the toy manufacturing company's treatment

October 31 [Thu], 2013, 16:50
Wu Donghong Timberland Women's Boots recent youdianfan, not to work "rain Hua toy manufacturing company in another month to formal production, city, county gave high evaluation of his work. He was tired of city, county leadership to call him, instalment, take a message. The open area in recent popularity, even some of the coastal areas enterprise because employees B ī forced to move to the rain in Hua county, can imagine, the open area so rich conditions, who UGG Boots CLASSIC SHORT BOMBER can not jealous? Students free education, all free room and board at school. A, as long as there is one person at work "other people can enjoy free medical care in the development zone enterprises, the national cadres of national cadres. Even if the state cadres or any other state owned enterprises, if the unit efficiency is not good "only to advance. Which leader not poor relatives? Besides, Jiao international theory, between person and person, only needs to establish the five individuals can contact, want to enter the open area, how to find people and into the open area enterprises, state-owned enterprises is better than a toy manufacturing company, the new company ", is the most important, is a labor intensive company" to more than twelve thousand workers. The city installed ten thousand laid-off workers, Pan Zhongdong and the recruitment of more than 400 skilled workers and low level management personnel working experience in toy factory. But this down, there are more than one thousand vacancies "to have the opportunity to enter the state-owned enterprises, and enjoy the good welfare, who does not envy? Perhaps the toy manufacturing company's treatment is not high, but compared to other enterprises County "five hundred or six hundred yuan a month's wages is not low. Of course, "with the coastal area ratio, such wages too low, are not even at the local minimum wage standard" if not work in the office cadres low toy factory wages by timing system compared with average income "rain Hua county, work every day for twelve Xiao, every month can take a day off compared to, wages, such conditions, not demanding. The city was investigated to rain Hua county reality "was to rain Hua county left two thousand workers places" after all the laid-off workers not only in the city have rain Hua county, the state-owned enterprise reform is relatively successful, but it is also quite a number of workers laid-off workers "should not" rain Hua County State Enterprise reform can succeed? Do not say anything else, light rain Hua county fé I factory, make it rigidly uniform workers over one thousand people. In addition to the workers, and quite a few want to transfer to the toy North Face Men's Scy company, not for anything else, toy company's treatment. The toy company has become a pilot county changed extraction unit, Zheng Keji cadres "like Wu Donghong can receive a salary from the government" toy company will be four times the wage subsidies, that is to say, the toy company executive cadre, will be able to get the other organs of the wages five times. This does not include every month funds and other welfare "and the most important bonus at the end of the year. Such treatment "of those who identify themselves in career not as 1000, who don't want toys Amoy gold? In fact, the toy company is a large state-owned enterprises, there are more than twelve thousand workers but actually, administrative cadre actually.
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