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October 28 [Mon], 2013, 11:01
Although unlike AI Ying as a wolf ran edification, but women may be born with the instinct for booty. Therefore in the Gu side conditions, red Qi soon earned pots of alms bowl full. After all, this is BOSS in vivo, what be? No, absolutely not. So whatever weapons forced, equipment or props, sundries, perhaps on a piece of paper is, elder sister can load must be put back, most is to pick up after the. But when loaded one house, install a house called the spoils things, a look back in front CANADA GOOSE MYSTIQUE of the safe AI Ying unexpectedly wood in the open, red Qi is a face of surprise came: "Ai Ying, you find anything here." "You see," "this is, is that" although [environmental purification device design] is really good stuff, but AI Ying did not hide the red Qi. Because if it is between heaven and earth unique a, the brother who don't take yourself. Can not say in front of the red Qi got good weapons UGG OVER KNEE TWISTED CABLE will not forget your brother, in this BOSS in vivo, who can guarantee that only brother to find the good stuff. So can't hide no hiding, also needs the red Qi to help search for environmental purification device [design], Ai Ying went directly to a copy of the drawings received red Qi. With a design diagram, red Qi then surprise: "it is this thing can transform the fog city?" "The elder sister is funny." "Hey sister to funny not?" In the face of AI Ying fierce eyes, red Qi mouth excited said: "Ai Ying you say this is it right? A not in reality to build Fama mother ship great benefits." "yes, but I have something to tell us your opinion now and red Miss Qi" in the game is reality, reality is games technology, thirty-first Century was all about people's ability.. So the red Qi since can become one of the 50 major Timberland Boots Outlet world class stars, AI Ying no doubt red Qi enough to see the real value of environment purification device [design]. So there is no so. AI Ying directly will be how to complete the game open tasks, and how to rely on the alien GM hide parliament identity pit mechanism, and ultimately pit to two institutions places things on the red Qi said. Because change before, perhaps Song Yu was the only one who knows all the secrets of AI Ying is good, but taking into account the environmental purification device [design] occur too suddenly, to let the red Qi has a sense of be of one heart and one mind, AI Ying must adventure to tell her the truth. Besides, with only two Fama mother ship building materials AI Ying hands, really red Qi chose to sell Ai Ai Ying Ying, also is not afraid of being councils to find their own trouble. Especially two people is now in the BOSS in vivo, may not be game player overheard two people talk, AI Ying to speak frankly and sincerely say. So considering the red Qi since can see [environmental purification device design] value, AI Ying and no reason to doubt the red Qi really do such a stupid thing, so this is just to ensure that environmental purification device [design] message is not exposed, a special method to at least not so quickly exposed birds. But the AI Ying perhaps is only a means to prevent news too exposed, really understand the antecedents and consequences of all things, the red Qi was shocked.
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