He asked the next to the manager

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Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultOriginally Long Yufan is thinking about a few days to wood country ,but now Tang heart thing here ,he is to wait down everything finished again .
* * * * then ,dragon Yufan coaxed down heart asleep ,he held the soft without bone beauty sleep ,he is very hard .Long Yufan is afraid to even touch down the heart ,he was afraid of causing her antipathy ,or let her sleep ,she was also a concert tomorrow night !Zheng Dashao clung to a female star in a bed of XX00 ,then the phone rang .
He was the fire ,call he is pissed him .But his men also know he is not empty ,dare call him now ,there must be something urgent .Thus ,Zheng Dashao must do exercise ,while picking up bedside telephone listen .
Hey ,say UGG Men's Classic Short Bomber Outlet,what ,if there is urgent thing ,I must let people poke your chrysanthemum burst . A little big ,bad ,two less of them being interrupted trick ,now bandaged ,was police closing statement .
Men get desperation .Sorry? The second being interrupted trick ?Where ?What this about , Harvey. Zheng Dashao did not think of the event ,he did not .In him the female star is cool ,now Zheng Dashao did not move ,she only their own twisted P shares in action .
Zheng little fire, he dumped the female star a slap in the face , don ,I was listening to the phone ! The female star of grievances to afraid to move . They are live in concert was played ,heard that Meng less hijacked Tang heart ,someone to save Tang Xin Meng ,the little hands to interrupt .
At the same time two less and they made up ,then two little they also interrupted trick . Men can hide the truth ,he heard the situation accurately tell less .Zheng little fire, Mom ,the manager is it right? Eat shit ,he did not give me a call ?You give those master call home ,put the situation told them ,said people in the police station, they will find a way .
Zheng Dashao knew a few master or high-ranking officials children ,with their help ,this is certainly can make the police .Zheng Dashao was called to the manager ,the manager ,is it right? to have a death wish ,why don tell me ? Zheng little scolds angrily .
Great ,I have told you ,I just told you were in trouble, you told me you know ,that I do ,I do not know what to do !Later the police to put them all away, I am now the police station .
The manager put on a long face .This is how, when he said that he had known the ,now blame themselves for not reporting to him ,is it right? He kicked in the head by the pigs ?Zheng less to think of it ,that he did say so, it seems their misunderstanding manager that is they make things less Meng Meng ,did not think less of them suffer .
Now you immediately call the person ,have to kill those who hit my brother on the people ,one can not miss ,and the Tang heart ,must not leave her .Mom ,I will have a look they is it right? Can fly ? Zheng less angry to hang the phone ,estimate the managers know how to do it .
Zheng Dashao put the phone to throw to the bedside, he continued to play with the body of the female stars, mother * * ,I don kill you, I will not name zheng . Zheng Dashao started to hit the female star .
The female star face excitement ,she shouted : little ,you kill me ,I wait for you to kill me ! The female star and twisted her large P shares .Zheng Dashao tried to get the * * collides with ,he finished ,he will have to go to the police station !The town was full of police to take ,he past representations .
Otherwise the right of the parents believed their hiding in the side not output ,which is not good .Zheng less * * after, he threw the female star some money ,go to the police station to go .
Zheng Dashao arrived at the police station ,finds himself already there .His lawyer called , lawyer ,now what ? Zheng little want to use normal procedures ,if not ,then use some relationship to this matter .
A little big ,a little trouble ,the lawyer on the other side has already come ,and they seem to account for the more, according to police this confession ,is two less for their first move .
The Meng less is not, he first hijack Tang heart ,his hands still holding the murder weapon .At the time of the fight, to save Tang heart . The lawyer said quietly . I know , Zheng less nodded ,who also sit in the VIP area ,appears to be a bit of interest .
He asked the next to the manager , manager ,you got no ,those who sit in the VIP area location is a number, the ticket is for who ? The manager replied : I did, the ticket is for Tang Xin ,estimation is she please come friend .
Air Max 2011 Womens Outlet,I thought that is what the big background ,the original heart is Tang invited friends . Zheng is little not to regard it as right said .He is now down to heart, is not an actor ?Her relationship can also fly to ? You find the police communicate, giving people money ,let them change the export ,this should not be a problem ? No problem ,I have to go now .
The manager is Zheng Dashao ,he knew how to do .Start is not getting the words of Zheng Dashao ,he is not money !Zheng Jiang city deputy mayor to give a call , white mayor ?I am small ah ,well, there is one thing to trouble you ,my brother in the Tang Heart Concert being played ,they are now in the Hai River City Police Bureau there, they are younger ,talk easy to offend people .
