is the Qin Fang is said to him quite a tribute

September 10 [Mon], 2012, 10:41
The 1204th chapter to kill Bill !The third ,ask ,monthly subscription ... ... Prior has prepared for it ,so for the next results may be more receptive ... ... But after so long time chat ,although Bill has been very alert ,but he vaguely feel Qin Fang does not seem to intend to kill him .
.. ... His mouths heart is gradually put it back ,the psychological preparation is also gradually faded ... ... But at this time ,the party was to say it ,directly out of Bill psychological expectations ,how he can calm ?Just to see Qin Fang that be strict in one filled with bullets ,Bill is flashed a forbidding countenance ,also is not considered on an arm shot ,now a face grim up moment ,one hand into a fist ,hard to Qin Fang who smashed down .
.. ... His fist down ,can faintly see his fist ,seemed to change a color like, seem very strange ,as if with a metallic luster .The punch is very fast ,and the potential sinks vigorously ,almost equal to Bill all the powers .
.. ... Europe and the United States were generally strong, strength is relatively larger ,at the moment Bill was almost desperate ,the blow strength will have much, is conceivable .Bang just ,Bill saw his fist was knocked out in the Qin Fang in the head ,and was inclined in horizontal out an arm UGGs Outlet Store,stiffly block in his fist ,heavy with Bill wrist hit together ,made such a dull sound .
.. ... The arm is naturally Qin square ,Bill thought his hand quickly ,very urgent, it is not known even to his early Qin Fang ,how can he succeed ?The watch is procurable ,Qin Fang gently out such a block, suddenly Bill hopes will be lost .
Although his fist potential sinks vigorously ,but Qin Fang arm as hard as iron general ,his fist down only slightly down a little ,but not to hurt the Qin .Bill could not hurt Qin Fang ,but do not represent the Qin Fang just defense ,at least he will make an immediate counterattack .
.. ... But then poof ,a clear sharp piercing body voice is instantly came ,Bill with his escape ,the expression on the face is quite stunned .Almost subconsciously looked down, looked to his chest area ,there is a horizontal hand there ,holding a black army thorn ,then only a little bit tail exposed .
.. ... A blood arrow shot out of his chest ,not only will Bill clothes wet Qin Fang ,or the hand dyed red ,and a spray of Qin square body ... ... Puff but Qin Fang is not because it would stop ,slightly to army thorn back a bit, and then brutally stabbed .
.. ... !! Bill appeared in anguish ,apparently is also extremely have pain .But this fellow is a hard man ,by such a condition ,but he just did not wail ,only a few simple sound stuffy humph .
.. ... This point alone ,is the Qin Fang is said to him quite a tribute !Qin did not Keban killer origin, is only halfway ... ... The real killer is from childhood training ,one is a whole number ,many children to together ,then from the urine of their most rigorous training .
.. ... Even !Perhaps a group of children not hundreds of people die ,but real can live out of the mission that day ,perhaps only then the two or three person ,or even only one also is not impossible !Bill is after such brutal elimination survive in early youth ,had suffered from it ,endurance ,almost with the Japanese ninja is an illusion .
But the little devils is relatively more vulnerable to some ,Bill was quite tough ,so endure the pain ,has not issued that screams . Alas North Face Soft Shell Sale,said to you ,you will not fight for ... .
.. Gently sighed ,Qin Fang that loosened his hand, gently push, Bill whole person will be falling down ,heavy fall in the ground hard smooth stone .Army thorn tip impact in stone mountain ,a sting a tinkling sound Nightfall UGG,the tail is slightly out of it some ,also brought the wound greater blood flow .
.. ... Bill now also not completely dead ,but has also not far away from death ,heart was pierced ,and shed so much blood ,if it is still alive, it is really the evildoer ... ... And here is the cliff ,distance of mountain resorts ,seemingly very close, but also need at least more than half an hour ,is looking for someone to rescue all too late .
