Chu mu on nightmare demon does not understand

December 18 [Tue], 2012, 11:17
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultFailed, failure was injured all over the body ,Su Yu extremely dull eyes watching him proud blue Charm Magic ,this moment ,majestic-looking blue Charm Magic in his eyes, was so embarrassed by the cold virus invasion of magic blue nightmare distress ,also reflects the nightmare of Su Yu first mad panic .
Su Yu did not think of themselves as the young man was strongest in a nightmare ,a lot of people is a genius ,he can only see their strength .However, the unique talent of each are named ,in the nightmare of known ,and even the whole soul spoil area ,have their stories .
If they were defeated ,Su Yu did not have the slightest emotion .But ,being a nameless ,and looks almost like a savage guy beat ,this gap is the hardest to bear how may I Su Yu can defeat me a lesson? You have no the qualification finally ,Su Yu still couldn self-esteem hit, mad general on spells, actually started to call out the other two soul pet double summon and called for two soul pet skills two gorgeous pattern quickly appeared in front of Su Yu ,slowly raise two size the martial spirit pet body dark gray four meters giant wolf with a strong fishy wind ,suddenly swept in the deep divide between ,SWAT in Chu Mu face five six order higher war wolf soul spoil another pattern style more .
However ,burst of lightning ,strike in an open battlefield ,so echoes five first-order four wing thunder snake and two low level soul spoil there, breath immediately forced to let the ice elves ,free life of the stepped back a few paces high sat on ,see Su Yu in violation of the provisions of the summon other soul spoil ,summer Guanghan immediately raised his brow .
In the face of two souls spoil ,Chu Mu look without any changes ,abnormal calm on spells, slowly open and moye hearts of soul about calling pattern initially called moye when pattern of blue ,but now called moye soul about pattern is as magnificent silver silver represents noble, and in silver and a red color ,is a hidden in the crazy and wild distinguished ,is the soul of pet powerful fighting heart reflected what it is Chu Mu gorgeous call pattern immediately attracted everyone along with the brilliant and lax ,six publicity with tail suddenly stretched out whir red demon fire flame with the six end opening and wanton wallop, flame so that the temperature rise in the twinkling of an eye ,terrible evil flame six Yaohu need in this suddenly elevated temperature to release immediately on the ground ,the gravel and stone dust with moye to the center, like a tide to the surrounding upwelled soul spoil like the atmosphere of strong field general ,to undergo countless battle after baptism, to be able to gradually form ,high grade racial soul admittedly pet breath Strong ,but only after the blood quenching ,killing of grounding, forming atmosphere is the most proactive three years prison island life ,Chu and Chu mu ,almost every hour and moment are not in battle ,every hour and moment in the killings ,when soul pet will kill habit ,that consists of bones from a cruel, cruel ,cold will be reduced to powerful breath ,as heavy rain and strong wind general attack is locked to the enemy while ,moye is the body of this unit to kill fox .
You release UGG Roxy Short Boots,this monstrous momentum almost instantaneously over the dire wolf and four winged demon snake the imposing manner, the evil CHARM Silver eyes in between intangible is evil eyes gaze on their open ,eyes staring into the soul of pet to produce the most intense evil eyes stunning stunning scene appears evil flame six Yaohu just proud standing there ,wolf and four wing demon snake was trembling, no no will to fight after killing the baptism of the soul and the Soul Crystal pet be spoiled by lifting up soul spoil gap is not a level .
Su Yu ,including himself ,even though he is the nightmare demon lord ,ruthless .But all over a beast breath Chu Mu than rabbit and wolf ,but different summer Guanghan has stood up ,to prevent the violation of the provisions of the Su Yu ,but now seems to have no need for that ,because of either the Su Yu or Su Yu soul to favor, has been in the imposing manner has been completely Chu Mu and moye to overwhelm the soul pet division is stronger ,and the soul soul pet will also strong ,the same soul ,pet feel deep fear ,the owner will also be the emotional impact if Xia Guanghan said not to kill, you and your soul of pet has died down ten times in rags ,but shows a thick and moye as murderous Chu Twilight cold voice said .
Soul soul soul is pet pet division influence character by environment ,the division will have a soul ,soul pet pet of some powerful features ,especially the Chu Mu pet owners of the charm of this copy soul pet soul technical condition .
