Can I Change The Order Of The P90x Workouts?(1)

April 02 [Mon], 2012, 15:54
Can I Change The Order Of The P90x Workouts?(1)

Can I change the order of the P90X workout? Often times when people look at something the first thing they want to do is try and change it, make it better or switch things around to fit it into a schedule. Plain and simple, people don’t want to follow the instructions. Doing P90X is not one of these times. I always recommend to everyone I speak with about P90X to always follow the P90X plan the way it is laid out for your first 90 days.

This means following the P90X nutrition guide and following the workouts the way they are laid out in the fitness guide. Whether you are doing the P90X classic version, P90X lean version or P90X doubles, stick to the plan. P90X was laid out this way for a reason and if you want to get optimum results then you have to do it the way it is laid out. Yes , there is always and exception to every rule. If you are an elite athlete, nutritionist or a personal trainer then some modifications might be in order but for the other 99% of us, we should be sticking to the plan.

When you are doing P90X you will workout for six days and then either rest or stretch on day 7. Sometimes people like to move around their rest day to coincide with their schedule. This is OK as long as you are still following the order of the workouts. Also, you don’t have to make you day 1 start on a Monday. You can start any day of the week and make that your day one. Maybe you want your Yoga day to fall on a Saturday or Sunday since it is the longest of all of the P90X workouts. No problem, just keep following the schedule no matter what day you start on.