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November 01 [Fri], 2013, 17:35
The 472nd chapter of volume and price drop Huang Ziliang quietly listening to the Liu Min report, a few days, Liu Min changed a lot, the biggest change in attitude, he can put the lotus county interests in, this let Huang Ziliang very gratified. But his face was overcast, let Liu Min to explain. "The mayor may not know, Japan's per capita income is several times the US, and even hundreds of times. If we according to the domestic sales price, not look down upon the people of Japan, but will let Japanese underestimate our products. In our view, twenty-five yuan has been very expensive, can Japanese eyes, with two yuan five angle, even one yuan is no difference." Liu Min laughed. "So you still maintain the nameless company image, maintaining China's status of the product?" Huang Ziliang was annoyed to laugh, Liu Mincai went to the lotus county a few days? Talk with Zhu Daidong will have many similar, if this wait time is longer, that still have? "We just want to earn some money, can sell at high prices, why when cabbage sell? Besides, according to Japanese feedback message, the conditions for such and price, other people are willing to accept, and no one said that the price is too expensive. People who say such things, only to prove a point, the strength is not strong, there is no qualification agent Kangle the obscure sales in japan." Liu Min said. "Say so, it is the city's not?" Huang Ziliang said casually. "The city from the point of course is good, hope we don't make mistakes, we are intimate care leadership J ī city." Liu Min said. "You don't appreciate the loving care, can not be allowed to obscure, take a step back, even if it is only a step Xiao, we also make a gesture." Huang Ziliang said, since he already know these things, also say this matter, if can not give the Japanese a Jiao to be, I'm afraid of face does not feel better. "The mayor's instructions, lotus county must resolutely implement." Liu Min said. "The concrete can make many concessions, there are different views?" Timberland Women's Boots Huang Ziliang asked. "I'm afraid this is also going to the meeting North Face Bionic Sale consider, in the obscure, this thing, I the mayor really said don't count. From time to time, Dai Dong county secretary has called on unknown comrades and the company's responsible person, together on this matter, I want to ask a phone call?" Liu Min said. "Liu Min, your attitude is very good, you just go to the lotus county, is not familiar to many, can with the generation of East comrades talk, I am very pleased." Huang Ziliang said, Liu Min's age and qualifications are higher than Zhu Daidong, and Zhu Daidong cooperate tacit understanding, Liu Minzai Furong county has done half the work. Zhu Daidong there does appear to Outlet Canada Goose For Men have preliminary results, even if Liu Min did not call in the past, Zhu Daidong also ready to call him about this thing. Results the consultation meeting is unknown, the company will on Japanese agents three a reduced margin of one hundred million, reduce ten million yuan, two kinds of price Kangle the obscure, were decreased by ten yuan, the most important point, the original monthly five hundred thousand bottles of Kangle the obscure will also reduce one hundred thousand bottles. Zhu Daidong also told Liu Min, after a careful study is coming back from Japan information about Nakamura Yukini, the nameless company decided not to consider the total generation, Nakamura Yukini.
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