not to regard it as right.

January 21 [Mon], 2013, 12:45
"You really look really interesting!"At the moment, the endless sea of an unknown island, seal if and tilt LAN Xuan two people sit side-by-side in a protruding rock, while overlooking the distant scenery, while each other with the nearly 100 years of their life.Before this month, in order not to suspect, they meet two people are in a sneaky way, with great care, together did not say a few words, where like now so unrestrained?Now finally solved the green hill of evil heart, not only seal if feel a sense of relief, is always indifferent inclination LAN Xuan was also very happy, so seize the opportunity to tease seal if a few words.Ha-ha.Is?If you really feel interesting, I can have the face to marry you go back Timberland Slippers, let you day and night, year after year, interesting for a lifetime, but you're afraid to snivel!"Letter if the grinning tunnel, the right hand quietly will tilt LAN Xuan that slender hands hold, that supple and smooth feel, is that he can not help but want to further.But the updip LAN Xuan that clear eyes Polo Big Pony Sale, eyes closed, if once again defeated, because although the two already established relationship, even Qing Lan Xuan had to seal Lang match, but in fact, she also can only tolerate hand this degree.But even so, if the letter is extremely satisfied, so the shoulder to shoulder, hand in hand, two two opposite, listening to the waves of the voice, and the sound came from time to time a few seabirds cry, do not need to say anything, also does not need to do anything, just quietly silent, in the silent heart consonance!If you can, sealing if even want this to last forever!Until the sun west ramp, the tide rises gradually, tilt LAN Xuan it gently sighed: " Canada Goose Women's Down Hoody;you this hunchback identity but continues!""Ah!Why.If the letter was stupefied, although he also feel this hunchback innocent identity is very interesting, but now tilt LAN Xuan came the endless City, he can't use this identity openly to find her, and now there is no green hill demon threat, he too wanted to restore the true colours.No way.If you dare to restore the true colours, but will be immediately arrested!"Tilt LAN Xuan gently shook his head, whispered."Hey, who will get me?I'm inclined cloud old man Oh no, is pour cloud advanced a handsome son-in-law!"Letter if the hey hey smiled a sound, not to regard it as right.Hear the letter if this, also follow to float a faint blush updip LAN Xuan's face, then didn't stare his one eye, "you but is not modest, my father promised?Also, this matter he also don't tube!"Well.That is, we face the things we own tube!"If the cash letter."And who you are us!Don't overestimate yourself!"Tilt LAN Xuan also smiled, then faint sigh, turned as if carefully sorted out the wind tangled clothes, then it quietly stood staring into the distance, said: "if the letter, please promise me, no matter what happens in the future, you must believe me?""Xiaoxuan, what happened?"Hear here, seal if heart sank, immediately jumped up, he is very clear tilt LAN Xuan character, although like water gentle and quiet, but the inside is very proud and strong, in many cases, she will put their own things away, and now she had this kind of mood, is undoubtedly the matter to extremely severe degree.In a moment of silence, tilt LAN Xuan again openings way: "you know why I came the great city?In addition to find you, or because, my mother in the endless city!""Aunt?Ah.This is a good thing!One day I prepare the gift to see her!"Hear the tilt LAN Xuan's mother is the great city, relieved sealing Ruodun, since they are their own people, then everything is good.No.You can't go to see her, if she knew our relationship, will kill you, because, she is the endless city elders!Is the next master first choice!""Uh, big long?"Letter if thoroughly Meng, saying: that the family tilt LAN really rich ah!
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