Ouyang into the first doorway

April 02 [Tue], 2013, 18:24
Xiao Minghua awkward smile, went to Zhu Yiming around, whispered: "I can help you a lot of Manga and when to help the brothers once, do not talk nonsense I spent invited boss of effort to, you do not a word, let me Jifeidanda Zhu Yiming looked Xiao Minghua serious look, put away the joke, it seems that this time seriously, they should help out from brokered brokered So Stern, said: "Xiao Ming was a good comrade. I told him the most knowledgeable about. "Ouyang Xiaolei and Li Qian hear Puchi smile, Xiao Ming China is also a lost your demeanor, bite his ear and said:" you do not do that, did not you dumb sold. four of the meal, you can eat gusto Xiao Minghua, give full play to the own Jiuzhuo talents piece is a one Zhu Yiming also aside gag funny two beautiful laughing. After dinner, Xiao Ming proposed to obliterate the state of play, Zhu Yiming and Ouyang the Xiaolei natural positive response, but since Li Qian students to find something she does not look like shirk look, Xiao Ming China and we regret to a shrug. Zhu Yiming had an idea, quickly said: the "Ouyang Minister, can come with me Xinhua Bookstore to see her, I want to buy a few books." Ouyang Xiaolei point through the characters should channel: "Well, I just have to to find a few of the health and beauty book, let's go! "Xiao Ming to two vote to be grateful glance, Zhu Yiming even hidden to him from a refueling action. Two men on the train, Zhu Yiming said: "Where are we going?" Ouyang Xiaolei pretend puzzled look: Xinhua Bookstore "not going to do?" Go to the Xinhua bookstore doing? Are you really buy what beauty book Ah, I see you have a very beautiful ah! "Zhu Yiming seize the opportunity to shoot the other one ass. Ouyang the Xiaolei pretend angry and said: "It seems that Li Qian was right, with Secretary Li a few days, becomes glib." Zhu Yiming quickly to the index finger on his mouth, a silenced the action, Ouyang Xiaolei her amused, throwing a wink over, said mysteriously: take you places. "Zhu Yiming pretend nervous look, patted his chest, pinch the voice cried:" help , some people see color spur of the moment, kidnapping of a good and decent man ah,Jordan Fly Wade 2 EV Sale! "Ouyang Xiaolei Hearing this, tears started to laugh out, have to hold the steering wheel, and so the laughter subsided, said:" You're a dog mouth spit ivory Zhu Yiming heard that face scowl, multiply the other side is not prepared to handle outstretched, fullness in the chest in the other, mercilessly pinched mouth clamor Road: "You dare me, want to live . "Ouyang Xiaolei, a burst of nervous, can not think of the Kuomintang, a large crowd under this guy dare to take such liberties quickly fire in looked. Drive slower, just that, if an acquaintance saw, I really do not know what to do, Fortunately, because it is noon, no one in the street, then daggers Zhu Yiming one. Zhu Yiming is also a burst of scared, quickly raised their hands for the surrender like, the Ouyang Xiaolei this give up. Car around the bend two into one called the "red light" district, Zhu Yiming discovered to the north of the city close to four Huai town boundaries, puzzled and said: "We came into this cell doing?" Ouyang Xiaolei not answer parked the car, said: "get off for a while you know." Zhu Yiming head fog, do not know each other want What've. Zhu Yiming followed Xiaolei, Ouyang into the first doorway of the Building III, on the fourth floor, Ouyang Xiaolei stopped at 401 in front, hey presto, from the bag and took out a bunch of keys, opened the heavy security door. "Ah, you this in bought a house?" Zhu Yiming ask out of curiosity. "Not to buy, rent if appropriate, then put it to buy down yesterday just to get the key, and not enough time to pack it." Ouyang Xiaolei said, he gave Zhu Yiming let into the door. Zhu Yiming looked into the circle, the house is not big, so it is 70 or 80 square, but the layout is pretty reasonable, a living room, two rooms plus kitchen and bathroom. Zhu Yiming look puzzled and asked: "Are you ready to move this to live, running away from home?" Ouyang Xiaolei see he was not kidding look, suddenly showed the one I like a failure, bitterly said: "What a fool, do not you prepare every ready went to obliterate the state go ah!" Zhu Yiming said it was with this wake up, to realize that this is a love nest for two, suddenly it was moved, and immediately moved order action, a Ouyang Xiao Layla into his arms, they immediately kiss with. Young people is the impulse to just stick together, the two lips, Zhu Yiming crotch immediate response, hard top Ouyang Xiaolei abdomen. Zhu Yiming kissed the hands pitching fondle each other's back, and finally stopped in the Bottom, hard kneading Ouyang Xiaolei knew actually issued a muffled groan. A sound of ecstasy osteoclasts Zhu Yiming, such as playing a needle with blood, abnormal excitement, hands stretched out directly into each other's