it soon will dream wake head cover up

December 04 [Tue], 2012, 15:53
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultHa-ha. Huangfu to extinguish ,now you know ,too late UGGs Crochet Tall Boots,today I dare hit to kill ,to which I stay ! Dream X laughter ,the twisted black smoke clutches not stop play ,again and again ,between instantly ,the rest of the six to destroy eight star was neat are head catch cleft ,neat is brains break, body die away, but more terror, even the body.
Did not leave ,as several beach pus !Huangfu to extinguish was canthus is splitting ,turned pale ,trembling ,shaking voice asked : dream ... ... Dream X, you ... ... How can you magic .
.. ... The exercises ? Meng Xianjue Wenyan is laughing one track: ha ha ,I have a few times and the bringer of war ,under the LORD :much like the sands of Ganges RIver ,numerous similar cases ,some of the exercises is what ? Huangfu to extinguish is incredulous said: hum !Dream X, the domain is not three years old children ,the method is easy to learn, especially your what demons seize the soul hand ,apparently the top power ,furthermore North Face Greenland, you as a fairyland is supreme ,taking the power ,if spread out ,how can you the Immortal Emperor let the fairyland and convincing ? Dream X shook his head ,face distains ground say : Hey ,Huangfu to destroy ,you have a vision ,can recognize I use is the leading power ,however ,I won this question ,you obediently to die, for I take the main things ,you are a dead body ,the entire creation ,nature nobody knows ! Said Meng Xianjue ,the great man in Huangfu to extinguish the pledge hard pressed down on the top of !Huangfu to destroy be frightened and change color ,is not willing to see this kill ,but now with a shout, and suddenly spit out a shining gold sword ,in the air of rapid inflation ,with fierce anger ,toward the large clutches of hard to cut up ! ! The golden sword and wrapped in black smoke .
He struck the shaking heaven and earth together, making a loud noise, the ground is quivered, the endless waves ,heavily inspired countless dust ,sun ,surrounded by a dark !Dust soon spread, the Huangfu to extinguish is kneeling on the ground ,hair pulled apart ,the clothes on silk thread to hang on the body ,the body is a large pool of blood in front of her ,and not far away ,it is just that handle golden bright sword ,it is split into a dozen pieces ,the golden gloss natural also disappear ,would like junk-heap general !Originally ,to destroy this turn back to hit those who misled ,ended in failure ,is its elaborate exercise golden sword is in the clutches of despotic power be reduced to fragments ,into debris scattered across the ground ,and because of this the golden sword and the change in the connected end ,the golden sword is destroyed ,leading to death in follow seriously injured !In the end ,the above ,although the wound with black smoke clutches in the golden sword hard to execute ,become virtual light a lot, but still is ruthlessly towards Huangfu extinguishing head caught on UGG Knee Twisted Cable Boots, this cheap ugg womens boots, if can catch it, lest Huangfu to extinguish .
And it will destroy eight star general body to die on the spot ! ,and to destroy ,and die, dare and I work, I let you die ! Dream X grimly said ,looking with several anionic Li ,seems to be the most evil in general ,there is no as immortal peace !Huangfu to extinguish looked at with black smoke toward their pledge to take control ,want to continue to move against ,but is incapable of action ,face emerges out of despair ,hiss and exclaimed: Dream X, how dare you kill the domain master ,Luo ,ancient immortal being closed ,until he went to after that ,the domain is Luo ,ancient fairy favourite disciple ,he definitely won and you leave the matter at that ! Meng Xianjue Wenyan ,is the clutches with a chuckle ,and said : ha ha ,Huangfu to destroy ,you don ancient immortal man regions to scare me ,you know ,he is my beat ,and he cannot reach the realm of Immortal Emperor ,if he was holed up in a reverse diamond camp does not come out ,it is better to linger ,for some time ,if dare appeared in the central immortal domain of words ,the next will be like you, died in this central immortal region ! Said Meng Xianjue ,is slightly idea method formula ,the large clutches of continues to move ,to eliminate head down ,it is going to be destroyed ,to head crush !Huangfu to extinguish is also a very ,hiss and shouted: well ,now ,dream wake ,you know ,the domain master chef , since ancient Xianzheng practicing Dayan electrodeless fist ,is said to be the mysterious world of handed down