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October 30 [Wed], 2013, 11:24
"Dad, I want to watch tv!" An ordinary family, seventeen eight year old girl, suddenly from his room ran out, to watch TV father loudly demanded. "Side to play, did not see I was watching you!" Father glanced at her daughter, relentless and said, "why not say, you let play computer games today, I watch TV, if you want to see it and sat down, are playing before the Spring Festival evening show interview, very interesting!" "Don't!" Who knows her daughter without demur, suddenly grabbed the father hand remote control, quickly struck a TV program. If it is often watch TV person, must have two or three, can spread to what they want UGG Nightfall Boots to see, but the girl, but after successive change of more than a dozen stations, they changed to Hu Nan TV, while for the table, also loudly to her father and said, "Today my idol is a fine latest TV broadcast day, I want to see a fine!" "Well, then you will see!" See daughter changed Canada Goose Westmount his clever, father of the helpless shook his head, but also know that his daughter's idol is a fine, never to. Such a scene, in the whole Chinese many families have appeared, although the quantity is not many, but a fine but also has a number of fans more than 270, even if half of the people choose to watch the TV play "Wulin rumored" in today's a day inside, together, the number is there are many. Millions of families, millions of viewers, such numbers, it's other television drama, I already have the producer delighted. After all, most of the broadcast television, mainly by the actors, or number of fans to make ratings. In the late is the competition of the quality of the TV play whether clearance, period, or by a star face to. At this moment, in Shashi Hu Nan Hotel, with the passage of time, a fine and a public television series "Wulin rumored" cast members, finally will today attempt to three sets of "Wulin rumored" finished, everyone can not help sigh. Overall, TV drama "Wulin rumored" quality, is still relatively high. Even to many actors psychological expectations. Although most of them are not very professional drama performers, even including Yao Chen, Shenqiu and Luo Taosan, a rookie, and Yang Mi drama circles rookie, the drama judgment and understanding is not very. However, they can be very clearly feel. TV drama "my own swordsman", it is a very good TV drama. At least...... They. Like to see, if not they starred in TV series, if time permits, will choose to watch. Only with this, can fully prove that, the North Face Gloves Sale quality of the TV series. Really good, has a hot! "Very good TV play, I'm sure, our this drama will explode!" After reading the first three sets of "Wulin rumored" after. The writers of the people might also slightly relieved, chuckled and looked around and said. "Indeed, I also feel that the play is good, is a joke, and in this)
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