champions league winning score

December 24 [Mon], 2012, 16:33
The horse to fight Bernabeu to return to the top, breaking the top 16 defending the spell!Galaxy S interpretation of the perfect storm, Caesar real gradually entering blissful circumstances!Dauntless Real Madrid made Bernabeu crazy night!New Real Madrid forces completely broke, the Milky Way battleship is ready to win elements Women's Canada Goose Camp Down Hooded Cheap!Rookie veteran volley, Real Madrid made Rome the biggest defeat!Bernabeu perfect night, Real Madrid for the Champions League history's great reversal!New Milky Way battleship battle come back to five times winner, perfect Real Madrid is coming!......In the very next day European newspapers and the media, almost all the media have to Real Madrid in the Bernabeu a near perfect victory to give a high evaluation, because it is not only to create a Real Madrid history's greatest champions league winning score, but also the Champions League restructuring the biggest win since the score.And the criticism of the media, to Real Madrid say most certainly their efficiency."Barcelona is always in a leisurely manner with the ball and pulls, Real Madrid attack faster and more sharp, they have no more chasing the ball, such as this one game against the Rome UGG Sparkles I Do On Sale, Real Madrid's ball control rate of only 44%, much less than 56% of Rome, but the problem is, the real threat of attack is larger.""Spalletti analysis is right, Rome's defeat, not because of lack of strength, but because of their lack of experience, their players at the critical moment, the lack of calm at the Bernabeu stadium, so they start too impatient, being Real Madrid after the goal, they too much pressure on the offensive, centre-back leave real big gap.""It is worth mentioning that, this game real tactics has an obvious change, it is the adventures of Yang Cheng the defenders pushed forward by.Real Madrid's defence and goalkeeper has occurred between the large gap, Rome if the ability to grasp the opportunity to slightly better, if Vu F Niki's goal. So, the situation may be completely rewritten.""But the real line forward, brought us a stand stable with Real Madrid before the technical and Tactical Features of the very different style of offense, their offensive players closer to each other.Fullback to become more involved in attacking, Harvey?Alonso ball and accurate passes have been brought into full play.""It is worth mentioning that, Harvey? Alonso and Mascherano a pair of waist combined in this game show a very strong force, the Rome midfielder has formed a huge oppression, Aquilani, De Rossi and Tohti three midfielders are not in their hands for a cheap.It is a very eye-catching.""This competition Rome midfielder advantage did not get to play, be suppressed badly, on the contrary, in the transition fast, inserted after the resolute and decisive attack, these are the Milky Way battleship wins the secret.But they are not blindly covet soon.But the purpose of X ì ng fast, but the Real Madrid in the technical details and complexes are s è.""The best player is to David? Silva, but Raul in the game's performance is also worthy of admiration UGG Classic Tall Fancy Discount, he retreated after goals from playing further forward, not less, and this is a game in David Villa's absence.Raul is still playing further forward, the young Aguero front striker.But Argentines frequently pull, Raul frequently inserted after.The Rome defense out of whack, it is also a special attack by Yang Cheng s è, movement!""It can be said, at the critical moment, such a victory, does give Yang Cheng and his Real Madrid to win more time, but to say that Real Madrid now have many strong, it is not realistic, because there are still many problems such as Real Madrid, defensive forward, Cannavaro and Turam in the motor ability the problem, how to fill?"
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