some estimates this relationship

October 28 [Mon], 2013, 12:57
Fire fire fire again as Katerina explained, although the first day, AI Ying et al. Not in the deep magic forest encounter any world of Warcraft, encounter any had just retired from the battlefield of world of Warcraft, Canada Goose Expedition Shop but from second onwards, all kinds of Warcraft began to appear in front of AI Ying et al. After all, this is the most distant boundary of NPC can further, farther than not, but the computation time of return is completely not enough. Only the first day also can not see the gap, along with several people on the black magic gas product more, there also appeared a small difference. For example, on black magic gas accumulation undoubtedly is the most sunny, black face have some look not clear, then Katerina, seem to face a layer of black face cream, while the following AI Ying will be much better, body black magic gas only compared to the first day of a little bit more, some estimates this relationship should be with AI Ying on the divine, but surprisingly, Sally's black magic gas seems to Bia body even less. Perhaps this is nothing to Katerina, but Shan Ni some dissatisfaction: "Sally, your body is less than with divinity or training of mind skills a thing ah how accumulation of evil spirit?" "The divine? The kind of things I can't, but I have the opportunity to want to try the skill training of mind, but now the situation should be and I was skull badge plus Defense Force: "although have been AI Ying pull them in the team, Sally is still a pair of modesty, standard of e-government NPC. But hearing these words, Shan Ni suddenly have a brain wave way: "to, and skull badge? Sally, can you introduce me to the skull?" "I now have is the skeleton would formal member, although not the sunny you into the skull, but let the sunny you accept skeleton will test, if you can finish the initial test. And the completion of the one hundred skull task, also can Timberland Earthkeepers Cupsole Chukka Shoes become formal members of skull and bones." "Really? You now CANADA GOOSE LODGE have to test the task to me "excited, really excited about. Unless you have received the skeleton will test the task of NPC, the ability to just seen skull badge, it is not a NPC can resist the skull badge temptation ah so as a revive in the copy of NPC, regardless of whether they have the ability to complete the task of skull and bones. And even if it would take hundreds of years to become members of skull and bones, Shan Ni have some be in the best of spirits. Only in seeing Shan Ni took Sally's skull test task excited look, AI Ying decisively speechless. Because now the game and real time ratio but the game day equal to reality in two hours, with a skull task required an average of three years, that is to say Shan Ni can really complete skull task, AI Ying also in the real medium on for 25 years. This is one such things? Game player can such things? No, absolutely not. But to meet Shan Ni's curiosity, insist again one day, when Shan Ni was already not face. But the double face was black magic gas shielding was what all can't see, hurriedly say hello, sunny is sent directly back to the island of freedom. Because the sunny even can persist for several hours, but also had no face to stick to it. And this is true)
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