But the other side is also hard ,put their hands and feet to interrupt ,you can have a look to the police there say ,help we punish the murderer .It is a society of rule of law ,we must not let the gangster run amuck ! The white deputy mayor previously received his many benefits ,so things are looking for him .
Well ,I give the police there is a phone call ,what contact you again .My brother is in the police department as deputy director ,I let him go have a look ! Vice mayor, said white .
Well, you let Deputy Secretary white help me ,I must be thick newspaper . Zheng little fawn Zhaolian said .Though he is rich ,but can fight with the officer ,is a small officer ,also can put his company made miserable, but do not say is a deputy mayor .
Now the company ,which has no problem ? Ha ha ha ,you are my people ,thick thick newspaper have no problem . White vice mayor said happily .He likes Zheng Dashao thick newspaper Oh ,not only has beauty and money ,this is the man love .
Zheng little put down the phone ,shade shade smile .Mom ,I think those of you who have what skill ,is Tang Xin Friends ,can ox where ah ?A deputy director over, the police must listen to deputy director .
Before long ,wearing a police uniform have leadership style middle-aged man walked over . Zheng ,hello . The policeman said .He is a white deputy mayor ,he had dined with Zheng Dashao .
White director ,you finally come ,you must give us a statement ! Zheng little said happily . My younger brother and his friend were they interrupt the hands and feet ,if you can their own ,his friend parents is not done .
Zheng Dashao was deputy secretary white ear whispers . I will enforce the processing . Deputy Secretary white eyes flashing ,oh ,if can catch this good opportunity ,make sure he can have a bright future .
His brother may not know that Meng little background ,while he would secretly to your brother make a telephone call .When Meng little family come to see it as Meng ,speak little ,they must be on their own with special respect .
Think of here ,deputy secretary white patting chest and said: great ,you can rest assured ,I will go in now have a look what the situation ,we will give you a . Good ,trouble white director .
Zheng Dashao nodded and said .Deputy Secretary white side go ahead ,while holding a mobile phone to his brother white deputy mayor call . Brother ,this time we made ,if we do well ,you may be positive, I may also be positive ah ! White deputy director said happily .
Is ?You talk to me . White deputy mayor says he heard his brother ,nor by the sleepy .Deputy Secretary white went to the police hall ,some police saw white deputy director over, they have to lead greeting .
All this time ,everyone is at rest .But no thought of hijacking Tang Xin is a case, duty comrade in overtime .But He Huajin himself in this thing ,something worth class police also .
Everyone can see ,the police is He Huajin henchmen ,they work for He Huajin . You do what the case ah ,all this time still not in bed? Deputy Secretary white deliberately said . people in Tang Heart Concert riot ,also knife hijacked Tang heart Canada Goose Freestyle Outlet.
A policeman said .White is also in charge of criminal investigation deputy director deputy director ,this thing is just as well tell him . There is such a thing air max store,I have a look . Deputy Secretary white can sit down in this position ,is not a fool, he will first see the case again .
When he saw the police out of the case presented ,he not by frowning .If those things are true, Meng less of them is too reckless ,people in the Tang Xin concert was done ,and there are so many witnesses .
Although the other hand hard point ,but this is Meng less bring trouble to oneself .Deputy Secretary white walked back to his office to the white side call the mayor , brother ,I just look at the text in .
How are things? White deputy mayor asked impatiently .He thought it was a small thing ,but did not think of Meng less background ,so he could not sleep ,he is waiting for the result of this thing .
But he also on clothes ,ready to go to the police have a look . Something is wrong ,they are nonsense in Bangladesh ,Tang Heart Concert . Deputy Secretary white put their own understanding of the situation to tell white deputy mayor .
Just now he also understood, found these things all is true, there are fans of the testimony ! Brother ,no matter how UGG Nadaleen Boots,you should try to help Meng little, you know ,Meng little family is certainly know ,they will send someone over ,then we will help Meng less ,people would not recognize us .
White deputy mayor bite the bullet and said .White deputy mayor is a politician ,in the political field ,have no who to who wrong ,only who .Like Meng less such circumstance ,as long as the master of witnesses, able to talk black into white ,as no thing .
Brother ,you mean let me help Meng less ? Deputy Secretary white asked . Yes ,no matter how ,you should help Meng , white deputy mayor in the dark, indicating the . Brother ,we are now appeared ,if we are in hard time guarding the Meng is little, his family will be keeping our .
Oh oh, so we can be successful in one ,you will be able to when the police is the director ,and I can be is the mayor . Here ,the white deputy mayor eyes emit Venus ,he seemed to see you can be successful in one .
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