can not guarantee that every business

October 30 [Wed], 2013, 11:58
"Well, if I plan to succeed, I believe, with the project, we even less, can also get nine digit profit, the one starts with the number is few...... To see the sister you, and my soul!" Eyes flashed a Jing long grass, a fine only think of the plan of its own, absolutely can succeed, the nature in the heart is full of the firm! Originally, if only by virtue of a fine a person's words, this plan to say what is impossible, even if a bad luck, there may be little to lose. You will not make nine digit profit, but lost out to nine digit debt...... But now, there is a king in Jinghua join, a fine believe, as long as the intermediate link does not appear too serious a mistake, nine digit profit out of one's pocket, absolutely as general easy! "Say!" Eyes flashed a Jing long grass, Wang Jinghua also to sit down, very urgent, eyes full of expectation at a fine. Wang Jinghua, although its countless stars, and according to the analysis of a fine, behind the woman, should be there are other, quite the weight of existence. But, even so, Wang Jinghua's own wealth, should also not be many, after all, have to pay a pen and a pencil, culture entertainers costs. Although earn a lot, even Wang Jinghua, also can not guarantee that every business own can make money, time is money. All these years, Wang Jinghua after a long time, nearly ten years of accumulation, I am afraid that Campbell reached nine figures, broken billion of assets. Such a figure, probably is equivalent to an actor, actress level big star, the same age accumulation. Doesn't seem to be what it is, but with the broker's energy, but earn a comparable level of star artist his Canada Goose Ladies Snow Mantra Parka wealth, but also very amazing. But, according CANADA GOOSE BANFF TORONTO to a fine in Tianwang system query, a fine mind clear, Wang Jinghua in the formal fortune since, in the city of Yanjing, also just a bike, ride the subway of ordinary women. Now, have a chance to make a lot of money. How could she missed?! "Spend the elder sister, you say...... If you take his so many stars, leaving Huayi Brothers, the stock of the company, is it right? Will drop at a very alarming rate?" Eyes flashed a fine awn. A fine sink a voice to say. "The stock?!" Smell speech, Wang Jinghua frowned slightly. In this moment. But also about what a fine. "If you mean when you want to take advantage of the stock market Women's North Face Pink Ribbon crash in Huayi Brothers, the short way, seek profit from which...... I think I will not participate in the!" In Jinghua Wang, a fine probably wanted to short, earn money in Huayi brothers. Short, is a not very profound knowledge. It is said, a fine will be a small part of the money into the stock market, with a 'lease', to buy the Huayi Brothers stock investors' borrow 'a part of the stock. For example, a fine to borrow 100 shares. 'on loan' a few days, then)
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