Happy day 

April 21 [Sat], 2007, 14:51
Hi, how have you been? I miss you, Sachi!!!!!!!

Yesterday,we had a small class party that Yosuke planed. I didnt know who would come untill I arrived,,,,then there were only 5 members except me.lol Ai, Asahi, Nanako, Minami, Yosuke. I was a little bit surtprised but it was kinda best numbers.

We went to Horumon restaurant and talked about NIC. Everyone told some secrets or fact coz NIC is already over.lol Nanako told us a lot.... Actually, almost all stories were that I didnt know, so it was really exciting.

After eacting dinner, we decided to go to Karaoke but Minami had to go back home,,,so we called Daiki, then went to there together.
So I realized it was HI-4 plus Yosuke's party rather than LA-2 party.lol

At first, HE wondered wether he joined or not coz of money,, but I pushed a lot.lol Then HE joined us, so I was really glad. :)))

Karaoke was really excited. It was the 1st time for me to drink only beer!!!!! I think I become strong for alcohol!!!!! I drunk 4 or 5 glasses same as Asahi!!!!
but......I was the most drunker as a result....lol

Even we didnt sleep at all as usual, our condition was really good in the morning!!!! I dont know why.lol

So now I didnt sleep at all for 2 days.lol but Im fine!!!!!!!

I should tell my feeling to him.....

LA-2 Party 

April 13 [Fri], 2007, 21:59

Yesterday, actually including today, was soooooo fun coz of the party wiz LA-2 members.

I felt a little bit sick but it was correct to join the party.

We talked a lot honestly. Im glad that u told me ur feeling honestly. I realized u felt uncomfortable wiz our relationship, but I only managed to think about my self. So i didnt care ur feeling. Im sorry about that.

I can say u definetly are one of the special and important friends in my life. Wizout u, there was no one whom I could be honest at NIC.
So I also wanna say thank you.

Also, I was happy because HE listened to my story when I was crying in front of the room. At first, he just touched my head and went into the room. So I started to cry coz of it.
But he came back to me and listened to my stroy. I couldnt tell the important thing to him, but I was happy I spent time wiz him.

I dont know whether he notices my feeling or not. But I will tell my feeling anyway...

The LAST class 

April 10 [Tue], 2007, 0:27

Tomorrow is the farewell party of NIC.

Im not sad because I strongly believe we could meet again.

but I cant describe my feeling. I really wanna say I love my friends and thanks a lot to them.

I got all A on my grades!!! but wizout my friends, I mean rivals, I couldnt get it.
They always give me influence and boost me up.

When I was a high school student, I always envied ppl who were better than me and always wanted to be No.1 in my club. I didnt want to accept others good point and even didnt try to admit my weak point. It's because I thought I'm strong.. mybe I wanna think so. At that time, for me, a rival never meant in positive way. It just meant a person who beats me.

Since coming NIC, I found it was just fake. My fake strongness was easily broken. Then gradually I learned to respect others and accept my weakness. There are many ppl who have both weakness and strongness.

They changed me. Of course YOU changed me.

Wizout you guys, I would be broken.

Now, all my friends are rivals. It's also no more bad meaning for me. I need my friends and rivals because we can always inspire each other and then we improve thanks to each other. That sounds really fantastic.

Im happy to meet ppl like in NIC.

Im happy to become friends wiz you guys.

Of course, all A grades mean a huge for me but you know.....I have many friends whom I respect. That fact is more important than good grades.

I love my friends.


March 31 [Sat], 2007, 17:16

It's really weird we have any assignments,huh?

Im happy but also feel empty...

Yesterday i went to the exhibition of Olsey museum wiz Keiko coz i had two free tickets of it and i know she likes it.

We talked about our class.
I clearly recognize Keiko is strange.lol
I cant understand why she is soooo negative.lol

Anyway,that was fun.

Now Im on the way to Shinjuku coz of dinner wiz Mayumi N Yasuo-kun.

