Because several offices just finished

December 28 [Sat], 2013, 9:34

inconspicuous. Because several offices just finished moving and a little messy, each office walls are hung a map of administrative divisions of Hebeinew balance 999 uk
Province, the middle is surrounded by Beijing."Beijing municipal government, the district government has not released any official way through over 'moving installment of' information to the relocation, which is a very important thing, which department we are verifying the information disclosed." Regional headquarters office building in North Exhibition Director Nai-Wen Kuo said he did not hear these reports."Dynamic Batch" Exhibition Road, the street belongs to can not give a positive reply. "Industrial upgrading arrangement certainly, but 'moving installment of' relocation not and can not determine a specific timetable," Exhibition Road Subdistrict Office of the Propaganda Department Liu Shuhua chief said, "of which there are many practical problems to be solved take time to plan. "December 24, Beijing Municipal Planning Commission confirmed that Beijing has started preliminary work "dynamic batch" dahongmen, Shili, new hair, the four major commercial traffic blocking point governance, and has started on the city over 100 retail commodity renovation and relocation research markets. "Dynamic Batch" eventually vacate the city center, where it moved, or the suburbs of Beijing, Hebei, there is no definite news."How can I stay away."In Beijing, a reference to "Zoo", in addition to its own meaning, but also refers to a piece of clothing wholesale mall from the 10 or so composed. Popular children gradually accumulate up to where the label affixed to popular attractions. Like a mosaic between Beijing second and third ring magnet, "action grant" to attract people and

tourists around the sale. From the initial spread, metal sheds, and later the "retreat into the hall," "dynamic batch" has undergone several changes, but it's bustling scene has not changed.Lei Jiang Yulin owner came "move installment of" "replenishment" of the. This was the fourth time this month, he took a large black plastic bags and trolleys travel between Yulin and Beijing. "Xian also has clothing wholesale market,new balance 574 women
but the vast majority of shopkeepers are going there on the goods, even the best clothes and Zayang " Like "eight weeks clothing" store name as Jiang Lei clothes to go different route. 29 years old, he sat ten hours weekly train to Beijing, from the "batch move" away more than 100 pieces of clothing, leaving more than 20,000 yuan."Fill the last three skirts, 729 take four." Jiang Lei familiar Item clothes in trading last long, he and "move approved" shops shopping guide maintained a delicate relationship. "You can not listen to them tell you the whole match how to sell, but a good relationship with them can know more dynamic through the micro-channel."In the "dynamic batch" trading ecosystem, almost all of the shopping guide dressed in clothes hanging tag - both of these young girls to win over customers, and who is also a model. Because not allowed to try on clothes, shopping guide buyers will refer to the effect of dressing. Wrapped in brightly colored clothes, their bodies, face bashing a thick layer of makeup, their enthusiasm for the crowd or mechanically or shouting "Come inside and see it!"Encounter familiar patrons, they will

affectionately conversation digress, after quickly find buyers need clothes, deftly put them in plastic packaging, throw in the doorway waiting for packaged together. A single business coming to an end, they wrote out the list number, unit price and quantity, calculator and books in cardboard pasted together, fingers quickly press the lump sum, pay the goods, the buyer, the addition of trolley a large bag.Despite vocal Xuan Tian, but a further sum of trading in clever understanding reached between the buyer and seller in an orderly manner.Especially in the morning every day, like a top shopping guide girls busy: drum up business, deal with customers, afterwards checkout. From 6:00 to open at noon for a moment to rest, they crowded in a narrow shop for lunch. Ground covered with newspaper, put the newspaper a Mazar, Mazar is on Spicy, fried string, beef noodle or some other easy to buy food. They squatted on the side, while the food into his mouth, while staring at the occasional passing in front of the guests, looking to sell opportunities.Doornike air max tn 2013
almost all the shops are close to the "trick shopping guide" sign, their average monthly wage of about 3,000 yuan, but also extremely good shopping guide to get more than 10,000 yuan, no weekends, only one day a month sabbatical. Most of them rented in the area around it."I will not move, there is most people do not follow them." Several shopping guide are together to discuss "moving installment of" moving out of the news. "Who would go so far away to buy a piece of clothing ""Move " Jiang Lei stunned for a moment, "moved out, you will go " He paused for a moment, only answered three words, "I do not know."Jiang Lei surprise as well as Lee opened the German clothing market
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