Day 1 

February 05 [Thu], 2009, 8:37

“Everything is swell,” He spoke in a soft, low voice, checking the time on his brand new wrist watch. Only a few minutes off, but that was typical, no clock was perfect. That lead him into thinking, ‘well if no clock is right, what time is it really?’. Ahh, such complicated thoughts made him dizzy with the thirst for knowledge. Everything was a question to him, everything had to be answered.

An hour or so passed, and he found himself walking into his tidy apartment. He hung up his coat, slipped off his shoes, and went to the computer. Clicking around on google, he found a diary site, he always wanted a diary… “Perfect!” He shouted, getting his account all ready. Of course as a younger person, he never paid much attention to diaries, never kept up, but now he figured he was ready…

That's my starting point for this blog. All entries will be written in that starting. Get used to it.
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