we're going to stay at his family."

June 06 [Thu], 2013, 17:56
"Cloud, cloud son, I don't know you are here, just more offensive, also please forgive me." Wenren Qian some fear a faint smile on one's face looked the cloud day, regardless of the face to make amends way. "South Hongpeng apprentice is really the sky feather, this is incredible!" At this time, when the moon has surrounded the Taishi Taishi benevolence mind, Nan Hongpeng Daikin Royal have some fear forces background. "You don't offend me, is my master and his wife. Do you know today is my teacher, Mrs. big R ì. The most auspicious R ì you destroy, you say how do I punish you?" Yun Tianyu speak suddenly turns cold, deep asked. "Yun forgives, Yun quarter, we were family is willing to offer gifts, to repay the fault." In the Yun Tianyu momentum stunned, amends frighten cold sweat frequent intrusion into a money not bow. Tianyu, "be lenient wherever it is possible, as long as they promise R ì no longer embarrassed Tai Shi family, this thing is." In the sky the plume moves to disciplinary blasted into the money, Nan Hongpeng slowly came and said. "I dare not, after my star family never find his family trouble, if who dares to look for trouble, I break his legs." The famous Qian Lianlian promised. "Well, since my master gives you a favour, this thing is so well." The sky feather look scared face s è pale, cold sweat soaked clothes were money, says chillily. "Thank you for your kindness to us, this famous family,Jordan Big Ups Shoes, I to remember as long as one lives." Hear Yun Tianyu agreed to let me go, get a life of celebrity money secretly relieved, heartfelt gratitude road. "Master, it is late, you and wife or to their marriage, I think it should be no more trouble." The sky feather contains profound glanced repeatedly avoided eye, Qiu and Taishi Ren, deliberately said. "Yun, I wonder if we could attend division and make her wedding ceremony?" Celebrity out money a plant body is radiant, like crystal, emitting a strong fragrance thousand year ginseng as a gift, asked softly. "Million years crystal legend has effectively make the dead come back to life." See the famous money out of the gift, a lot of people have a hot s è. Can be said to have a million years crystal parameter, it means more than one. But all eyes while hot, but no one has greed in mind, because they know, who dare to play Nan Hongpeng idea, the waiting for their only. Yun Tianyu identity exposure, making Nan Hongpeng and Stephen moon wedding no occurrence, in the family, a famous Taishi family,Coach Online Outlet, two people have got one's wish, work in just ways of married. Three days later.. "Master, you are going to stay at his family or return to the stars Palace?" The sky birds came to Nan Hongpeng and Taishi moon residential yard, softly asked their opinion. "You and I talked about his wife,Coach Online Sale, we're going to stay at his family." Nan Hongpeng and Stephen moon looked at each other, said slowly. "Since the master, his mind made, I would advise you not to. Before I help his family to consolidate the defense of large arrays, hope to meet danger, can resist >
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