pants buckle. Ouyang Xiaolei grabbed his hand to his mouth to four weeks swept away, which means there is no place inside the room with a bed, but there is no bedding and other items. Zhu Yiming mind suddenly emerge out of the the AV film scene, mouth revealing a trace of prostitution. Laugh, Ouyang Xiaolei closer to room,Jordan Phase 23 Hoops Outlet, Ouyang Xiaolei a strange, do not know each other to be hell. Met Room, Zhu Yiming dig closed the door, but fortunately, the windows of the room two floor-to-ceiling curtains closed, this calm down. Zhu Yiming Ouyang Xiaolei football into his arms, was another wet kiss, then whispered in her ear: "I can not help it, in here." Then, to Ouyang Xiaolei pull to hip between the tents. Ouyang Xiaolei skilled to help him sets get up, head down, said: "There is no place ah." Sound is even lower than the mosquito called. Right, stand, come from behind. "Zhu Yiming like to teach the pupils, and gently lead. Ouyang the Xiaolei blush endless,Coach Alexandra Bags, and whispered: "can do it?" Zhu Yiming nodded, stretched out his hands to the other's waist, Fortunately November Heng Yang, noon temperature is still relatively high. Ouyang Xiaolei Open Zhu Yiming hand, turned to their own operation, Zhu Yiming armed busy lifting his lower body, the upper body on the one hand is not necessary, on the other hand, is a bit cooler. Both ready, Zhu Yiming hand out private Ouyang Xiaolei Department to explore, has long been a dripping wet, so she held onto the bed, hips cocked high. Own to seize it as hard as iron, baby, Taoyuan hole after a series of exploratory, hips sank down, direct access to the deepest, Ouyang started Xiaolei eat, she no jitter. Zhu Yiming began a spate of action up several times and out, Ouyang Xiaolei also tasted the sweetness, Qiaotun forced back, with positive. Perhaps more exciting posture, Zhu Yiming about ten minutes later surrendered Ouyang Xiaolei also reached high tide. Zhu Yiming out, quickly pulls out glossy from Ouyang Xiaolei bag, and handed her a few, he was busy wipe. Two wear pants, Ouyang Xiaolei busy cleaning up the battlefield, Zhu Yiming still get enough to scrape together the upper body to ask: "how, so cool it?" Ouyang Xiaolei him said: "pervert!" Zhu Yiming hear. the smiling retorted "You, too!" On Monday morning, just go to work, Suyun Jie, and Panya Dong two heard a very depressed news, last Saturday night, in Li Zhihao, Qiu trillion fiscal, Liang, Xiao Yunfei Julong are gathering. "These people really want to do, would have a significant mountain dew, now how to come out and jump, Heng Yang Is it really going to change? Seems I have to think about strategies." Su Yunjie sitting in his luxury boss chair and think, "At present, their own side of the Standing Committee of deputy secretary Lvhuai Cheng, propaganda minister Zeng Lin and Shao cents the town party secretary Huang Limin, plus there were four votes, and according to the current situation, the other has five tickets in hand, the key to Li Zhihao county party secretary, to grasp the initiative seems to own in order to make a difference have to and Panya Dong join forces to both pre spin is not very pleasant, but the stress is placed on the officialdom interests cooperation, access to the best interests of the premise, those small friction can smile can melt away allies and enemies. "Think of this, Su Yunjie pick up the phone and dialed the number of Pan Yadong. "Hello, hello, Which?" Pan Yadong asked, picking up the phone. "An official Hello, I am the old Soviet Union, in the busy what?" Ah, Su Magistrate Hello Hello are dealing with some small things I do not know Magistrate commanded? "Pan Yadong pretend abnormal surprised look. Su Yunjie thought to myself, you install it, I do not believe you are still relish handle anything, nor point out, continued: "I do not know the secretary of East Asia, there is no time, a little thing would like to discuss the matter with you, just to give you with a little tea. "Then I'll over." "can not, or I used to, a long time did not go to you that walk around." Su Yunjie come to what the other was thinking to myself, since cooperation, simply little sincerity out can be considered to give each other a face. "That's how the nerve, or I ......" did not wait for the Pan Yadong finished, Su Yunjie said the sound: "on the main bar." Then hang up the phone. Pan Yadong put the phone down, secretly glad that, just that he is also prepared to call Su Yunjie are hesitant between not think the other unable to go, he fell not trust big, quickly went to the top of the stairs to greet. Less than five minutes, Su Yunjie on the floor, hands in her lap a bag of tea, see Pan Yadong stairs to greet their own, but also relatively satisfied. The two shook hands after no further liberalized, walked together to Pan Yadong office, as if intersect those years ago in general.
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