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July 16 [Tue], 2013, 8:45
The Online News Association Conference is one of the most popular events in the field these days, where prestigious ONA awards are also given to innovators in online journalism. Thewill be held in Atlanta this year, on October 17-19th.

Unfortunately, there is rarely anything on the program that specifically touches on science or health journalism, despite it being a somewhat different - and difficult - area of journalism with some very specific challenges.

Luckily you, the community of science and health readers, can help out. The Program is, at least partially, built through community vote. You can see all the . You can 'vote' for any of them by clicking on the little heart icon (the "Like" on Tumblr) and/or by reblogging it on your own Tumblr.

If you scroll down again and again and again, you will finally reach the only science-related proposal: . You can help this session become a part of the official program by liking and reblogging it, perhaps adding your own commentary.

The session was proposed bywho runs the excellent program at the University of Georgia in Athens.

The proposed panelists are:

- , blogger at , frequent contributor to Scientific American, and the author ofand .

- Barbara Glickstein, Health journalist, public health nurse and the Co-Director ofat Hunter College City of New York.

- and me.

So, justand help us get there and start a discussion on challenges specific to science and health reporting in the rapidly evolving new media ecosystem.

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