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When he heard the old woman, Hua Feng is somewhat unclear, because he knows that he is in the know of Tang door ,and into the Tang family castle ,or first time see the Tang door door grandmother ,which is now the main Tang door little Tang Li mother .
However ,from the other side of the face ,Hua Feng clear the old woman is definitely and what I said . I know ,if legislation infants to help members of China poison ,so not and you help China has so fast contact ,presumably his first big South China Bangwen gangster brother is not so fast ! Elegant women watched Hua Feng said ,on the other side of saying this time, seem to feel a little pity .
This, Hua Feng clear ,Tang door distribution in the secular power ,want to find his true identity is not very difficult, so the old woman had to know his true identity . You should know ,even in the absence of Tang Li reason .
However ,because of Wu Yi is my brother ,I will personally come to solve .But Tang Li in the South have done what you said that I be hated by both man and God ,and Hua Gang easily Tang Li and you ?Days to do evil ,a live ,regret ,can not live .
In those days ,everything you do ,it should also be returned ,and you do it ,you should have thought of that one day you will fall to this results . Hua Feng Tang at the door as Wu Zetian in old woman said .
Her callous ,to her power ,she can and the other man partnership will her husband under house arrest ,can even put all her hostility to the woman ,who opposed her ,all with poison poison ,which is why sometimes women in gaining power ,to do more evil than men ! Ha ha ,Chinese cultural ,do you think you will win ? Suddenly ,Tang door main laugh ,Hua Feng look past ,find each other laugh like suddenly like crazy !While the maids and hold her for her ,pat on the back, to prevent excessive excitement ,let her relax .
Hua Feng and looked like an old woman at this time ,but also for her door main power and persistent time ,as one can imagine twenty years ago, the other to the door main position . You ,how could you ? See Hua Feng still cynically watching all of this ,the old woman face slowly began to change .
And next to the maid and Qing Feng ,already fell on the ground ,his face becomes dark ,Canada Goose Men's Citadel,suffocate .Now, Hua Feng and green phoenix over time, the old woman can so easily let him in ,must be cheating .
Tang door is best known for the Tang door poison ,so the old woman in the Huafeng over time, has been quietly around underground toxic ,even serve her old maid didn but is prevented in Huafeng know ,is that around these maid life is worthless, died.
Dead .But ,she can not think of these Tang door any poison for Hua Feng is of no use .And the old woman deliberately and Hua Feng in the conversation, delay time, want Hua Feng poisoning attack ,did not think of next to the maid and green chicken instead of poisoning attack .
Because I have the antidote, in your poison when, I have been clear ! Hua Feng sneers .The old woman looked to maple when, suddenly feel like seeing a ghost ,did not bother to those poisoning maid, but like a madman to court room walked in .
However ,Hua Feng that so easily let her escape ,hand grip of a needle to the old woman to fly by silver needle stab stab in the past, fell to the ground in time ,fell on the ground has fainted .
While China Maple from the other side of the pocket and pulled out a small bottle ,see the bottle on introductory text ,will know that it just the maid and green phoenix they poisoning antidote .
All right ,he pulled her up ! Hua Feng watched over the green phoenix said .This time, Hua Feng no green phoenix that complex eyes ,to the front of the room to go .When China Fengjin to generation master of the house and the door main room inside the house ,found the more chic and clean, inside decoration is more ancient style .
At the old woman on the floor ,Canada Goose Constable Cheap,let a revived by the maid brought a rope to her feet and hands tied . The old woman ,you and your son are large .However ,you end up like this ! Hua Feng leisurely look at wake up old woman said .
Green phoenix ,I am your door ,you are doing the following make ,come untied the rope release me !Who untied the rope ,I could forgive her undead ! The old woman looked around maid and Qing Feng exclaimed .
But ,this time, the maids and green phoenix was the old woman was drugged ,Hua Feng save wake up ,even if they are in the custody of the main female students .But ,this time, the maids who use unscrupulous divisive tactics of old woman is no good ,but will not have untied the rope let her go .
* * *, Dad ,are we going to see Grandpa ? Tang Lei looked at Wu Yi asked .Since he in the Huangpu River fishing since birth ,in addition to parents and the church ,Tang Lei also did not think of their other relatives !Now know they are going to go to the master of the house arrest of Tang door out ,is to be my own grandpa saved .
Wu Yi nods, in those days ,maybe he deliberately abandoned him, probably saved his life .In his year in Tang door character and influence, can survive the really hard . The hall master ,there are a lot of children in front of Tang door guard ,I think you still go hide aside ,let me first to solve them, you ! Hua Wu Wu Yi said at .
Tang door the main house place ,in fact from the pavilion distance ,but the booth in a cave near the .Think of a Tang door main was below the person under house arrest in the cave ,Wu Yi feel for his sorrow ,for Tang door feel sad !Wu Yi and his son after listening, to hide in the woods outside the cave ,looking at Hua Wu to go in front of the cave .
Who is it? There is no eight elders warrant ,who also can not be close to ! Hua Wu has just come into the cave outside, eight Presbyterian door disciple come over to watch China Wu asked .
Take your life ! Hua Wu coldly watching each other at a glance ,a moment ,he has come into the eight elders in front of a disciple ,knife in the other side of the neck, on the other side it fell to the ground dead time ,do not know the lady dressed in seven elders door disciple dress disciples : why on earth would then kill him ?While the other eight men of the elders of the disciples saw his brother died, hurried to Wu wai .
The children of Tang door ,specializes in concealed weapons and poison ,but Tang door elders following supervisors can do nothing to him ,not to mention the concealed weapons and poison is still not good at Tang door children ,so most of the fate and that of students ,a knife ,and the remaining are afraid dodge .
No man is not afraid of death ,particularly just see living brothers in the chat ,and now is dead ,they may not be afraid of ? You come ! Hua Wu pointing to a trying to escape the eight Presbyterian inner children said ,China Wu wanted the eight elder children with portal he entered the cave .
However ,the eight elders inner children hear China Wu ,but to the distance run faster .But this time, in addition to underground who died outside ,outside the cave of the eight Presbyterian inner children ,the rest have escaped ,Canada Goose.
Wu Yi and his son came out of the woods ,go to the cave .But in twenty years ago ,Wu Yi to the cave is very familiar with .So Wu Yi know eight elders they must be filled with many organs shader .
The way it in, basically he was dissolved ,then stepping to the cave go in . Drop ! . ..Three people walking in the dark cave of less than two meters wide trail only trail ,heard the dripping water, Wu Yi know this cave is Tang Jiabao is a mountain of .
When I was a child, he likes to play here, did not think of the back, but this is .Just Wu Yi inside the organ hidden weapon are resolved, thought no organ hidden weapon ,but also because
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