many monks hall on the eyes

December 08 [Sat], 2012, 11:26
Traincollector HTML simple template model UGG Boots For Men, relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultThe 384th chapter Lingxuan animal character ,its inner seal a head six red fire vulture demon soul ,quality to build base can be used ,as long as the injection of a ray of divine consciousness ,can control to add in the red fire vulture demon soul attack .
With this symbol ,is equivalent to have a level six transformation period spirit of the pet ,can be repeated use ,until the demon soul force is depleted, the character will be damaged ! Ling Feng hoarse voice ,weiweidaolai .
Now ,many monks hall on the eyes were focused on him out of the three items ,look very hot, many face showing greed . The magic Ziyan hell ,this character within the sealed a fire attribute supernatural Vaillant ,vast ,a blanket ,a transfer medium UGGs Adirondack II Boots,to strike force ,to transfer medium cultivation under the monk resulting in fatal injuries .
Say here ,Ling Feng right hand gently waved ,suspended in front of him third items ,the white jade carved jade box cover was immediately opened, five different colors of the pills into the monk saw hall .
A such as Sifu medicinal fragrance from beneath the city ,many of the friars ,has been lost ,talk : node elixir ! The five elements attribute node Saver every one, its effect should not need to do more to explain ! Ling Feng now looked underneath, slowly : in buying an elixir ,called Tianxiang Lancome .
If you have a friend that can be removed ,in exchange for the three items .If you know any information about the drug ,may also for three items at random a ! Saying here ,Ling Feng look forward ,look downward the friar .
Tianxiang Lancome ?What is this drug ?Never heard of it ! ,if I have this elixir ,that should have well ! ... ... ... ... The friars in the hall on the Ling Feng voice falls in succession ,whispering ,there were many discussions .
Including dozens of monks ,the reason .However, no one came to power with Ling Feng Trading ,it looks like they don the whereabouts of Tianxiang lancome .After a minute ,Ling Feng heart full of disappointment ,he knows the city of Puyang wasted .
The friend ,Tianxiang Lancome under not heard of ,do not know ... ... Whether you accept Lingshi trading ?Or ,with other goods swap ? The speaker was previously invited bea past a reclassification of the transfer of the monk, his eyes on me ,apparently very want Ling wind out of the three trading items .
The nothing is missing ,not Tianxiang Lancome ,no way ! Ling wind cold a reply .He originally to the person impression is not good, and now irritable mood ,nature is not fair to him .
The friar ,taken in the Ling Feng mysterious culture ,also dare not say more ,shook his head ,reluctant to sit down .Since there is no Tianxiang Lancome Ling Feng did not want here to stay ,a waste of time .
He waved his hand closed up three items, was about to leave . . Friends of the road ,please wait ! See Ling wind desire to leave behind him ,not far from the Puyang square openings called immediately .
Ling Feng turned around ,seeing each other again, asked : what is commanded to friends ? He to Puyang impressed ,and many also speak . Friends of the road ,there are many wood rose in the body ,and there is a wood rose cultivation million years condensed into Mulingzhu ,friends are interested, we can swap transaction ! Puyang Ping lip closed ,with sound operation on Ling said the wind .
The only wan Toshiko rose ,but Puyang had deep daze inadvertently discovered ,took great effort just to kill .Wood rose body ,the practice method of wood properties ,enhance road great efficacy ,however, Puyang family practice wood property Gong monk, but few ,and is the spiritual roots talent poor people .
Therefore ,Puyang Ping only in the auction will take out a wooden rose body up for auction .However ,wood rose essence Mulingzhu ,wood rose and remaining most body ,he may be reluctant to put it up for auction .
If the Puyang home later out of a body of Mulinggen people ,only with wood rose body and wood Lingzhu effect, will undoubtedly raise a golden friars !However ,in see Ling wind out of the three items, he did not hesitate ,instantly with wood rose body and wood with other transactions youngsters .
The two great match Vaillant will not say, light is five five elements attribute node elixirs ,is definitely worth swap transaction .Ling Feng heard Puyang Ping speak trading exchange goods ,a little thought ,sound operation immediately asked: friends are going to trade ? He took out the charm are their own refining, for others it is a rare treasure ,to him, nothing .
Five node saver also is such .Each other since bea of needed goods ,trading is not . This ... ... Friends know ,this kind of animal is very rare wood rose ,could not be met for the cultivation ,wood property method monk has great function ,so .
.. ... Puyang Ping mutter and mumble ,talked for a long time ,just say to use wood rose body and wood Lingzhu exchange Ling wind out of the three items . Friend ,your appetite is a bit too big ! Ling Feng a faint smile on one to look at him ,say a sentence .
This ... ... Puyang Ping face awkward expression .Indeed, he feel too, light from the value theory, wood rose body plus Mulingzhu ,most can exchange Ling Feng three items in one, and he is going to change three pieces ,indeed some greedy .
,three things you choose two parts ,that is my bottom line ,if willing to friends ,we will deal .Otherwise ,when it left ! Ling wind can not bea the prodigal son ,he was very aware of his own three items of value .
