this is for the children to buy real

October 29 [Tue], 2013, 11:48
Charges canada goose usa sale section to buy is in fact be imperative, has not put on the rì Cheng, because even though the vines had some money, but they have a thin. Even home population, even in the courtyard he intends to another house, ready to give Jiro and Saburo. Since there are Men's Timberland 2 Eye Cupsole four Lang Lang and, also want to marry, but also have a room to live. Even the trustworthiness of a family of six, only half a yard, if prices to five Lang and seven live, local obviously not enough. Temple next to the large, position is not, is large enough to house, two is enough, only two, just after the grandchildren building, place is good enough, but there is a large vegetable. Think of the future vision, even the trustworthy excitedly stood up, immediately to the temple Abbot bought with. "Dad, he said I want to cover the 235th chapter Grange plan latrine, open vegetable fields, the other to the later buy again not late." Even the vines quickly cautioned. "Rest assured, dad not stupid. This, certainly do." Even the guard channel. "Dad, I go with you." Five Lang is a kang. "I have to go." Xiao Qi also. That 's OK. Even the credit is very happy, this is for the children to buy real estate, with two help, good things, this can be a. Buy things went smoothly, through measuring, the temple has two acres divided, even if sold and four two silver, Spinney half an acre, no man's land of two Mu A, which together, to the village to buy down, only four two pieces of silver, the other two family, a total of seven points, also spent three two five money. A whole piece together, a total of four acres of semi, spent a total of eleven two five silver coins. When writing the title, even the vines and requirements will be along the river along the beach together to write, is also only do a favor, promise. Broker or please Wu Yugui, will soon run down the title deed. Keep the letter to him even when the cost of, is very Wu Yugui fended off a helpless, finally accepted, the next day to send a gift not only, also with the 235th chapter Grange plan a banquet please even the vines a. The title deed to do down the day after, even the vines family in their own newly bought land on a careful inspection, to put each boundary pillar, even the vines also with a ruler, measuring carefully everywhere, while careful note. Finally, standing on a slope when short, even the vines four looked. The land is bought, but to build the ideal grange, there is still a long way to go. His money is limited, must be spending too much, the Grange engineering only steps to complete. It is to implement a project. Back home, even the vines immediately found a large piece of paper, seven ink, even the vines put the pen on the paper, field roughly sketched drawings. One family surrounded, participate in the planning of their homes. The most important is the new breakfast shop, to build on the side of the prominent position. Then the public toilets, to be built at the appropriate position of the wind. After the shop and toilets, a chunk of land as a garden, even the cottage is going to build on CANADA GOOSE RESOLUTE the land in the middle of the block, the highest. One family to discuss, finally by even the vines in the drawing circle drawing large, is to determine the land.
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