This is more or less or a little

January 09 [Wed], 2013, 15:14
See Ouyang Chenhui so feel shy, seven C did not insist, just wrote a note to Ouyang Chenhui, so he went to Kyoto to find him!Ouyang Chenhui took a look: Kyoto City Bridges Road down to the end turn left go to right a seven C scrap purchasing Mountaineer Jacket Canada Goose, my name is Meng Qibing, do come and find me!Rely on!This guy is really!Ouyang Chenhui smiled and shook his head, the note into his pocket.Finally the funny family away, Ouyang Chenhui not to say yes or no in Qiuzi shrugged.Qiuzi rare and he joked: "it is a pity, so big son!""Is?I want to get him back, let him deny you when godmother, I must recognize this son!"Ouyang Chenhui seems to be a good scar forget the pain, they give some sunshine he was brilliant.Boring.Akiko Ouyang Chenhui began to say not to the point it, could not help but think of himself fainted when he was breathing thing, just to face and cold up!Qiuzi's face suddenly cloudy, head, began to study the mobile phone.Ouyang Chenhui is a little upset, I grow not appearance than the pan, but is at least as casual and elegant bearing, a man of striking appearance!Coupled before their strength in front of her art pig eat tiger, would have caused the people's Liberation Army sister's favor?Is really depressed!Have a look as it was getting late, day lights drifted apart, it seems that nothing in the.Suddenly, Akiko to see some familiar faces toward the side compartment comes, her face suddenly changed, such as tension, and to fear.Ouyang Chenhui looked at her facial expression changed, are wondering, see Qiuzi suddenly be opposite the couple cover on the body coat take over."Lend me down!"Put the clothes to cover herself, Akiko suddenly turned, with Ouyang Chenhui's face began to kiss up Women's Canada Goose Whistler.What is this?No response came, Ouyang Chenhui feel Qiuzi that continuous incense muscle body on his arms, the soft and elastic two missions in his chest roving.The soft lips on his face stiff across, and settled on his lips.Ouyang Chenhui still enjoyed Qiuzi unfamiliar and sentimental kiss kiss, that is, is actually the lips to lips, kept rubbing.Ouyang Chenhui even can feel her lips were pursed tightly.Ouyang Chenhui know Qiuzi come unexpectedly bizarre behavior must have her, so, will feel at ease was she kissed, did not quiet.However, the heart can have happy, thought with this heroic spirit is threatening, bright and brave army sister will not have any story, did not think of, people come up to grade directly!What is the people's Liberation Army!The atmosphere is straightforward!The opposite of a couple is a foolish eye, look at these two have nothing to communicate suddenly so public use kiss together, although their actions than they have to be unpopular, but after all they are work in just ways of couple relationships, while the two, seems to be meet by chance the passing through?This is more or less or a little people can not accept.Two lips and friction for several minutes, Akiko from the arms of Ouyang Chenhui broke away, towards the next four wait for a long time, he slowly sat down, face was red like a ripe peach."Clothes to you!Sorry.Qiuzi's clothes will be handed over to the couple.Face up to.To sit down, don't give Ouyang Chenhui an explanation, but from time to time four began to look at it, as if in search of something."Ladies and gentlemen, next station the station, have the passengers to get off please be ready ahead of time......"Another station, train radio announcer voice began in the compartment cyclotron.Like pondering what Sarah, with a serious face, about a minute later, she will be a small U disc in hand, while no attention, once into the hands of Ouyang Chenhui.And forced the shook his hand."Your name is Ouyang Chenhui, Kyoto Medical College Freshmen, right?"Qiuzi suddenly asked so a sentence.Ouyang Chenhui unknown so little head.Don't know what happened to her, why suddenly become so strange.It 's nothing.Thank you very much.Qiuzi towards Ouyang Chenhui smiled, picked up his luggage went door to go.Ouyang Chenhui saw her ticket to write a final stop: Kyoto why she wants to get out ahead of time Calgary Canada Goose?Be in trouble?
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