Miss A!

October 07 [Fri], 2011, 23:43
Miss A Musicshow Case in Singapore. Held at Max pavilion. Went with yolando and friends.

Enjoy the showcase~ game, songs, dance. Love it!
Ended the day... supper at macdonald before going home.

Looking forward to more kpop events and concert this year end!^^

Formula 1

October 07 [Fri], 2011, 23:27
Yeah! Thanks yolanda dad :) Got free pass to F1 rehearsal. My first time enter to F1 area. See and hear the speeding sound zoom zoom...

And... we get to go for the concert of the day at grandstand area. Yolando went in early and manage to get wristband. We get to stand nearer at the barrier gate :D

Enjoy alot~ everyone was damn high when they appear on stage. Lucky we put on earplug cus we stand quite near to the system base. The sound system is damn loud.

Whole thing end at 12am. Good thing train extend till 1am. Home sweet home~


October 07 [Fri], 2011, 23:16
Meet my classmates for assignment at orchard central then to centerpoint starbucks. Manage to complete 1/4 of the group assignment. Yeah!

Meet ying, xek, sherlyn, tiffany, jon at AKB48 cafe @scape for dinner. It alittle quiet but the place is cozy.

After dinner, follow by movie at cineleisure - cowboys alien. Kinda weird in the olden days there's cowdays and alien appear together. Overall movie not that bad.

KHJ Fanmeet

October 07 [Fri], 2011, 23:05
Took halfday leave. Bought hundred bucks of faceshop items and get to Hyun Joong Fanmeet at sentosa hardrock hotel. My first time there...

Finally first time ever see him in person. My view not very good but i am satisfied. Got free faceshop goodies bag too.

Happy Birthday Singapore!

October 07 [Fri], 2011, 22:50
Finally find time to update my blog.

0ne of the saturday went to watch national day preview with my bff. It been long i last been to marina floating bay to watch ndp parade. As alway fireworks is my favourite!

After ndp went to citylink mall and had our late dinner at TCC. Super love their paste yum yum^^ Dessert was 1 for 1 ice-cream at gelato.

Back to school!

July 07 [Thu], 2011, 22:31
After 3yrs of working life. Finally i decided to take up part-time diploma to study. I cannot be working all time. I need to upgrade myself.

I will be studying diploma in e-commerce marketing. First night class will be starting next Tuesday. Hope i can get used to the timing and get through this 8 months course.

加油. 加油. 加油.

Pulau Ubin trip 2011

June 27 [Mon], 2011, 23:04
25 June

Meet up with friends to pulau ubin. Although our fruits hunt fail but neverless we enjoy our cycling trip. Exploring to some new area.

June annual camp 2011

June 22 [Wed], 2011, 22:40
It's the annual camp of the year for the girls.

Some how a tiring camp for them as it drill, drill and more drill practice. GB was appointed as the GOH for school NDP this year so the girls must practice hard on their drill. It maybe more tiring for the sec 1 as they are new to drill. Girls' JIA YOU!!!

A BBQ session was plan on friday evening! Ex-GB could come and join us. Yolando say finally i come back for GB. Haha...

Now photos for the BBQ night.