not only the decisive and Su

October 28 [Mon], 2013, 12:14
What is man, man is to eat dry wipe not to recognize. Though AI Ying also know, Jiang Yuhua certainly did not give up on themselves using turtle hypodesmus, but Jiang Yuhua even in his embrace beetle in the prestigious, but reputation in AI Ying woman after all is not high. So the big word seldom accompany great deed. Finally, no helper, Jiang Yuhua also had no way to AI Ying alone what turtle hypodesmus. But all the while, finally all came to weeks Xiaomin room. Because even if Ma Yuying didn't comment will come in to watch, but as the only position to do AI Ying lady woman, at least she will come and have a look at the. Not that Ma Yuying place is Mongolia's, when the right with Ma Yuying, but not one isolated from the outside, Mongolia, also had to go to see it. So the start though because of Su Ling Ling, they will be together, but AI Ying won't admit, because most things or associated with AI ying. Because of this, in addition to accompany that Su Qing is like a began in AI Ying side, Jiang Yuhua is not only the decisive and Su Ling Ling sat down together, Ma Yuying and Mongolia, but also to sit by the door, obviously put a pair can leave. But even so, just bathed to see so many people in the house, Zhou Xiaomin immediately some shy surprised way: "Wow, how so many people?" "We're leaving now." Even in the week Xiaomin and easily entangles didn't come back, Ma Yuying and Mongolia, also sitting in the house must be firm and secure, but with two people coming, Ma Yuying pull Mongolia, stood up. Just pay attention to the Ma jade cherry eye, AI Ying is ashamed: "I would like to leave?" "Ai Ying stayed relatively good, after all this is the beginning of a contract, but Jiang Yuhua you" "well, let's talk about it next time." I do not know in front of Jiang Yuhua and Su Ling Ling privately said something, even if Su Ling Ling is the same expressionless. Jiang Yuhua is a rare eyebrow flew sè dance. While Jiang Yuhua has been said to leave situations, particularly clever UGGs Cheap Su Qing also stood up and said: "I also leave together." "well then." Although what is not easily entangles and AI Ying agreed, but after seeing Jiang Yuhua, Su Ching said that no longer continue to entwine, Ma Yuying then revealed a face satisfied smile. After all, if not sister for the victory, but also the fact that the victory. Then no then. With a few people left, Zhou Xiaomin finally left the room easily entangles and Su Ling Ling, AI Ying several already agreed. Finally looked at each sitting on a Su Ling Ling and AI ying. Easily entangles the laughs: "Ai Ying, you and Su Lingling don't sit so Timberland Euro Sprint Sale far, go to bed." "what? Go to bed? It is four P "although AI Ying is early know easily entangles like stimulation, Zhou Xiaomin was scared to face the shame surprised. Easily entangles it took Zhou Xiaomin smiled and said: "what are they afraid of, first, Su Ling Ling is absolutely not own up close, CANADA GOOSE CONSTABLE DISCOUNT but Xiao Wen you also think that the AI Ying will not we allow to post?" "This, this is brother, although very shameless, but credit is good." Be easily entangles said. Zhou Xiaomin just hope AI Ying smiled. After all, two people are already bath after, AI Ying still for Paul Zhou Xiaomin)
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