for fear of being fans enthusiasm

October 30 [Wed], 2013, 16:41
() "for a long time did not come to Taiwan Island, did not think of or so UGG Boots BAILEY BUTTON beautiful o o!" In the Sea Island Station, a fine alone, enjoying a little fishy, but full of zì yó u, the vastness of the smell of sea breeze, a pair of enjoy unparalleled expression. The island scenery, really beautiful, March mainland is a little cold, but the island only slightly relaxed, plus let into the enjoyment of the sea, is indeed very let linger. This time came to the island in the middle of a fine, memory, or for the first time, a time come to Taiwan island or because the movie "Kung Fu" tea, a fine took advantage of a rare holiday, come and meet Jia Jingmin, it was also the time, between a fine and Jia Jingmin, happened relationship, let Jia Jingmin became a fine first preference to 'love' female Canada Goose Hybridge Lite Vest Outlet stars. Remember the last time to the island, a fine or a new, walking in the street may not have recognized, but now...... Over half a year's time, once again came to the island, in order not to be around to recognize a fine, even using the 'golden lady of easy mask' was disguised, disguised as a twenty year old, pretty boys like, for fear of being fans enthusiasm to find himself. Whether in the mainland, or in Hong Kong, Taiwan Island, now a fine, have a large number of fans, reached the A-list peak, even believe in not the long time, into the gas will have the top stars, from the top star ranks, not far away! "There are three days of rest, this three days must have a good rest, do not waste!" Feel the sea breeze, a fine mouth slightly affected, took a faint smile, touched pocket, telephone, quickly dialed a number, then played in the past. At this time, a fine hands the phone, it is this year one of the world's brand, the latest release of a mobile phone, even when the new year on sale, but also to more than 4000 yuan, according to a fine of xì ng lattice, is absolutely not going to spend money to buy, at best, is to use a mobile phone advertising gift. Mobile phone this thing, in a fine idea, able to make phone calls, send text messages, it is enough, no need to make too much of the figure. But when you have the Spring Festival, a fine sister Wan Tongtong, also happens to a mobile phone, a fine with a million Tong Tong Shangjie, originally intended to buy a good point for all your mobile phone, but she is a fine choice of such an expensive mobile phone, then a fine originally used a mobile phone, advertisers receive up. Million UGG Classic Tall Boots Tongtong frugal xì ng lattice, is normal, even want to pay a fine, to buy her a better mobile phone, also be million Tongtong 'I was a student, my mobile phone, until the later' as a reason, refuses to a fine. In desperation, a fine of only from the hands of this, expensive a brand new mobile phone...... "Hello? Ching Wen elder sister? I have been to the island!" Dial the phone, a fine face up a faint smile, looks very comfortable, quiet. Whenever and Jia Jingmin call, a fine.
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