What r u doing?

i wanna read ur diary!(^o^)/

The Last Day 

March 29 [Thu], 2007, 19:34


we finished studying at NIC.

I cant believe it.

Now i feel both happy and sad.

How was my presentation?

I think i did pretty well,we spoke a little bit fast though.

Also skit was amazingly funny,wasnt it?

I was really fun at my skit.
Actually when we prepared it was kinda crazy.lol

Others were of course crazy!
i love their creative skits.<3

I do love LA-2.

They always make me high motivative.

Actually this morning i was really happy about him.(*^_^*)

I wanna talk wiz u a lot!!

When are you free?

Why dont u come to my house?

I think it wont cost so much and we can talk a lot.(^o^)/

Almost any time is fine.
So let me know.


March 23 [Fri], 2007, 21:06

Im sorry that i couldnt back home wiz u(>_<)
We cant talk this week at all(;_;)

Today,i had a dinner wiz Daiki.(^o^)

I cant believe but we have sooo many similarities

Im on the same position about love as Daiki used to be.

We talked we may be brother and sister in previous world.lol

Anyway,how is everything going?

We only have 1week...
I cant believe.

When I saw you on the first day,i never thought you would be really important friend for me.(^^)

So do you,right?lol

I really feel i was right to have choose NIC.

Last Toefl Class 

March 20 [Tue], 2007, 23:16

Today, I had the last TOEFL class.

I attended all 8 classes from the beginning and I think the atomsphere of my class was always very good.(^_^)

If the class did not have such a good atomoshphere, I may be absent many times.lol

Danny said this class was the best class he has ever taught!!!!

Moreover, he bought us PIZZA!!!!!

He also said he has never baught Pizza for the class anyway.lol

It was really unexpected, so everyone was a littele moved.

It was kinda mini-graduation party...

Now Danny is one of the great teacher who Ive ever met.

I cant imagine his huge influence.
Everytime I talk with him, he helps me to improve.

I felt it was correct I joined this class, even though it was really hard.

I cant explain my feeling....

Im really glad I meet friends who have great opinion, view, characteristics, and dream.
Im happy and lucky that I could meet such wonderful friends.

Only 1week left.....


March 15 [Thu], 2007, 19:26
We won on the debate

Did you see?

It was really exciting and fun

That was much better than before.lol

I think Sachi's part was really good.

After the class,I met Danny and he praised today's debate verrrry much

Always I cant explain what i wanna say.
But I think I could

BTW,I also enjoyed Yudai.lol

I wondered what would happen but I just found I dont dislike him.
Chihiro said she doesnt like him though.lol

Anyway i enjoyed i did w/ you(^-^)

My Decision 

March 10 [Sat], 2007, 21:34


I really wanted to talk about my feeling to someone.

And you made me better.

My anxious feeling is still remain.
I know it's impossible for me to forget about her feeling.

However, what I can do now is just do my best, right?

It is waste of time, if Im worried and afraid of hurting others every day.

It is impossible no one feels pain,including me.

So I decide I enjoy all last days.

I want to enjoy all what I can enojoy, rather than anxiety fills with everyday.

There is no future, there is no past.

I live this moment as my last.

There is only us, there is only this.

Forget, regret, or life is yours to miss.

No other road, no other way.

No day but today.


March 01 [Thu], 2007, 0:30
I talked wiz him on a e-mail.

Actually, at first I just sent a mail about class party, but he backed a mail in English.lol

So we kept exchanging in English.lol
It was really interesting!!!!!

I know it was nothing for him.

But FOR ME, just a little thing makes me happy.lol

Im sorry. These days, my diary is almost all about him.lol
But I want to tell my feeling to someone.....
Mmmm....It likes a high school student...!!!lol

You know I can talk about him to someone in this class because of Megu's problem.

I hope you understand this feeling.(´・ω・`)

I also want to read your diary!!!!!!
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