revealing a small demon general expressions

September 07 [Fri], 2012, 12:00
You cannot put on clothes to the outside and I say ? Heaven and some of the angry ,then walk hard to shut the door .Book - the latest free chapters please visit .While the ink in the bathroom face does not matter and said , what ,you don treat me as a girl ,give you you are not, I still afraid of what ?Besides ,I am a fiance ,come in ,I have something important to tell you ,we take a shower ,bubble say uncomfortable .
Heaven and they were all crazy sweat a ,final heaven is very helpless in time and the blue fairy cast to ask eyes ,maybe the ink phrase give you don make fleeting and Lan Ling completely relieved,North Face Backpacks, so it was agreed to heaven .
Ink identity while two people just confined to know that she is a killer ,but listen to heaven and said, she is a killer clan princess ,so now that she didn with his several human and heaven ,so that means that she should say something very important ,so fleeting and the blue fairy that agreed to enjoy the beauty of nature in the side on one side of the body to say .
What is commanded to eat, a bit hungry . Heaven on time to say ,then opened the door and stepped in . Hello ,fleeting ,the blue fairy ,you ,you really let him in ? Zhao Ling unacceptable to some two people said ,please, there nothing to wear a small girl ,you just let her boyfriend go and a little girl do ???Fleeting time some feel helpless watched Zhao Ling, small mouth slightly pouted , ,soul sister ,tell you oh ,do not provoke ink ,despite her age is small, in fact, very powerful ,I met her and the fight, super powerful ,but she said I was the woman ,Buy Kids North Face Denali,can take me as his student, I had worshipped her teacher .
Well ,anyway, she just said, she had her own away to heaven heaven are not to be ,that we have to worry about ?When the heaven no woman can not touch her ,now with us, even there is no reason to take her ?Only is a cheap way the lady-killer ,huh ,fleeting ,called something to eat ,I .
Fleeting time nodded ,and then to vanity said,UGG Dakota, of the big brother ,I ,eat noodles can? Zhao Ling is very strange looking at time to air propaganda ,was about to ask clear, suddenly the room rang with a man ,Zhao Ling was alarmed by .
The good ,the crown princess ,the blue fairy lady, do you ? I was right, but I am a little spicy to heaven ,too . The blue fairy holding a cushion to sit on a sofa ,and looked blankly Zhao Ling ,karen millen dresses cheap,not by asked , sister ,what about you ,what to eat ? I ,I casually ,and as well ,and the fleeting time .
Zhao Ling some confused to say the sentence ,for a long time that reaction over, was bewildered and asked the time, who is that man? Heaven wrath ,north face kids down jackets Sale,called .The room and the elevator is twenty-four hours someone listening whenever and wherever possible ,wait for heaven later you used to know .
Zhao Ling was at the oh a sound ,then think of a question ,and there was at the time, and then to the time, low voice asked: time, just now, just now I in the bathroom bath ,room ,well ,that ,no camera ? Rest assured Ling you feel like heaven in his bedroom at that sort of thing ? Fleeting time some one said ,see Zhao Ling with a sigh ,it is smile .
But then Zhao Ling is screaming said, twenty-four hours of monitoring ???You and the night doing that kind of things, not being heard ??? Fleeting time and the blue fairy suddenly face a red ,however fleeting but hey smiled, revealing a small demon general expressions ,to Zhao Ling ,grinning, said , I ,tell you oh ,spirit me and the way of heaven, still ,yet the ,is the blue fairy sister ,ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha .
.. ... Dead girl ,you sincerely to make fun of me !!! The blue fairy shame and she jumped up from the sofa, in the fleeting rush over ,fleeting laughed a Dodge ,was the blue fairy a down on the bed ,two beautiful women regardless of image is rolling over in bed together ,make Zhao Ling laugh .
While in the bathroom, called an ambiguous atmosphere also in slowly warming up with .Fleeting time and Lan Ling seemed to have put too much heaven as a gentleman ,though heaven does not put ink how, after all really put the ink with the words , there is indeed much ,and will be very troublesome ,so the heaven did not put ink into his woman .
But don forget the ink is a rare little Lolita ,beautiful ,tall and good nature ,and have a very dirty ,and ,when he was very young began to profane the Lolita ,grew up and how to let go .
You mean ,your fiance came looking for you ?It has nothing to do with me ?He is best not to appear in front of me ,otherwise or the old rules ,see a hit once, see the two directly to the hospital nursing .
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