"what a pity you harbor evil intentions

September 06 [Thu], 2012, 11:02
Fat man stepped head body, one side shouted: "brother, get the little bastard lamb capture.Lattice I, one hundred seas, two hundred seas......"The fat man in here feel sorry for his shining white silver, but that Yi spring garden woman white * *.
Lin Guoyu ignored the sleeve, while the thin man also did not play out, and from a few stone also flew out.The stone will be through the holes in the roof, heard the fat in shouting: "three hundred seas, lattice I, the four hundred seas.
....."Thin people have rushed to the door UGG Mini Boots, saw the tree still holding the stone at the inn of Lin Guoyu, managed to attack Lin Guoyu.In the blink of an eye is nearly from the forest country Yusiwu feet, while looking at Lin Guoyu's child, but he broke his money, so he is kill action.
His fist straight hit Lin Guoyu in the face.Lin Guoyu dare not hard to meet him this trick, hand in two pieces of a smaller stone block, also no longer vote that inn of the roof, but took the cast in the past.
The stone is exhausted body force, but also with the wind whistling, imposing no less than attack me was how much worse.The thin man Kung Fu is again high, but not too small for this "secret weapon", a little sideways, escaped the two bridge of stone.
Lin Guoyu is reached from the waist took out his dagger.Lin Yiren found Lin Guoyu's dagger, has been placed in the Lin Guoyu house.The band aster to seedling stiff, Lin Guoyu himself to bring.Lin Guoyu took out a dagger, but did not dare to attack the thin man.
Two steps back, retreated to the woods.There is a thick forest, action is blocked, even if that was the Kung Fu high again, to the woods have greatly reduced.The intention was to stop forest country than cast stones through the inn's roof ferrari puma shoes, Lin Guoyu this receded, his aim is reached.
He watch more than China, said: "the little things.What do you do, dare to run to make trouble?"Forest the country I glared at him Sale UGG Boots, said: "you two things dare catch innocent villagers to feed the zombie, is still a man?Is not afraid of justice retribution?"Perhaps people for justice retribution and the like, is not to regard it as right.
But Lin Guoyu and the east of Sichuan are the strange magic circle of two people.The discipline of the people believe in God of retribution Classic Tall Fancy UGG, which is why Lin Yiren was eating human flesh dog broke after the plague will ask themselves will be folded ten years no reason.
But now he is opposite the East Sichuan two strange, Kawahigashi Ni strange since dare use virgin blood to feed the corpse, and they speak what justice retribution nature is no use.Skinny man smiled: "you don't look a little older, but I have a sense of justice.
But today you ruined my act, or you supple, mind if not stupid, I am sure will bring you harvest your hand from apprentice, Kung Fu, or you can also become a character.However, today you must die."Move slowly to Lin Guoyu.
Lin Guoyu step by step back Women's North Face Sale, smiled and said: "what a pity you harbor evil intentions, otherwise, you look ugly, martial arts, magic is low, maybe I will make you to kneel on the ground to me knock several heads, to spare your life.
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