This count is destined to do

January 18 [Fri], 2013, 15:18
Took a step backward, awe-inspiring cold tunnel: "Do you want to do?" I saw his reaction, and my heart is with a wry smile, not so awful? I take back their own hands, smiled and said: "Nothing, just want to make friends with you." Awe-inspiring greater doubt in his heart, it is more surprising is why this kind of unclear feeling . He turned away, leaving a roll! "Walked go out into their own quarters. He does not need a friend, he thinks that this world, friends only betrayal Code, to make friends, will eventually be based on betrayal to the end of this lesson once is enough, he did not need a second! I do not know why he would be so, but I also know, continue to say only knocked persuade him into things Jagged Church only when he was punished. Wanting to be able to go out into the dormitory around, the strange thing is, we actually go in the same direction! I'm really a bit surprised when I see awe-inspiring to walk in the door of their dormitory, that person actually is the same with their own dormitory! This count is destined to do? The childhood training so awe-inspiring to have a keen perception, he knew just called Regulus soul in their own back, but he did not care, because it is not his business. The awe-inspiring to embark on their own dorm room, he felt the man at the next level, and stop the opening and closing voice telling him just the man lived in his dormitory room next layer. He entered the room, ignoring the room if someone find their own beds put luggage packed, lying on the bed and started doing their favorite thing to do - sleep ... he liked to sleep feeling - is also the feeling of calm. The next morning, I did a routine training, a shower, because this morning, there is a class, so after showering, I go directly to the classroom. When I first entered the classroom, it is found that familiar figure sitting in the corner ... well, him, who appeared to the things around us are not given heed. I saw his hand propped on the head, and his face to the window, no matter how slapstick classroom, he maintained this position are ... I sat in their seats Canada Goose Elijah, thinking about how to convince the people to join Jagged Church since he is holding the indifferent attitude of the things around. I do not know whether he also Jagged Church does not have any interest in it? Is, I think, that graceful figure walk from the door to the podium - their teacher, Liu Tung children ... When class people are quiet, sitting in their own position, Tung children, said: "I want to we are today, it should be noted that we have a class this September, let him introduce yourself now! "awe-inspiring turn around slowly stood up, went to the podium without saying a word to write on the blackboard with chalk their names - Stuart awe-inspiring. When everyone thought he was talking, but he returned to his seat, continue just posture ... Tung children dry cough, breaking the awkward scene, said: "Stuart awe-inspiring today may be a bit uncomfortable, I believe in the people to after his classmates, he would have a better understanding of "When the end of the first class, we coax to cry, and some of the boys walked toward the location of the awe-inspiring, and all the girls around together, discussion The theme of course is that the corner of the transfer students. The boys around the awe-inspiring, endless variety of issues, but the awe-inspiring, but still facing the window ...... After a child, we see the awe-inspiring sentence does not say, asked for boring dispersed, and some even scolded: " What is this, a proud look, I very rare that you do! "一段小插曲 so full of cursing and disdain passed. Day of classes blink passed, but this does not mean that this day an extraordinary start, an extraordinary ending, at least for the awe-inspiring, and I is not! After the end of the last class, Tung child suddenly came to the door of the classroom, facing the corner that figure cried: "Stuart awe-inspiring, please come with me." I know, my chance to! The awe-inspiring silence followed behind in Tung children, I also distant Jinjindegen them. Watching the obvious frowning because offensive principals, awe-inspiring to know yesterday. Principals with their expectations tone asked: "Yesterday blonde thing, you do not?" Never changing tone Women's Canada Goose Chilliwack, the awe-inspiring, said: "yes." The principals very disappointed ... Road: "You come to a day, one day. ! you have to make such a thing! I'm not telling you to converge this! watching this now still little changes in the expression are not students, principals more angry. "I know he should be punished, but do not you think you do this has gone too far! You think so little? You do not think about other people's parents came to the door, how do I explain to the people!" In the principal's anger under the watchful eye only hear the front of the teenagers say the answer made me almost vomit blood. "He deserved it!" Principals tired shook his head and reluctantly said: "You do not feel their own ways of doing things have nothing wrong with you?" Awe-inspiring shook his head, and he does not feel he has done wrong this blonde was such a treat, because he believes that the lessons are not engraved inside the heart do not do blonde. Principals to vent the gas suddenly powerless, said: "You ..." "He is our baseball people, I want him executed at the appropriate time on behalf of my freedom you give fire power." I go from the principal outdoor The room, although not knock on the door came in and interrupted the words of the principal is a bit rude, but for this special feeling himself, I think this is worth. Heard these words, the the principals look of puzzled, and said: "He was only yesterday that this school, how will join the baseball team?, And I heard this thing," I said: "Oh, in fact, He and I have long known, he also knows that I have a free fire power, so he would have agreed to join my baseball, just because he had just come in, do not have time to talk to your application. "awe-inspiring the hearts of these individuals suspicion, why did he want to help themselves, he and I never know, he has the presence of any benefit? Why he will be free to fire power? What is the use of this right? President knows regarded as resolved, but ...... "But I gave you the freedom to fire the right, in that do not result in the case of disability or death, to you yesterday presence, you also see the blond injury? Road : "This is because ..." "That can cure!" sudden interrupted my sentence, I glanced at the awe-inspiring, think of blonde hair that has been deformed hand that hurt ... how to say governance is not good ah! The principals also seen blond injury, the scene at the time, everyone knows that it is impossible to cure the injury. Haoran did not much to say just a few bones in the middle front of his hand pointed at. People can start their own University, and is certainly not a fool, when principals see the awe-inspiring action, and then come to understand, but ... this child was only 16 years old, how to be able to clear the blonde labeled how what? "Although do not know the whether blonde injuries can be cured, but since you say so, and soul that you perform a free fire power for him, I do not pursue your responsibility, but if I learned to hospitals blond injury incurable, and that you have to be dismissed, or even punished by law, you understand me? "Looking at the front of the puzzling juvenile principals know how to go on he did not respond. Awe-inspiring and I waved and said: "You go out and join the baseball thing, the soul you directly to find my daughter wants." I said: "Yes, we go out first." If not finished, awe-inspiring on the first step to go out, then I followed out ...... awe-inspiring standing on the lawn in front of the principal's office, watching this man, he does not understand why this person will help themselves, is it what is the purpose Womens Canada Goose Livigno Parka? Would not be against themselves? No, from the look in his eyes, the expression can be seen, he did not for this purpose, and that special feeling of the heart, there also seems to tell myself that this man ... and not malicious. Why is that? Why facing this kind of said to myself do not know the feeling? However, he is still very much doubt, why he will help himself? 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