whole body to maintain a rapier posture

October 23 [Tue], 2012, 15:45
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultOn the dust in the hands of the sword sword quills to half time, a golden ,like rattan shape thing is from water injection ,in midair sword to dust .
When the dust breeze sword sword and the gold like canelike things hit together, the sword that drop posture was dust ,the whole body to maintain a rapier posture upside down in the air ,and light wind sword sword ,accurate in this golden cane head .
That show lasted two breath, sudden ,brook beside the forest department ,and is a golden cane broke the weed hidden track explosion and shot out ,in order to speed toward the sword to dust extraction .
Sword dust face unchanged ,with a light wind sword under the support of the golden cane for leveraging points ,the entire right arm suddenly made the body immediately ,leaping ,air rotating steadily falling in a small stream, just fell in the small stream, sword dust immediately to the fastest speed on the brook to dress up .
Clothes ,sword dust gazes up at the attacks on his golden cane, saw the golden cane is actually a only wrist thickness of the snake ,the whole body is golden in color ,body and a few white lines in a straight line from the head to the tail and to spread ,especially long snake body ,light is the exposed part is five or six meters in length ,however ,when the sword dust to the attention of the golden body that a little white lines, face look slightly one Canada Goose Borden Bomber Parka Sale, but then appeared to be reminded of something ,face suddenly changed, be overcome by one of the alarm sound : gold silver snake ! Gold and silver snake ,is a sword of dust in college library reading those books see, gold and silver snake snakes is a very rare breed ,known as the king of snakes ,throughout mainland Tianyuan that thousands on thousands of warcraft gold and silver ,the number of snakes ,are difficult to reach three digit .
Gold and silver snake precious not scarcity degree ,but in itself ,whether it flesh or blood ,has a hidden high value ,especially gold and silver snake itself contains the highly toxic ,in mainland Tianyuan is belongs to the city without a price type .
Because of this highly toxic if specially refined words ,even can poison the sky the hierophant top master ,but also to lift this poison ,in addition to gold and silver snake blood ,no other way, once the gold and silver snake poison ,even light the hierophant is also no idea ,although the light power in the aspects of healing a magical effect ,even many other toxic can easily lift ,but only of gold and silver snakes and several other special poison is only temporarily depressed, but not completely remove .
Moreover, the gold and silver snake body and other snakes from gold and silver ,the body of a snake is very long, but very small ,reportedly ,some strength reached five order wow gold and silver snake ,body is 100 meters long and thick ,but only one foot to length .
In six bands of gold and silver snake ,the freedom to control their body size ,minimum can take his body down to one or two metres in length .In six bands of gold and silver snake strength is also very strong ,rumors can flying ,can enter, and then a sharp incomparable toxin is overbearing and clinking, even the sky st division were very afraid ,not contaminated .
Records ,a hundred years ago ,in the sacred Reich ,a strength of up to six order of gold and silver snake ,only took a minute to time ,he killed a population of millions of Wangcheng ,the entire Wangcheng no one alive ,all people are all highly toxic poison ,even bodies are toxic totally depraved, residue ,only exudes a towering foul blood ,flooded the city to this matter ,sacred Reich was dispatched a dozen sky st division to strike gold and silver snake ,but the fighting lasted only half a day to more than 10 days ,the hierophant is empty ,fall seven ,the few remaining were not seriously injured ,the body is poisonous ,and the body of toxic that several sky hierophant ,home not long after ,have died .
This thing to guard the holy Empire Raja overmatch to alarmed ,finally he personally shot with the gold and silver snakes have a shaking heaven and earth of the war, the only gold and silver snake to repel ,but is only repelled only, not to kill .
Thus ,gold and silver snake strength how strong .Brain in memories of their original in kargath college library to see these on gold and silver snake eyes a little dust ,sword of fear and be hardly worthy of belief looked that the gold small snakes ,and heart ,uncontrolled to beat him up ,no matter how also did not think of, this throughout mainland Tianyuan are very difficult to see gold and silver snakes ,he was in such a remote area ,and still in the magic bestial mountains peripheral to the met .
Look carefully at the front of the only wrist thickness snake body and saccades ,finally had to admit that his sword dust ,now encountered, is indeed a gold and silver snake . Bad ,how to meet this thing .
Sword dust soon calmed down ,my heart could not help but cursing up ,gold and silver color for murder ,although he did not see ,but to see the information from the book ,is enough to make him understand this information ,and he is currently only sage strength ,meet the Canary silver thread snake ,is a very difficult thing .
