I will look at the past you

October 30 [Wed], 2013, 18:05
"Watch TV. Ah, how Yao Jie brother?" Then answered the phone, the other side of the phone spread of Wan Tongtong the same heartless voice, a fine have a bad feeling, said tentatively, "the...... Tongtong, tomorrow to the college entrance examination, review how?" "A good review!" Wan Tongtong's first words, let the door - not by a sigh of relief, and rose in the heart murmur, finally have a look like it's candidates. "A month ago, I would have to get that kind of like which school exam Chinese can test up level, my dad said let me give him a national Women's Timberland Boots champion Bangyan Tanhua what, but I'm too lazy to go to school, this time to play the...... Hey. "But my brother you trust, national champion of what I don't get this, we often Shashi manor, or North Face Discount there is no problem!" Wan Tongtong's voice also is full of vitality, is not like the real ordinary as candidates, being suppressed by three of the last years of pressure, or even million Tongtong didn't read directly from the high school, high school, skip to directly participate in the college entrance examination, has never experienced the pressure. Logically speaking, 000 your grades are very good, want to often Shashi champion, a fine also believe, she is definitely not a problem, but some frustration is a fine...... Why, Men Linshan, Yang Mi, Wan Tongtong three people, is so heartless? Although three people admitted to our target schools, is that's final. Things, but...... Cannot, slightly on the college entrance examination for a snack? A little bit too?! For the million Tongtong's behavior, a fine is not ready to say what, slightly sigh, only charged once million Tongtong CANADA GOOSE LANGFORD DISCOUNT to eat and sleep well, happy every day a little...... As for learning...... Forget it...... "Tongtong. The college entrance examination to get over you, wait until after the college entrance examination, I will look at the past you, and we'll talk!" Finally, a fine to the WAN Tong Tong said, hung up the phone. Originally, a fine is to prepare detailed ask Wan Tong Tong to which university to apply for, ready to learn what professional, after all, Yang honey, Men Linshan two goals, door Jie have been very clear, only one million tongtong. A fine is not know. Originally, according to find a fine means, since million Tongtong and their relationship is so intimate, if million Tongtong want to do something in the future, a fine can also help a help. But on second thought, I was a princess of Jinyang group. Want to do work? No need to worry about a fine. And. As a rich girl, Wan Tong Tong for a long time to road, I am afraid father million yaoyang has arranged for her, though not necessarily million Tongtong likes, but a fine idea, it must be the best! A Jinyang group chairman to arrange the road. No matter how bad, future is a magnanimous, glory, for the million Tongtong, absolutely is a great help. Men Linshan is not so, even if is the choice of 'reality', the future achievements are quite limited, a fine also to 'dream' for, let her choose dancing so)
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