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September 12 [Wed], 2012, 15:54
Huan County Mens North Face Denali,already successive a few days suffered from Chinese Red Army three face was besieged ,but Bai Yanhu did not feel is in go into a cul-de-sac .At the beginning, Bai Yanhu really is and the crew ,the Red Army was the fierce blow up that is jittery .
Outside the city, the thought can be used with the county based horse and horse under the bar ,P. two seat with camp, just one night ,without any prior warning in the case, was ground in burst out of the Taiping army defeated countless pairs ,more than 20000 Huiyong casualty was not said ,even horse and horse ,P.
two people can again return loop County ,directly to the acheron .Subsequently UGG Dakota, the Taiping Army surrounded on three sides and stormed in ,they use powerful fire ring on the county conducted a raid ,played the piece back to the military panic ,fear .
They have never seen or heard of this floor also own blossom shells ,but has not tasted so crafty adversary tactics .The rows of the artillery like rain ,was first played on the city wall didn ,until the fire stopped, hear the Taiping Army outside the usual sharp horns and shake the universe shout begins when, those guns covered head to hide ,wandering around the army back to health education yong people ,it was a long sigh of relief .
Brave are afraid of fire ,but not with the walls as the basis and the Reds fight hand to hand with ,not to mention Bai Yanhu in Huan County since later ,is here as the home ,reinforce the walls ,the deployment defense ,but also to a large number of used as defensive weapons brick stone materials and so on .
Now ,the formidable artillery finally stopped ,finally can be a bellyful complaint moment ,bravely are really red eyes ,whose spear does not say, also raise a pot to the siege were already prepared by boiling water ,stirring up the waste oil, swarming into city .
They did not think of is ,the team carrying the ladder ,set up the knife from the hail ,shouts and trumpet blasts shook the earth ,looks great advance wave upon wave ,do not take in never up potential Taiping army ,actually watching the Benjin walls ,and to stop abruptly stopped .
In all one Already ,sweaty hands back. They were present situation of being at a loss what to do ,not knowing why it is so noisy and indecision, that all round ,with a chilling howl, but generally such as hail suddenly hit them in the head .
This, the first of all the education officers and soldiers can not do any of the Dodge and hide ,suddenly Mens The North Face 3 in 1,accompanied by the extreme is scared of the screams and whining, limbs with dirt and blood rotten meat all over the sky flying .
First ,those originally intended to leave the stones ,cement bottle siege ,boiling water ,oil, and all became defense alone to enjoy the comfort .In the town the head not fit to be seen horrors ,Bai Yanhu has lost his another capable accomplice Yu Deyan .
Poor Yu Deyan also not directly killed in Chinese Red Army gunfire ,but because a mouth filled with oil ,the shells being huge blew the cauldron ,his head a complete ring in his body, mixed with excrement oil pressed him peel rotten meat, blink ,into the the Avici hell .
Non stop once the Taiping Army way ,education army loss how heavy is naturally self-evident .Before this happened ,let always seemed to know what to fear the newborn calf child some Bai Yanhu .
You know, for several months, he takes up the entire East Shiraz is known as the two hundred thousand army ,which was only a young woman and old as they occupied the half real war ,soldiers, even if it is coupled with the strong pull of the young adults in Huan County ,be fully prepared to just seventy thousand or eighty thousand people, where can bear this pass ?However ,a gain in your wit ,soon ,positive thinking is it right? And give up the Central County, Guyuan close to the white Yanhu ,began to see outside the city the clue .
He found the Taiping army removed ,with use of gunfire killing his effective strength ,siege .Just doing enough ,but not many real difficulty .This significant discovery ,so smart Bai Yanhu out in front of the panic ,since it is good ,you, I finished ,as long as the Han Chinese are not had Puma Grit Cat III,I simply cultivate one .
Sure enough, a few days later ,Huan county is still as strong as iron ,but outside the endless with fake bill of the Taiping army ,is a day wither .These days, Bai Yanhu removed his use of all around to void time to repair damaged walls ,continuing to prepare the defense supplies ,then do is urgent for Ningxia to Mahualong letter ,request support .
Although it seems to be tired out Taiping army besieged the city ,but ,since those Han people choose public opposition ,would not be so leave the matter at that .Want to have a quiet living environment ,will only massed army and they come to a wage a life-and-death struggle ,the Chinese people out completely in eight hundred qinchuan .
But Bai Yanhu knows ,when his health education in army back. Have to defend the so-called Ningxia Muslim Kingdom ,eating little ,sleep is not good, even countless men shed their last drop of blood when the city of Ningxia ,is actually a school carnivals, their Wei Jiaowang Mahualong don and mood talk to him here .
If not because of the imperial seal Wei Jiaowang beautiful corolla ,Ma Hualong also is just past the imam ,back to the leader, then ,removing to deal with should also have to deal with the various war situation ,at least he will not have much more other ideas ,pioneering stage .
,a little tough ,shabby little should always ,this reason that Ma Hualong still think it through .However ,now it is not the same ,he is already be right and proper , Ningxia Muslim kingdom dignified and imposing Wei Jiaowang ,foundation has hit into ,and, in a Yongan town than when you win ,only a day capital dare to taking people in the whole world .
Book84278 Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, he now the advantage to be more powerful .In eight hundred Qinchuan ,the vast northwest earth ,everywhere is his people at the hoist a flag to struggle .
Since it is a king ,he can casually and before the muddleheaded act, the king to King .Since then ,the weeping in the letter was received at the moment ,as Ningxia city construction project on the basis of the White House ,is wildly beating gongs and drums began planning and construction .
According to Ma Hualong ,Tibet is no longer the prince ,but there is a Potala Palace in there ,mounted fuck big tail eagle .Even a short little Xining house, also his mother a smelly Lamaism Kumbum Monastery in the front man, is he only this emerging ,is grow sturdily Muslim Kingdom deserved shabby as well? Mahualong is really want to play in Ningxia city on a large ,at least not less serious than Potala Palace ,although temporarily unable to build the palace is so big, but must use the flawless white jade pure white marble building out his Muslim Kingdom palace ,because ,he is not only Wei Jiaowang ,even when the unity of Muslims throughout ,a big leader, even if is that nothing will see him short three minutes .
Unfortunately ,as Ningxia city no gold or silver .Its early in the Mu Tushan that stingy to Tainan to him before, it moved a hair net ,did not give him half root .What am I gonna do ?Anyway ,rich to do, no money to do .
So , Wei Jiaowang order, Ningxia City ,along with the surrounding Prefecture ,immediately launched a with vigour and vitality to create brilliant Muslim great upsurge .The donation tide ,directly relate to each home ,each family .
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