full of disappointment.For real

December 24 [Mon], 2012, 18:31
Every football match ended, some people worry about joy.Win lose is certainly happy, full of disappointment.For real, 2:0 away win over Barcelona, the continuation of the past few years of their winning streak, which is greatly improved the morale of the team, at the same time, so that Real Madrid again out of their entanglement, became group leader.More commendable is, this is a game for Real Madrid in the score, scenes, data and other aspects thoroughly eclipsed by Barcelona, this is a very be sincerely convinced century Derby, brilliant, but Real Madrid side fall offensive warfare.Yang Cheng with Victor's feelings came to the post-game press conference.Here already gathered from around the world hundreds of reporters, all of them to Yang Cheng raised his camera and camcorder, magnesium light lamp twinkles again and again, and Yang Cheng is sitting, waiting for the arrival of Guardiola.The losers have a right to be late, it is a privilege!But here is Nokamp of Barcelona, Guardiola will come!Be late for about 3 minutes, Guardiola arrived at the press conference hall, with Yang Cheng polite to say hello, there sat down, he would have full consciousness, the press conference will become Yang Cheng's one-man show.The reporter has asked is the process of competition, Yang Cheng to the foot of the Guardiola face, he says it is tough."To overcome Barca forever is not an easy thing, especially when they go to all lengths, and we are optimistic about the millions of people, will be more so, they have a very high level players, played a very good match.""I am a occupation coach, I certainly don't want the game to attack war, so I told my players, don't give Harvey, Iniesta and Messi too much space, they are very dangerous player, we need to be prepared for whenever and wherever possible, not to let them feel comfortable.""We have done well throughout the game, Harvey and Iniesta are there was little strike, Messi also did not get any too good opportunity Canada Goose Langford Cheap, so gradually, they play by the curb, I don't know if Guardiola would agree with my ideas, but I want to say is, we are more focused than the opponent the game!"The journalist immediately after listening to an uproar, Yang Cheng in this sentence is obviously has several layers of meaning."Mr. Guardiola, do you think?"Immediately there was a reporter asked.Guardiola bitter smile, but still maintain their own players, "I can guarantee is that, every player in the effort to win a race Canada Goose Snow Mantra Cheap, which is in the affirmative, I don't know what Yang Cheng said we can not concentrate, refers to what is, if Busquets's red card, I think no necessary.""Busquets is a great occupation moral player the north face cheap, he never resort to deceit, he serves as a barrier to the midfield, duty is to protect the defensive line, so his first yellow card I think, reasonable, second yellow cards I feel totally should not be excessive blame him.""We belong to the short play, so once we are in the important area of the ball causing the ball to the right to appear in rapid conversion of the time, we will be very passive, sometimes players might unconsciously make should not action, such as handball, especially when we face Real Madrid great under pressure.""Of course, I also will clear, two yellow cards are not the problem, the referee a match penalty is very fair!"Can sit Yang Cheng smiled and shook his head, "I think Mr Guardiola seems to not want to mention Marcello in the first half of a yellow card!I guess if he said he was not clear, I will ask him to go back to read it one hundred times playback."This is a bit of provocation, reporters suddenly all be in the best of spirits up.Yang Cheng was also not going to say, he just said "some players can not concentrate on your game, Guardiola admits, he will not say more, may be you to defend Busquets, and Yang Cheng.According to Guardiola's view, Busquets is the occupation morals of the player, that is to say your diving is legal?"Anyone who has seen the man of the match should be clear, it's not a flop, it is performing, is acting in a play!"
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