The night

January 06 [Mon], 2014, 17:15
Melancholy night, so tactful; leaving the sorrow, the moon vicissitudes of life; the wind blow the candle; ethereal, misses the sunset, heartbroken tears......

Night, has inadvertently came to. The air is inlaid with the month, cast the only light. The wind was blowing, but gently blowing, but still blew the branches swaying, blowing cold, blowing the sentimental. Under the rain, feel this world more indifferent, just watch embroidery logo, watch quietly, to look at.

Night, hurried. Looking back, I do not know where to go, decide on what path to follow, want to look for, dream has dissipated. The night's footsteps, too fast too slow, like the sea, like the waves in general.

Night, is lonely, perhaps it is a hermit. Although this night, cold and lonely, but also has some "stay or not, with the diffuse outer Yunjuanyunshu" feeling. Find the lost heart at night, may find the truth......

Night, see through the earthly troubles, not luxurious gorgeous, but indifferent to quiet, but, still have some miserable. Then at night the cold cold moonlight, disappointed by the loss. This month, too beautiful, just...... Just not the company cloud, leaving behind the back, such as curl up like heart.

Walking in the night was cool, obtained through. The night, the boundless deep, months seems to have faded, the rain in the night, as if to hear in the distance of bamboo in duanhun drifted across the strings, such as crying when you smoke, clouds......

No one to take care of this night, it also sang their own lonely sad. A person, walk this road, don't look back. Against the wind, fishing alone, Jan hooks; with rain, all night......

Night, full of sad, tell a touching story, but the story will end, but people only pay attention to the dawn, the glow of the sky, and the night of the departure, but no one noticed.

Night stay, not too much, do not need too much. Clear, in the horizon, he could see the solitary month a curved, it is a night to leave do not abandon CCIBA, leave love, leave miss......
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