Can any such transaction condition ,is cheaper each other .Deal. Puyang Ping heard immediately after the deal .He quickly took out a storage ring to Ling wind the north face cheap,see his appearance ,as if afraid Ling wind .
Ling Feng took each other came the storage ring ,as knowledge of God ,revealed that the ring has a monkey ,the green monster corpses ,the lack of a left arm ,is to bea just beat is the wood rose left arm .
In addition to the body ,and a pigeon egg size green beads suspended in the ring space, emit extremely pure rich wood spirit .Ling wind nodded ,directly to the storage ring to bea .
BEA took a look UGG Sparkles Cheap,immediately on the face reveals the surprised expression . Friend like two items ? Ling Feng asked .Puyang Ping frowned ,thought a long time ,decided to animal symbol and the five node elixir .
To tell the truth ,Ling wind out of the three items ,he every want ,it is difficult to give up .However ,he wanted most was the five gold knot elixir .With this five knot Jin ,there is great hope to turn out five golden friars ,which Puyang family, the most important !As for the beast Rune and magic ,he had to choose .
Ling Feng to nod after ,take animal symbols and with Jie Jindan jade box ,to Puyang .Puyang takes over ,was all excited joy .Puyang city since nobody knows the whereabouts of the Ling Feng Tianxiang Lancome ,also do not want to stay longer .
Hi Bernice sound ,two people managed to fall in the hall transmission platform, many monks left eyes ,fair .Out in the streets ,Ling Feng now frowned, heavy-hearted .Look ,you want to find a Tianxiang Lancome ,only to Northern Wei luck .
The master died ,leaving behind only a little blood ,despite much effort ,cost over a long period of time, also must find Tianxiang Lancome ,little brother will be saved !This is Ling wind now only goal !In the city of Puyang has a large harvest BEA ,originally the dimple like flower ,with joy ,but to see the master heavy-hearted appearance, she immediately his smile ,his concern ,asked softly: master ,we now where to go ? Northern wei ! Ling Fengtan tone, sink a track : if cannot find Tianxiang Lancome ,cannot be saved little junior master the spirit of the deceased ,his restless ,I Ling Feng in this life will not ease ! God blesses.
Master ,you will find Tianxiang lancome ! BEA comfort .Ling Feng after listening a warm heart .The little girl ,I do not know when, already know how to care himself ,it feels very warm ,wonderful .
.. ... We set out ! Ling wind spirits, to bea said with a smile . Well ! BEA smiling should a .Nest in her arms, large white ,now also waved little paws ,mouth squeaky cries sound ,as in response to the call of the master .
Ling Feng and bea sees a smile, heart dispel many haze .Subsequently, they set off towards the direction to the gates in yangcheng .At this moment ,a woman from behind as glutinous rice as soft and sweet voice .
Two friends ,please stay ! Ling Feng and blue at the same time looking back to ,and wearing a robe ,his face with a silver mask female repair appear behind .This tall ,wide livery still conceal its convex graceful figure ,most let a person strange is ,she has a snowy white hair ,distinctive charm of force .
This approach wind some impression ,as if she were previously in the dark shop auction ,fifty thousand Lingshi beat Puyang at home in China an ancient treasure the transfer of female repair .
Do good, has reached the transfer medium, the auction congregation multiple baby friar ,repair may only slightly less than Puyang half chips ! Don you felling ? Ling Feng asked politely if a sentence .
Friends recommendation Tianxiang Lancome ,concubine body is to know one or two ! Silver female repair with sound operation on Ling Feng say a sentence .Ling wind listen with rejoicing, hurriedly sound operation replied: please friends feel free, next must re-thank mission ! The path winds along mountain ridges.
,not in the hope is gone ,can have the unexpected surprise ,really exciting . I am need friends found animal characters and best magic in exchange ! Silver female repaired directly out conditions .
As long as your message is true, no problem ! Ling Feng agreed without hesitation the conditions of each other .However ,the other party has strings attached , concubine body knowledge growth Tianxiang Lancome place ,is an extremely dangerous place .
Just want to go here ,my body is treasure .Friends of the road if you don mind, I am willing to talk with two friends to adventure treasure hunt ,I think? Listen to this ,Ling Feng slightly sinks in order ,immediately said: you can ! In order to get Tianxiang Lancome ,if you set any conditions ,he will not hesitate to promise .
Silver female Xiu see Ling Feng promise ,seems to be very happy ,took cover in the face of the silver mask is removed, a charming and beautiful eyes immediately confronted Ling Feng eye .
She looked around bazaar ,appearance beautiful ,slender body ,the skin smooth as jade soft if greasy, cherry small mouth does not point and red ,beautiful if drop ,a silvery white as snow long hair no restraint upon the back ,let a person see a soul hook people bewitching beauty !A familiar face !Ling Feng got started ,look straight at Silver sisters of beautiful appearance, mind ran away .
