increasing the manpower to extend

October 31 [Thu], 2013, 18:26
The 457th chapter the unpredictability of the afternoon to go out a little things, to a few friends, can not back is not aware of the evening, and so long, also should relax. But the monthly not less I ah, see pass every day, can greatly affect the mood, I want to have a good mood. For a monthly pass Cai Wenmin is really worried about lotus county robbery, robbery case's biggest ever, light is the "history", will be enough to attract the eye. The robbery more than four o'clock in the afternoon, to the province of three Xiao, but also the provincial leading ears, this degree, shocking enough. Cai Wenmin also once wanted the City Public Security Bureau to lotus county to help solve crimes, open when the temporary standing, he even still hesitating, is it right? After the call to Zhu Daidong. Give Zhu Daidong a call is simple, but Cai Wenmin to consider is, the phone will not increase the pressure on Zhu Daidong? They have said, three days work, now just three Xiao, so unable to hold oneself back? It is not the production of enterprises, increasing the manpower to extend the time can increase the yield. Also unlike run alone, as long as you want to Canada Goose Hybridge UK speed up your degree, can accelerate the degree. The case is a very rigorous work, pressure and can certainly into power, sometimes, pressure will into resistance. Cai Wenmin worried, Zhu Daidong after all the age there, this kind of pressure, he can handle it? After the meeting, he could not stay in a very relaxed tone a call to Zhu Daidong: "Dai Dong ah, how the robbery, support to the city?" Then Zhu Daidong answered, Cai Wenmin remember, Zhu Daidong said: "after a long time of lotus county Cai, what work needs to be in support, only the robbery is not guaranteed in the case, tonight" before twelve when Zhu Daidong had heard Zhang Bing and Luo Xianru dialogue, also let the Public Security Bureau of the people to the Post Bureau, to focus on inspection of all weighing more than ten kilograms in the package. Cai Wenmin was very glad to hear that, before twelve in the evening? Since Zhu Daidong put a time limit on this close, must have to grasp. His call for, otherwise will be always on tenterhooks for xiao. Cai Wenmin Timberland Sale night not back out, just waiting for Zhu Daidong on the phone, he believes, before twelve, Zhu Daidong phone will be on time. Since Zhu Daidong so sure, how could he to say hello to Deng Zhixin? Liu Min proposed to allow the Council to help solve crimes, Cai Wenmin think is not suitable, because he did not explain to Liu Min. Because there is no need, if Liu Min told Zhu Daidong to pass gas, so he did not Canada Goose Langford Cheap say exports. He'll go to lotus county office, in fact from the beginning this evening, he was Deputy Secretary of the county, lotus county, such advice should talk to Zhu Daidong. Just after Liu Min leaves, will Zhu Daidong call to come in, "the report Cai secretary, at four fifty-five this afternoon, in a bad xì I County; ng robbery has been successfully solved the two people, all the arrest, the cash grab one million, all recover" "good" cried Cai Wenmin, his mood J ī, voice.
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