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2005年12月04日(日) 12時51分
today early in the morning we had our Japanese examination.
It finished at about 1 pm.
Later went out with Li to have original character outing.
Not a very cooperative partner. >.<
But i manage to get what i want!!
It is also the first time i take photo for people.
Its kinda weird. Btw i lent her my fujiwara sai's wig and costume......
and my flute.......haha
After the photoshooting, then i did some editing using Adobe Photoshop....
hope its nice to see.
I am not a good Photographer

chibi syaoran@^.^@ 

2005年11月29日(火) 18時26分
i received pm from da syaoran cosplayer...........
she is a emotional syaoran
i asked her how tall is she.........she is chibi, muzb
very cute 1,it makes me feel tht i'm a huge sakura....
eh~i'm taller than her 5 to 6 cm.>o switch charac too.1st we cosplay our own main
charac then onli we switch,i thought of buyin her
syaoran costume,then onli i thought tht i'm taller
than her,so it's merely i can fit into da costume>.<''''

~private and confidential~ 

2005年11月27日(日) 22時17分
Who would wish their cosplay crash wif other
important activity.
Wif all respect I pm her, tellin her I wasnt able to
attend the cosplay event. I make it PERSONAL to her.
The next thing I knew was she post it up at the forum there, thinkin that she had helped me alot,
by juz addin my worries!Bcoz I want it to be P&C,
I sent her msg personally,and to the other members.
NOW she is yankin to everyone tht I dumped her...
.......abt the Shin Ken.
It looks better now after lots of modifiying
and reparing.I juz hope tht can finish the whole Shin Ken as fast as possible.


2005年11月25日(金) 20時35分
I cant write chinese in this website,even if I use other software!
last nite,before going out I was wondering if my
shinken looked nice so I grabed it n
placed it leaning on the wall,but before I realise the
shinken droped down by itself due to my careless
and misplace,the deco on the shinken broke into two.
oh god~ I am indeed very sad.
I'd made alot of effort to do this shinken but it juz
broke so easily.
Furthermore, recently my network wasnt working
very well,so it I couldnt go online.
I'm planning to get my kamui's costume in these few
days time and finish my shinken in 2 days time
hope I can make it!! or else I will not be able to have outing!
btw, it's much easier to type in english than any
other languages,since it's juz alphebet! HAHAHA~!
my cambridge english examination is juz around
the conner, I feel stressful,dunt noe am I going
to score merits this year~~!
I wonder.................

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire 

2005年11月21日(月) 21時53分
went out wif Li 2day to have a movie,it's Harry Potter n the Goblet of Fire.a incredible n exciting movie,
althought at da end Cedric died!But the action n all
da characters play very well,bring us to a very
exciting moment while watching. Ron got a fight wif
Harry bcoz Harry was chosen tobda competitor. He
suspect tht Harry placed his name into the Goblet of
Fire but actually Pro. a age spell around
da Goblet of Fire,any under 17yrs old arnt allow to
enter da competition.Meanwhile,they'd da Yule Ball.
Ron n Harry couldnt get a partner for themself,
Hermoine hints Ron to invite her as his partner,but
Ron laught at Hermoine tht no ones goin to invite
her.Harry tried to invite Cho Chang as his partner,
unfortunately she oreadi agree tob Cedric's partner.
They're shocked to see Hermoine partner wif Victor
Krum.*me too althought i'd read da bk liao* At da
end Cedric and Harry won the prize but Cedric was
killed by wormtail.*I dun realy like Cedric*


2005年11月21日(月) 0時18分
how could this happen?!
why cant I type in CHINESE?!O.o *shook his head desprately*
I should've thought of this, i couldnt type in Chinese
except Japenese and English.
Y??! Do i need to write it In ENGLISH???!!*its not my type!*
Newayz, I started to colour my ShinKen today. The result is indeed incredibly not so good.................the
paper, it's like popping out when ever i paint the
colour on it. *should I redo it*
btw, I oso bought new comics today. They were
tactics and gintama.
and i found alot of X cosplay photo, althought they
were not taken clearly but still satisfied with the
results of i can get the cosplay picture of X.
Y??! Am i not growing?! still in growing age but y not growing. I want to be 172cm tall, but i am juz 16
something onli. TT0TT
I dun wanna look short, uwahh~ I WANNA B TALL!!!
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