.. ... Eventually ,Bill heard Qin Fang such a sigh ,look is also freeze over ,and then directly started and lax, life is at this moment complete end .The death of Bill ,right in front of the Qin Fang ,death is a little frustrating ,but also with Qin Fang those like the enemy ,died in Qin Fang .
Qin did not intend to leave Bill even if he is involuntarily North Face Hoodie Solid Thicken Womens Sale,but he walked on the road of the day, was destined eventually he would end ... ... Moreover ,he this time but to kill Qin Fang ,so Qin Fang natural is not necessary with him at all, only will he kill ,that is over two personal grudges .
Don pull any return with kindness ,that is all bullshit thing ,especially for the killers ... ... If you let them go, 指不定will look backbehind the scenes to shoot you to kill ,it is often seen.
This thing ,is not a two time !Just have a look and Bill see, even lost arms ,on an arm ,but really broke up, Bill still had a very strong lethality .The party is not the kind of woman ,hand is a very decisive ,not the slightest do things sloppily .
.. ... If really soft words ,now fallen that person may not be Bill ,but he Qin Fang !Why not use the main gun ,or don hear ,see ... ... Even if she was already can guess the outcome ,but that bloody scenes or disappears for good .
Explosion thing ? Soon Bill was completely breathed her last ,turned into a cold body .But his body is twinkling light rays ,which is an article lock peculiar light ,Qin Fang was not the first time see ,immediately heart a happy ,is also at heart muttered .
For if Bill was the articles ,Qin Fang was also not too sure ... ... Although master master is almost will burst ,but Bill the master and Shangguan Tianling ,Asou No master ,still exists very big difference .
.. ... It is also because of this ,Qin Fang did not dare to expect will burst out ,even if do not burst ,Qin Fang also won good care ,most also is slightly disappointed .As it turned out, master will burst theory is universal to all domestic and foreign people ,as long as the level to level 6 ,then by Qin Fang kill ,will drop items .
.. ... What will burst out ?It is looking forward to ah ... ... Only to drop something ,Qin heart inside is also in doubt .Like Shangguan Tianling ,Asou No these master master ,itself is practicing internal strength ,so can burst method and so on, or are some pills prescription .
.. ... But Bill and they have different ,he never practiced martial arts ,is no more pills self-defense ,is a powerful shot than the average person ,also is good ,rely on the bodies of the killed lie everywhere to climb up the grade ,so he would burst out of anything ,this is really difficult to guess .
.. ... Expect ,but it in kill Bill before there are interesting, but now things have been coming out ,will direct the things pick up a view is the .The party took a deep breath, calm the mood Sale Karen Millen Jacket,but also some quite looking forward to Bill directly chose to pick up items .
Ding goods pick up sound just rang twice ,it is clear that Bill was the two articles . Qin fang ... ... Before Qin Fang to view the two items is what, he heard in the tents of Chu Yunxuan yourself .
.. ... Although it is a little strange Chu Yunxuan asked what he does ,but he put Bill body to mount the props box ,it didn tent over there .How. Open tents in, find Chu Yunxuan now is rather pale ,appears to be what happened so she is afraid of what .
.. ... I ... ... It is a little afraid of ! Chu Yunxuan gently shook his head ,the body is slightly flinched ,did have a little frightened ,it seems just the shootout is stimulation of too great a number .
Qin Fang Chu Yunxuan will hold in the arms ,using his own body brought her some affection ,but let the mood of Chu Yunxuan slightly removes it, seems not to be so afraid .Others. Chu Yunxuan on Qin Fang ,that thought out Bill ,he could not help but ask .
I have dealt with ... ... The party did not hide ,then gives the answer ... ... And there is no direct say they killed Bill ,but people see the answer ,basically understand what that means ,Chu Yunxuan are no exception .
I worry that people will be to your disadvantage ... ... Chu Yunxuan did not care about Bill but is worried about the safety of Qin Fang ,especially he already knows the killer is sent .
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