skies let you not allowed to play

November 02 [Sat], 2013, 11:58
The United States the development of GPN system began in 1973, and satellite navigation technology has aroused widespread concern, to nearly twenty years after the Gulf war. At that time, the United States aircraft, missiles, ships, rely on the bases, the hands removes copper, moving from an arms group fighting the war, the interpretation of the meaning and rules of modern war to the world. In recent years, in China, "the satellite navigation industry exhibition." but 95% applications are built in the United States bases above. If international relations has changed or war, disaster and the Sino US relations, the United States of America off the GPN signal coverage "in" country area, the consequences will be unbearable to contemplate. Things like this, the United States of America, "let GPS signal in the sudden interruption, just a Xiao test. The United States of America to disturb you, a satellite and in your skies let you not allowed to play, or make you did not receive the signal, even let your missile fight himself, it can be done. But most of the central concern is, "" "" in the country in this respect the security hidden danger is obvious, the electricity sector we use is GPN "our banking system, Jiao system, network division, emnIL is full of GPN, as long as Americans do a bit of hands and feet, our system may all the paralysis. canada goose UK sale Not to mention the strategic weapons, as long as they take time to adjust to a point, our weapons might synchronization is not up "will cause great errors to be the United States of America on the neck, positioning system can only have a state of their own. Early CANADA GOOSE TREMBLANT PULLOVER TORONTO in March, after years of Qing emperor, Xiao draft report request of national launch of the double star positioning system. After a month "by the State Department held a feasibility demonstration. Attend the meeting have the Ministry of railways, telecommunications, Jiao department, forestry bureau and other departments. UGG Boots BAILEY BUTTON But at the meeting "to support their country has positioning system less" pour of the majority. At that time they put forward three questions: first, since the GPN, why should we engage in the double star positioning? Second "our technology level can reach two and third, we have the economic strength? The question is not without reason. The United States GPN, system research since 1973, has spent billions of dollars "and promised to provide services to the global. While in China, "" out of "the grass" is less than ten years, the national economy is still in poverty, lack of manpower and material design. The meeting was warm even J ī fierce discussion, debate, and ultimately "from the national security strategy of the United States and special time point of view, recognize the importance of independent research and navigation system, the important significance and satellite measurements of national defense construction, scientific research and construction. However, until the year before last, the plan was officially approved. Because the measurement is the orientation, the "country" in the program is named "Beidou navigation". Now, in China, "," Beidou "is still in the theoretical stage" if really with American students large-scale conflict, can guarantee the high-tech weapons has now completely normal operation? This is obviously not guaranteed. Modern warfare has been completely out of the original model of war, the Gulf War is a typical case. No high-tech, can let a person chasing ass. But no way to fight back. But if.
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