Despite the absence of their pet charm ,but Chu mu the eyes are silver ,the silver is not valued ,but a without any emotion and intended to kill the strength disparity ,imposing manner so that the gap between Su Yu looked more sluggish ,not the slightest bit of combat .
Chu Mu glanced will not have Su Yu ,float a strange smile ,but slowly on spells, will empty ice elves back into a soul pet space .See Su Yu has no battle meaning ,Chu Mu that reads the incantation ,the arrogance matchless moye also retracted into the soul of pet space .
Chu Mu indifference towards high out of the battlefield ,sitting on the summer Guanghan go . Summer Guanghan ,you call to the what is sacred ,but also has wicked flame six fox spirit the best pet week road edge for a long time to recover from the shock ,somewhat stiff opening asked .
Zhou Luleng has also seen many murderous look very heavy soul pet division ,but these people are often very experienced ,and early famous people .But a look only youth about twenty years old ,was a strong scent ,can the strength difference is not big Su Yu this nightmare demon first mad scared all the fighting ,what may be the ordinary person, should have in the nightmare of illustrious reputation in constant sea prison island know ? Xia Guanghan said .
This is of course ,not mistaken ,you from where come out ? Zhou Luleng said .While saying this time, Zhou road edge suddenly from the reaction, was so appalled ,some unbelievable watching gradually coming here by Chu Mu are you saying that it Youth prison island king how this is possible ,to know that was put into prison island who this young look was about twenty years old the sound suddenly in four prison island every three years will have a strong, and survive the prison island called king of game of death already last a very long time ,and now the rise rapidly in nightmare ,with unlimited potential of the Xia Guanghan twelve years ago prison island king ,Xia Guanghan was only twenty-one years old ,can be said to be hundreds of years the young prison island king precisely should be eighteen years old ,he is breaking my record .
Xia Guanghan said .Twelve years ago, the summer Guanghan became the youngest prisoner Island king, was already in the nightmare demon created a stir ,and now the new prison island of the king ,I will set off a shock but sound eighteen years prison island of the king for the first time in twelve years ,Xia Guanghan a prison island King record was broken, and it is a youth of eighteen years old to break it with Su Yu from the battlefield to go back, just hear them talking, my one is incapable of further increase you really in the prison island has survived for three years ,and only eighteen years old ? Su Yu stared at the Chu mu asked .
Chu Mu just nodded ,and didn ,go to summer Guanghan before, subtle said: years ago you said ,from a prison island came out, I can get absolutely free ,now I would like to go back to my family.
don ,have a thing to you to do ,it is not difficult, does not prevent you back in your place . Xia Guanghan said .What Chu mu asked . Starting today ,your constant sea - nightmare ,position Canada Goose Heli-Arctic,Jin gentle Princess personal retinue .
Xia Guanghan said seriously . Constant sea - nightmare UGG Mens Discount? Chu mu on nightmare demon does not understand, nature does not understand this appellation means what .However ,Xia Guanghan said that when people look ,his side had apparent change Chu Mu I nightmare less this appellation ,but they were very understanding of nightmare ,this appellation is a nightmare demon give young generation in glory ,the nightmare of the young generation master countless ,can have this position is scanty even such men as Su Yu ,if not because of his father power ,he is impossible to obtain nightmare the crowning glory .
In the nightmare of ,as long as have a nightmare with this title, nightmare of the jurisdiction of the eight level below the city ,can perform both side power .The nightmare of all managers the following personnel ,must let sent nightmare magic city is ten class city ,Chu Mu family hill city is a eight class city .
The city highest authority is naturally castellan castellan ,Oka Roki for the the house of the Lord ,vice city is the Qin family ,then Chu Mu nightmare has less name Chu mu ,present identity is with four large family of Qin every main same such glory ,Chu mu in the city I don many years it is possible to obtain ,but after three years of baptism ,by the nightmare of appreciation ,Chu Mu position is directly jump, than their family home main status has higher codeword is really slow ,until now .
However ,it managed to finish the fourth chapter of this book very slowly, after all, so many souls spoil ,so many skills ,so much data ,a head ,be in, when writing from time to time
for information ,or to conceive a soul spoil ,plus the action of the play must be smooth, so sometimes will update delay ,I hope you understand this book fish really put in a lot of effort
,but also great confidence in later gradually talent showing itself ,but the process ,cannot leave all for your support ,a monthly friends ,sincerely hope you voted for pet beauty, pet
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