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November 13 [Sun], 2011, 8:26
How am I feeling today? Oboreru Sakana - GHOST (un poisson qui se noie comme c IKEMEN)

Will I get far in life? Lovely Day - Super Junior (da fuq ma vie est parfaite dommage que j'ai pas de chanson genre gerontophile life)

How do my friends see me ? This Protector - The White Stripes (ui je vs protege mes lambs en perdition)

Where will I get married? BLACK SIDE - The Kiddie (ewi el mafia et tt c terrible la vie )

What’s my best friends theme song? ET - Katy Perry ( M D R R R R R R R SARAH IN YOUR ASS putain je ris je montre tt mes dents com si j avais gagner au loto mes amis)

What’s the story of my life? Ice Romancer - Sadie (la princesse de glace c'est moi..... u can't have me....... pck tokimeki c tt pr moi)

What is high school like? 7th Rose ~Return to Zero~ - D (ikemen le retour à zero :) )

How can I get ahead in life? Street Dunk - SERIAL NUMBER!! (pk pas)

What is the best thing about me? You are the One - Super Junior (HIIIIII c bien vrai)

How is today going to be? St. James Infirmary Blues - The White Stripes (pk)

What is in store for this weekend? Take Care of my Girlfriend (say nonononono) -BEAST (ok²)

What song describes my parents? Parasite scene - Sadie (uesh bande de PARASITES)

What song describes my grandparents? oH! aH! - Kim HyungJun (well jm cette chanson jm mes gp)

How is life going? My Territory - Lolita23Q (donc fuq off sarah ya que de la place pr dongwoo) (et un peu pr toi) ()

What song will they play at my funeral? God Palace -Method of Inheritance- - Versailles (ewi le palais de dieu c ma tombe maison com les tombes des richou)

How does the world see me? There's no home for you here - The White Stripes (......)

Will I have a happy life? Blow up - THE KIDDIE (pk je pense à des choses naughty naughty)

What do my friends really think of me? Shake It - Metro Station (shake me hard dangwu oppa~~~ MDRRR)

Do people secretly lust after me? Just Before Shock - piseuteu

How can I make myself happy? True Love - Super Junior M (ptn c beau est ce un signe oui non i hope so)

What should I do with my life? Memeshikute - Golden Bomber (.. ): )

Will I ever have children? Adieu à Rhondda - Renaud (RENAUD PK T LA BORDEL pk)

What is some good advice for me? BOOM-HAH-BOOM-HAH-HAH - Miyavi (merci cela m aide bcp miyavi sempai pd va)

How will I be remembered? SHINE - Ayabie (ewi. je shine)

What is my signature dancing song? Talk to Me (remix) - U-KISS (BABY TALK! LET ME LOVE!hdhehd YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH)

What do I think my current theme song is? kanji kanji kanji ~eternal silence~ - Phantasmagoria (lol je sais pas lire ce qu il y a avant ^^ haaa si seulement)

What does everyone else think my current theme song is? Ancient Tree - Ayabie (c vous les vieux arbres bande d enflures)

What type of men do I like? Mastermind - BEAST (ui jm le mastermind c tres bien)

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