Hua Tong County Bureau Chief

November 01 [Fri], 2013, 16:14
Deputy county magistrate, Zhu Daidong just presided over the county f ǔ office daily work, the self has been in charge of the work done, the remaining work several deputy magistrate of the Gu family, even if to do. But the magistrate, to take. Sat deputy county seat, as long as the open area of the economy make up, Zhu Daidong even completed the task in half. But the agency heads, stand in the county economy to consider the overall situation, after all is to preside over the political f ǔ comprehensive work well on Hua county, Zhu Daidong has not had arrived in town, in addition to the trees Ling and lion hill Canada Goose PBI Expedition UK situation understanding, township and other organs are kept in the dark. Now for the sixteen county towns and dozens of County Bureau of organs, both on the material, or "true" real situation, he is very understand. What is now restricting economic rain Hua county fair? Jiao transport to the rich, first road, this is not a slogan. Zhu Daidong took office after the first important thing, is to transform the rain Hua county highway network. The village level road, temporarily unable to attend, but the township level highways, must be transformed, rain Hua county economic development, highway construction should be put in. Jiao rain Hua county Hua Tong County Bureau Chief Li Xiao dog, in the phone call from Li Moxuan, immediately rushed to the county f ǔ. At the time Zhu Daidong served as deputy county magistrate, to assist the governor in charge of county f ǔ office, legal system, reform, price, supervision, audit, finance, human resources and social security, programming, statistics, offices, militia work. Deputy county magistrate with Jiao Bureau no big relationship, but now is not the same, the magistrate after Zhu Daidong took office, the first initiative called is Jiao bureau this let Li Xiao dog nervous at the same time, but also some smug, Zhu County Bureau of Jiao is very important. Lee Xiao dog that name though a bit indecent, but is in fact authentic College students. Professional counterparts, Lee Xiao dog is the bridge design "is assigned in the Jiao Timberland Men's 3 Eye Classic pass Bureau after graduation, step by step from the technician do, more than twenty years. Jiao through the bureau is one of the most Timberland Chukka important duties, is responsible for the construction of County Road Jiao infrastructure and supporting facilities, maintenance and highway, highway maintenance management "guiding rural roads and the folk Jiao. In conjunction with the relevant departments to manage Jiao through market infrastructure. And because of this, Zhu Daidong preside the overall work, first see is the Li Xiao dog. "Dai Dong county, Hello, I am Jiao Bureau Li Xiao dog." Xiao the dog, Lee has been a long time did not tell Zhu Daidong face-to-face conversation, close to talk about work. When two people meet frequently, or Zhu Daidong as the lion Township Party committee "book" time, the lion mountain to Jiao help to do the planning bureau. At that time, Li Xiao dog was director Jiao Bureau, the lion mountain raise funds to build a company, he is really happy. A Xiang out of thousands of pieces of money to put Jiao through the construction, but also truly high standard, strict
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