July 09 [Mon], 2012, 3:59

I have been enormously bad about posting, and I am sorry! ;-; Summer has been very busy, and I have admittedly been lazy about my blog!
私は投稿についての非常に悪いされている、と私は、申し訳ありません!;-; 夏は非常に忙しかった、と私は確かに私のブログについての怠惰されている!

A lot of photos to share with you!

I have a lot of new dresses, many that I have not yet worn. I have a few on the way and a few reserved. Moi meme Moitie Stained Glass in white, Alice and the Pirates Trick Hat in red, Juliette et Justine Le monde de L'ange + Star Money + Swanhilde Echarpe + the Bunny Dress + Le Robe de Chateau (I really love Juliette et Justine lately, can you tell? >_>)
私はまだ着用していない多くの、新しい服をたくさん買いました。私は途中でいくつか持っているといくつかを保有。Moi meme Moitie Stained Glass in white, Alice and the Pirates Trick Hat in red, Juliette et Justine Le monde de L'ange + Star Money + Swanhilde Echarpe + the Bunny Dress + Le Robe de Chateau. (私は本当に最近Juliette et Justineを愛し、あなたはわかりますか?> _>)

I have also reserved items from Jane Marple for fall - a tartan skirt and jacket set with a matching beret, a mushroom necklace, a snowglobe ring, and the Stamp series JSK.

I am looking forward to Angelic Pretty's Chocolate Rosette series, as I have not purchased much AP over this summer. I hope more of their designs appeal to me this fall!

I do not have good photos of my two special Baby the Stars Shine Bright dresses, as I have not yet formally worn them. I will wear them for the first time in Tokyo this coming October! :)

Other outfits I have worn recently:

I'm sorry about all the photos!! ;; I will try to post more often so I don't put so many up at one time...
私はすべての写真について申し訳ありません! ;; 私は一度に多くのアップを入れてはいけませんので、私はより頻繁に投稿しようとします...


March 26 [Mon], 2012, 3:19

Ok I've really been slacking on here! It's because I'm also on Twitter now >_> Oops!

I'm sorry about the number of photos!!

I was able to get a reservation for Juliette et Justine's Swanhilde Echarpe in pink! I think this print is stunning! :) I also bought Emily Temple Cute's new Pansy Print JSK in pink/blue! Gorgeous! Also found a few wishlist pieces lately. Jane Marple's Angel at my Table scalloped waist skirt, Jane Marple's British Library JSK, and Emily Temple Cute's pink biscuit print skirt.
私はピンクのJuliette et JustineをのSwanhilde Echarpeの予約を取得することができました!私は、このプリントが素晴らしいと思います! :)私もピンク/青でエミリーテンプルキュートの新しいパンジープリントJSKを買いました!ゴージャス!また、最近いくつかのウィッシュリストの作品を発見しました。スカラップウエストスカート、ジェーンマープルの "大英図書館" JSK、とエミリーテンプルキュートのピンクのビスケットプリントスカートジェーンマープルの "私のテーブルで天使"。

I haven't bought much from Angelic Pretty lately :( Their recent releases have not been to my liking. I did purchase the Chocolate Drop necklace and bracelet though! Very cute!

I really love AngelicPretty, but I rarely purchase spring release clothing. I do not know why!私は本当にAngelicPrettyが大好きですが、私はめったに春リリースの服を購入しません。私はなぜ知らない!

A few coordinates from recent outings! :)

J and I had a Chocolate Afternoon Tea at the Ritz Carlton yesterday! It was lovely, everything was tasty! :)

最近の購入! Fragrant Rose Memories

March 05 [Mon], 2012, 7:44

I was able to obtain a reservation for the Baby the Stars Shine Bright "Fragrant Rose" Vivienne JSK in Rosemary! Very happy! :)
私はBtSSBの "ローズの香り"ローズマリーのVivienne JSKの予約を得ることができました!とても幸せ!:)

My package also arrived the other day, so here are a bunch of photos! I also attended a meeting with friends on Saturday, and wore an all-black coordinate for that.

  • プロフィール画像
  • アイコン画像 ニックネーム:infiniteneeya
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