but Zhu Daidong's mind but to make

November 02 [Sat], 2013, 16:27
The 428th chapter makes the mayor's feeling of secretary of county Party committee (Meng for a monthly pass) in the absence of the recommended, by extrusion classification list of the top ten, a great impact on the performance, hope can in the shortest possible time to rush, rush. Sitting in the office, listening to Liu Wenxuan leave footsteps, he know Liu have be very upset, but at least not explicitly opposed, Zhu Daidong believes, after Liu Kunpeng entered the ring company, will focus on training, which has no need for me to take special care. Liu Wenxuan has been listening to footsteps, until disappear, Zhu Daidong turned his attention to the task at hand. This difference, which belongs to Zhu Daidong's unique, UGG DELAINE perhaps those he bid farewell to all don't know, but Zhu Daidong's mind but to make full, this to the heart to send thirty similar. "The Secretary General Lee, Chang Ronda has come to the city, county f ǔ there asked, is it right? Go to the city to pick me up?" Huang Bin came in, softly asked. "Let go once the CANADA GOOSE EXPEDITION DISCOUNT magistrate." Zhu Daidong said, originally established in obscure, preparatory office, his hand has been stretched to the county f ǔ there, now to Li Guangsheng, on the surface of the work should be the county f ǔ do. The Li Guangsheng to lotus county, is the main sign investment contract, and participate in the nameless founded ceremony and new product cloth. The production of two major products ready to ring, "hardcover ring" and "standard is unknown". "Hardcover nameless" pure wild Yao material refining, and "standard ring", is the use of Yao material base of Yao material. Zhu Daidong is still in the hands of the remaining three Yao package, is the production of the "gold ring one hundred and fifty bottles of fifty ml". The old one hundred bottles fifty bottles for men taking, suitable for men to take. The one hundred and fifty bottles of "gold ring", but also in the production, Li Guangsheng personally telephoned Zhu Daidong, to take one hundred and fifty bottles of "gold ring" remain obscure, in any case. Whether it is "hard ring" or "standard mounting ring", in the Yao effect is not "gold ring". The root of the problem is with Yao material, let the nameless formula volatile maximum Yao effect, virtually all Yao material for almost ten months, such as some Yao material is this season is dug, but there is a part of the Yao material, to the summer or fall, the Yao effect is best. No company wants to produce their own real "golden ring", the fastest also want to ten months after. Even after ten months, obscure, "golden ring", in the Yao effect is better than the current "gold ring" to be just a little bit worse. Therefore, Li Guangsheng told Zhu Daidong on the phone, the one hundred and fifty North Face Store bottles of "gold ring" is very important to the unknown company, the price can let Zhu Daidong any, if he offer it, a bottle of "golden ring", Li Guangsheng willing to pay ten thousand yuan. Li Guangsheng is willing to Hua ten thousand yuan a bottle price to Zhu Daidong to buy one hundred and fifty bottles of "gold ring", not his money and no place to Hua, nor is he to Zhu Daidong disguised bribery, but he thought, "golden ring" is the value of the price of his bodyguards Lake weeks situation he is the clear.
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