from power, and if you are the Immortal Emperor ,also hard to fight now ,you killed the domain master ,my master will exit ,certainly for the domain master pay off old scores ! Meng Xianjue Wenyan suddenly heart startled ,the huge claws was again a ,mouth was asked : eh? What? You should practice of ancient fairy regions its non-polar fist ,but the exact matter ?He is also where to get in the spirit world power ? Huangfu to extinguish see Dream X the surprise ,the heart immediately big bright light ,face ,mouth and said: hum ,the domain master chef , ancient immortal have great magic power ,be equal to anything ,if you know it, then quietly make Xianjie supreme position, perhaps my master me ,can not kill you ,otherwise ,hum ,I am afraid you as the Immortal Emperor ,cannot resist from the divine method ! Meng Xianjue Wenyan ,know in Huangfu to destroy here could not get any useful information ,then smiled wryly, Yin said : humph sorrowful sorrowful !Well, then I will first you kill ,then will you the master obliterated ,have a look he has qualified to dare with I snatch Xianjie Supreme position ! Meng Xianjue said, is no more words ,but the huge claws toward the Huangfu to destroy severely clawed ,dream wake was also feel suffocated ,oneself in a threatening manner to execute the small wind days ,but let the small wind day gave away ,but will be able to destroy the Huangfu Di kill, also do not calculate white out again ,and the wind is small ,only slowly map !But ,to extinguish also know their own downfall shortly, but can only be put in a quandary ,is a hoarse constantly scolded : Dream X, today although you succeed ,but will eventually die ! Ha ha ,you don my things ,give me go die ! Dream X ha laughter ,the large clutches is missed will fall in the end in the head !In this be in grave moment ,suddenly the sky came several sound of thunder ! Huangfu domain master ,don ,I come to save you ! Dream wake ,stop rampant ,twelve: Wei also ! We quickly node Tenchu star array ,to kill the dream x, for I inverse diamond building work ! Huangfu domain ,twelve: Wei in Nangong domain of life to protect you ,together we kill dream prophet ! With the shout ,twelve blue sky and from mase ,it soon will dream wake head cover up ,and then the green light is actually mase and the next blue lightning ,towards the dream of X suddenly shot !Dream wake all the attention is focused on the Huangfu to eliminate body, was unprepared to the way that a group called the Tenchu twelve defend ,was the blue lightning a positive ,can can hit his head !Dream X hair suddenly become a piece of brown ,is originally the handsome face blackened ,as for the mother to Huangfu to extinguish the huge clutches ,is rapidly dissipated .
www where to ?Dare attack on me ? Dream X students received a blue lightning ,although no hurt ,but burnt hair ,face and a sense of loss of big black ,face, suddenly looked around angrily asked ,however ,dream wake just is future the hearer in the ears ,to see what the devil star array and before the end of eight Star cloth under the Death Star battle is very similar ,but also to understand the minds of people ,the master inverse diamond !Sure enough, as the dream foresight yelled at ,horizon rustle fall twelve figure ,will be surrounded by Meng Xianjue, the twelve man comes out of the atmosphere ,it is also large ,golden immortal work ,and who is also black, is the face is black cloth cover ,revealing only two shining eyes .
Led by a person declared : Dream X, I is the Nangong region the main seat of Tenchu twelve defend ,was secretly protection ,domain ,I have here UGGs Boots Over The Knee Bailey Button Sparkles,do not hurt Nangong domain master
fraction ! Meng Xianjue Wenyan heart suddenly ,understand these sudden black people should be on the East Yao Xian domain Lord Nangong :men ,not by cold sing one track: hum ,was
rebellious Nangong Tenchu minions ,your Lord ?How to come ,but sent you these wastes to die ! The day to twelve Wei princes is laughed gently said: hum ,dream wake ,you connect
a battle ,but in the consumption is very huge, where differences in our Nangong domain master hand ,is the twelve of us ,can you execute this ,the devil star array ,is you to die
! Meng Xianjue Wenyan is laugh again and again, mouth distains ground say : Hey ,with your ,I also want to deal with ,to die !It was called to destroy star array ,I waved ,will break
away ,it destroyed the eight stars are as pus, you this devil star array ,but also a piece of cake only, since you came, accompany you the Huangfu domain ,together with the killing
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