In some years ago night ,secret valley ,secluded lake ,a very beautiful sit cross-legged ,bathed in soft moonlight ... ... Is she !Ling wind suddenly think up .In a hundred years ago ,their in-depth Aoki Valley steal refining building Zidane two dispensing time ,once met a body ,as if being work reason female repaired UGG Crochet Tall Cheap, it is before the silver belle .
Seemingly ,he was molested other words !See Ling Feng stares stares at himself ,silver Belle jade face is small red, heart of anger ,this phtisis ghost !However ,her face is not revealed any dissatisfaction with meaning, smiling : I am Ling Xuan, origin ,also did not ask your name two friends ! At the moment, Ling Feng had answered a God to come ,find yourself some embarrassing gaffes ,smile ,submissively path : under no ,but overseas for repair ! He just made up a pseudonym ,at the same time will bea introduced to each other .
BEA seems to this called Ling Xuan silver hair beauty without much favor ,even look into each other implicit somewhat hostile .To this, she also did not say the reason ,may be the owner just look at each other so she is sad ,unhappy !For blue reaction ,Ling Xuan did not care .
She knows in her heart ,in front of the self-styled no monk, is the real magical powers . No ?See friend didn careless man ! Ling Xuan laughter sound ,with some saying she said .
She intended to draw the distance between the self and the other party . is dead ,where it used to ! Ling Feng to say this ,but with somewhat lonely eyes .In the spirit of Xuan eyes, let this mind clear woman give birth to a somewhat curious .
Words into subject ,Ling wind asked: Ling Xuan friends ,you have said the growth Tianxiang Lancome sinister in where? Also, when do we start? It is an ancient site in the Western Qin friar ,and Northern Wei at the junction of the Langya mountains .
I am still have a few companions arrived in Puyang city at night ,no accident, tomorrow morning we can start ! Ling Feng to nod after ,with Ling Xuan approximately good contact ,no more to say ,with bea turned away .
However ,he just before ,do not forget to Ling Xuan an animal symbol and a Ziyan hell symbol ,which is the promised each other .Handheld flash symbol ,Ling Xuan visual they left back, started standing for a long time, just in the opposite direction to .
... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... The next morning .The two figure from Puyang castle to move rapidly ,towards the northwest, lodged in the past .
After a minute ,in a nameless hill ,Ling Feng and bea of streamer ,fast if disease electricity from the air fall like .They stabilize the body ,look ,hill has a standing three .One of them ,was precisely yesterday Morrie silver hair beauty Ling xuan .
Another two people dress up as like as two peas ,all dressed in white robes ,with a golden broadsword .Ling wind at a glance. Two ,this should be the original East in three immortal faction in possession of the sword of Gu Jianxiu .
Sword repaired attack force is very powerful ,compared with the same order many monks .This two people although the only reason the initial line, but the attack ability ,what reason than reached middle Ling Xuan not inferior to !Ling Ling Xuan see wind and bea as promised ,the smile on his face ,with the two sword attack over repair .
Subsequently, she will be your partner to Ling feng .The two swords repaired, age seems a little longer named Qin Zhong ,another looks around man named single ,lent ,they see Ling Feng two people are very polite ,exchanged a few words .
Presumably ,Ling Xuan Long Ling wind strength revealed to them ! People have come together ,we are ready to start ! After greeting ,Ling Xuan cries to say .Subsequently, she took out a silver flute ,close to the mouth, blowing a high-pitched whistle .
Ling wind aside sees that she should ,heart is calling her spirit .Its natural fruit not ,but rest time after five or six ,in the sky ,there two body huge blue bird .Each bird neck are set a similar bridle rope, behind also has an exquisite silver chariot spacious car .
Two blue bird coach car drag from the air and dive down ,suddenly fell on the hillside .At this time, Ling Xuan smiling stretched out his right hand ,asked Ling Feng et al on coach car .
It s the car green fairy on line thousands of miles ,escape velocity spread ,when I saw him today ,really have a well-deserved reputation ! It was Qin Zhong ,he looked to the two blue bird eyes ,full of envy of sb .
Ling wind aside also secretly nod .These two blue bird although not really ancient bird qingluan ,actually has qingluan blood descendants Messenger ,the most refined good flight ,although level five monster ,but escape velocity than the general monk also quickly by reason !This kind of bird seed ,rare degree is not inferior to be Ling Feng trapped nine gold Kau ,also do not know by what means will Ling Xuan is domesticated house ? Qin investigators ! Ling Xuan chuckle .
Subsequently, she first appeared on the coach cars ,Ling Feng four followed behind her onto the carriage car .It was closed by the coach vehicle overall design ,as a very spacious rooms .
After entering, inside furniture furnishings goods are available in all varieties. ,and the space available for the soft couch ,very practical .They were all in ,but see Ling Xuan picked up the silver Piccolo and blowing a whistle shortness .
Thereupon ,Ling Feng feels only at the foot of a slight vibration ,the chariot vehicles have been Royal Flying up .This qingluan cars is really good ,if there are opportunities for domestication of the nine gold Kau ,I also make a person build a chariot driving car ,nine dragon Royal Air flight ,presumably than this qingluan cars prestige style to many .
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