Look dignified sword dust at a distance less than 10 meters away their gold and silver snake ,eyes alert, hold the sword hand nor by the tight tight ,he knew ,now own encounter with gold and silver snake can not wow ,a lane is bad ,maybe he lives today must tell here .
This time ,he entered the world of Warcraft is absolutely mountains ,one of the most dangerous ,dangerous to let the sword dust not sure if I can get out alive .If meet other powerful devil beast sword dust ,beat ,and the chance to escape ,but since he recognized gold and silver snakes to that moment ,he had to give up the escape of mind ,although he ,fast only with holy power ,can better strength to reach st division and with the wind attributes of a person ,but in the face of gold and silver snake ,sword dust heart is clear ,own this speed ,I to people put shoes are not enough .
Because of gold and silver snake straight line running speed is very fast ,although not all of the magic bestial the fastest of the sort ,but on land crawling all world of warcraft gold and silver snake species, a straight line running speed is ranked the top three ,in humans, except with wind properties holy power, and strength than gold silver snake but also strong in several stages ,it may follow a straight line running of gold and silver snake .
Meet the gold and silver snake is not a straight line running ,otherwise Canada Goose Camp Hoody,that is the end of the road UGG Ashur Outlet,it is not the only gold and silver snake is what the strength of the beast UGG I Do Wedding Outlet,and if the order of devil beast ,then I threatened to small lot, might be killed, if it is of order two magic bestial ,though I have a certain threat ,but I want it escaped from it, perhaps it should be no problem .
Sword dust heart secretly thought ,now ,he only wants the only gold and silver snake strength is not too strong ,otherwise ,he will be very difficult to leave here alive .Dwell on it at greater length ,sword dust think only a breath not to time ,then ,of gold and silver snake suddenly opened his mouth ,a grey mist from its mouth out ,rapidly toward sword dust in wind, but in the mist just appeared ,around ten meters plant wilt down immediately ,even some thick branches ,in the visible to the naked eye velocity change ,is the rapid loss of vitality .
In the gray gas just appeared when the sword ,dust brain actually there the feeling of vertigo ,at the same time ,sword dust body also felt a lack of power .Discovered his body changes ,sword dust eyes flash of one color, gold and silver snake sprayed mist was spread in the air ,direct air pollution, now ,finally realize the sword dust of gold and silver in the terrible snake poison ,no wonder this toxin can easily kill the sky The Hierophant .
Sword dust without hesitation, the teeth immediately a bite the tongue, the tongue from the blinding pain finally made him dizzy head up ,then rapid steps back ,the saint of the force in full operation ,so ,the body of fatigue that gradually retreat .
To calm down after the sword ,dust face has become heavy ,although no and of gold and silver from gold and silver snake fights, but the snake from poison ,he has been deduced ,the only gold and silver snake strength of at least two order .
Seeing the smog is rapidly toward his sword floating dust ,not hesitate ,immediately held their breath ,toe on ground ,body light far fast off .In the sword when just a dust ,gold and silver snake figure also moved ,as a golden light ,faster than the sword dust multiple speed up to .
Gold and silver snake body although only wrist thickness, but it blink of an eye catch sword dust ,the spread of giant mouth immediately toward the sword dust neck bite .Seeing the gold and silver snake mouth to bite the sword dust neck ,at the critical moment UGG Gloves, the sword dust body suddenly short ,risks and risks hiding in the past, at the same time and in the right hand ,the silver wind sword into a bolt of lightning ,in order to speed toward the gold and silver snake seven inch in spines ,body ,around a hazy white Jianwang ,while in a substantially filled with sharp sword ,the sword together ,has formed a dazzling white awn ,this sword, is the sword to apply for dust .
The sword without resistance ,very smooth thorn in the gold and silver seven inch of snake ,but the sword dust face ,not only showing the slightest happy look ,but became very ugly ,because of the sword ,no piercing of gold and silver snake skin ,even not a trace of them left .
A good strong defense . Sword dust gasps ,but have turned pale somewhat ,because of practicing techniques special reason ,his attack is very powerful ,though he only sage strength ,but its attack power is not a bit rate division level strong weak ,and he fully sword ,unexpectedly not in the gold and silver snake there leave any traces ,now ,sword dust have been aware of ,in front of the gold and silver snake ,is at least a three order magic bestial ,even four order ,not their enemy .
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