys and endless. Prime of youth than youth, flowers and colorful, but also the most lonely. Time for love, will go to the end, then, half a lifetime for whom the rivers will flow.
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