gets in the eyes of the servant

December 29 [Sat], 2012, 16:10
- Remember, oh! This is really not worth the Lee wind to intercede for them, so they where worth Li wind to save the next life. - Bxwx org / their life is simply worthless garbage. After Su Wencai explanation, so people are aware of the situation, no wonder Su Wencai tantrum, that is, they can not stand. Sima Qi cold watching a few guards, actually hired this person, do not know which guy is so useless. Must go back and look up, and lay everyone off. Sima Lun, this time to attend to their own useful and useless. Even if he is not qualified to friends of the Guards, in his mind, Guards his friends how he can allow others so Zheru to their friends. "You really have the ability to ah. Invited guests in your eyes what I what? What I Sima, into your eyes can not it?" Almost in the fight of his face. Own grandfather fan his face, he could not care about these people, but is a guard, but is working to their own home, what they need labor relations, their own homes to ask them to not do the guests. To be nice, hired security to protect their own side, put it crudely, in fact, is a look at the door. If their safety falls on the hands of a few people, I am afraid that is already finished. Lun, young master, we are just ...... "want to excuse, but found that there seemed to be no reason. Who would have thought that the mind could have seen. Thought of this, several guards shocked, who is this man in the end? This man was able to see through their mind, and before, the Sima Yao president is also unusual effort, also mentioned something about the erasure of the memory of them, it seems ... it seems ......, has a more clever martial arts Women's Canada Goose Snow Mantra Parka. Not many people have the ability, the total fragmentation they are different can master it, so, to determine the most likely, they have more magical martial arts. That is relative to the internal strength of the more wonderful things. It turned out that the world really more deeper effort. Than their own imagination, but also profound. If they can ... No people give time for them to go to daydream. Yi Chen directly execute the commands of his master. Back, back after naturally someone to pack them, rather die than live. Although Su Wencai of this command some Yinfeng Yang violate attitude, but, but not too much, after all, Lee wind mean just to keep that a few people's lives, and their lives will be properly retained. Aware of their sins, Sima Qi and Sima Lun naturally there will not be the slightest bit the intercede mean really is not worth it. Even at the moment they are not wait for hands, so how on that like extremely Justifying a Su Wencai. That was real control of power in the world of underground emperor ah. The emperor's majesty, how could be contemptuous, how can it be questioned. "Take home, as long as the undead can." Su Wencai again Yi Chen told said. "Yi Chen waved his hand, he and several guards had disappeared without a trace, just like here originally not their presence. Sima Qi, Sima Yao has slowly adapted to their magic. At the moment it flattering. Su Wencai glanced at Sima Qi and Sima Lun. "Do not go?" Sima Qi and Sima Lun was really an accident, I did not expect this underground emperor went so far as they called them. "Oh, ah, go." First call. "Sima the Kirin brothers two, Lee wind curious object, the Suwen Cai feel the need to the band inside. Sima Qi and Sima Lun, do not hesitate Canada Goose Ontario Cheap, did not pay any attention to the doorman of those who have disappeared, think about it, the situation is no where to go. Doors distance house but it is still some distance, Lee wind before walking not far the disease began lazy committed. "Sorry, I did not expect." Sima Yao parsimonious Road, finished, and you intend to go pick up Lee wind. But it is to be pre-empted the outstretched hand embarrassment stand in the air, looked up and looked, in addition to the night feather, does not seem to an outsider. Aware of the position of the night Yu Li wind hearts, knowing Lee wind has always been the night feather care of Sima Yao even though my heart do not like, do not go directly to snatch. After all, the name is not correct words ring true. Would ever just yourself why people want nothing to do they stopped at the door. The original intention to see Lee wind early to think about it now, it seems very miscalculation. Depressed ...... Sima Yao the heart started eating vinegar, just also happened bad mood. No better, also do not want to see the others. "Direct past it." Seeing Sima Yao has to spend a spell. Lee wind schematically night feather to keep up. Yu while the concept of night, seems to have always been an expression that is deadpan. But it was only to know, be able to openly before the rival holding Lee with the wind, this is really a damn enjoy. If expressed in one sentence, that is, I hope this road a million years. Unfortunately, the desire is good, the reality is cruel. Night Yu Li wind willingness basically not going to be violated. Night feather space fairly good magic, the distance is a cinch. The same is the blink of an eye, to reach the destination - the house in front of the villa. Perhaps because the the Sima house in preparing dinner today, so, at the moment, and no one noticed these curious events. Aware of until the last few seconds, but Sima Yao can not wait. Seems to have waited for the last ten thousand years, only to see the holding Lee with the wind the night feather. "To wind can go Sima Yao said has been very clear, but also understand that the meaning is, 'You give me quickly release the wind. 'Night feather for the words of others has always been overlooked state night feather before did until after Lee wind schematically Canada Goose Snow Mantra Parka Sale, "Yao, still here, ah?" Sima Yao wanted to with the night the Yu bars on just ...... hesitates. Coincidentally Lee wind diverge, the Secretary Ma Yaoshun with Road: "Well, just rebuilt it in place." "Oh, how not to re-elect a better address ah?" Lee wind and Sima Yao abreast. Either side of the door open, and lively sound ear. But the next moment, the silence in the large house. "Yao?" To prepare dinner. "Sima Yao so explain, but in fact he has been dismissed mean. This is what happens. Moment opened the door, gets in the eyes of the servant, running around and things moved around, like a vegetable market in general mess. Before, Sima Yao received a phone call, that Sima Lun's car when he spell to leave directly from their own study, did not go through this floor lobby, and also do not know, there was actually this case. - Remember, oh!
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