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April 27 [Sat], 2013, 18:10
Home security is an absolute thing that you should consider. Not only valuable, but also the lives of the occupants of which had to be secured. Security systems Kata Kata Bijak PT Margahayuland

Based on Clock Crime statistics Federation Bereau of Investigation (FBI), property crime occurs every 3.2 seconds in 2008. While the robbery could occur every 14.2 seconds. Similarly, as quoted from AOL Real Estate, Tuesday (13/12/2011).

Even so, the installation of security devices such as surveillance cameras, or spiked barricades, is quite expensive and troublesome.

Do not worry, here's a cheap solution for your residential security. Curious, the following presentation:

1. Always lock the doors in the house though.
It may sound kind of corny stale for your ears, but according to Founder LifeShield Home Security said, as many as 34 thieves launch the action through the main door, and can rob the treasures inside the house only with a time of eight to 15 minutes. So, make sure you lock the door of the house despite being in the middle of the house.

2. Still turn on the lights.
House with dark lighting invite potential robbers to visited your home. Therefore, it will be easier robbers entered the house lit the dark. While adequate lighting will help you identify when thieves broke into your house. Fit energy saving light bulbs in every socket in your home, to be safe, although the middle stint.

3. Cut grass and shrubs.
Grasses and shrubs is a favorite hiding place thieves. They simply hide themselves and their weapons in the bushes, waiting for you off guard. Therefore, cut grass and wild shrubs in the landscape, in addition to neat, at least to maintain the security of residents.

4. Camouflage.
If you often travel in a long time, try to make the house as if inhabited by turning on some lights. If not sure, could use some equipment that could imply yourself silhouette when viewed from outside the home. Or maybe you could ask a neighbor or a security guard to always take your newspaper subscription. The goal that thieves fooled, thought the house was unoccupied middle.

5. Give the gates and window seat.
You can install an alarm on the main gate and window. It could also install brackets on the doors and windows, Bracket now can ensure security without losing the aesthetic because many variations. Security systems Kata Kata Bijak PT Margahayuland

6. Beware of social networking.
Social networking can be a threat to residents who often works out of town or are just vacationing. Normally you would create a state where you are, simply notify the family, colleagues, or your friends directly through the contact numbers available. Because you never know where the source of evil.
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