May 03 [Sat], 2008, 2:02


Last Semester 

January 21 [Mon], 2008, 0:33
Can't believe that I'm in my last 3 months of school
in my life! Okay.. at least in SINGAPORE!!
School has officially started and I'm happy that
I have 2 free days each alternate week.
My time table this semester is super confusing,
with tutorials on both odd and even weeks.
It's so screwed up!

This week's been busy with all the meetings
for In-Fusion, buying decoration stuffs,
module and tutorial registrations, and essays.

I have a new buddy this semester from Chicago.
Thomas said that he could be an Indian when I
told him that my buddy's name didn't sound American.
Furthermore, he arrive in Singapore from
Dubai, so I was checking out every Indian guy to see
if there's anyone who could be my buddy.
But it turned out that he's from Lithuania (eastern europe).
Haha silly me.

Went for a little Durian adventure at Geylang with the
Japanese. Good to see them, it's been a while.
Geylang is such an exciting place with lots of
famous eating house and the ever-so-famous
red-light district. i think 70% of the population there
are uncles. They would stare at you even though
you're in your old T-shirt, baggy jeans, flip-flops
and can't-be-bothered hair that's in a mess.
That was rather annoying.

Anyway, I've never been a fan of Durian.
In fact, I think the King of Fruits smells like
B.O(body odour)!!
We tried a couple of different brands of durians
among which the "猫山王" was supposed to be
the best. Honestly, I can't really tell.
But at least, I've overcame my "fear" of Durians now.
One step into Singaporeanization (as what Kyohei said)
It smells so bad that I can't help thinking that
people on the bus looked at me cuz I smelt like
a durian. My friend said that I'm paranoid. bleahhh

Met Emi and Kanna for lunch and coffee.
We could stay in starbucks for hours with
our endless conversation. It's always hilarious.

I'm happy that my hair grew longer.
Okay... that's so out of the point.
Anyhow, with all the cheesecake and
the pastas, I'm definitely going to the
gym first thing tomorrow.:X

And we've been together for 7 years... 

January 14 [Mon], 2008, 3:14

Yep. I was calculating just for how long
we've known each other, and it's into our
7th year of friendship!

All thanks to the alchemy of one of the
greatest inventions of the world - the Internet.
Well, it was back in those days where
the IRC (Internet Relay Chat.. or sth like that)
was the most popular virtual social networking
place. Unlike Friendster or Facebook where you're
able to check out whether the person you're talking
to is pretty/hot/good looking, whatsoever, it's really
a risk in meeting people you know from the Net.

So the typical conversation starts like:

Kitty_girl: Hi, intro pls? A/S/L? (Age, sex, location?)
got pic?

To think about it now, it's kind of silly... haha

Anyhow, I'm still grateful to IRC where I met
my best friend!!
She's my private make-up & fashion consultant,
shopping/eating out/gossip/serious talks/
and-whatever-activities-you-can-think-of/ buddy.

I was looking through our old Purikuras and
gosh, there's a hell lot of transformation.
It was those secondary school days where
I couldn't care less about make-ups went to
Orchard Road even if I had no brows, but now,
I can't leave my house without 'em.
(okay maybe a little exaggerating...
I can't leave my house without brows!)

Met Emi on Thursday.
Well, the first person I meet for the new year
gotta be my bestfriend right? :P

Had dinner, did a little shopping and quite
a bit of chilling out at Holland V.
Listed the up coming activities that we're
gonna have before she goes back to AUS
and it's keeping me all excited!!

And lots of cam-whoring, where the
people around us had probably thought
that we were some sort of crazy Japanese Bimbos.

it was FUN.

School starts tomorrow!!!!!! Ewwwwwww.....

Amoy - Piano Island 

January 09 [Wed], 2008, 1:53

Gulangyu I'd say is the "Sentosa" of Amoy.
Just that it's rich in History, unlike ours.
This little island used to be a place
of residence for the Westerners
during Amoy's colonial past, and it's
made famous cuz of its piano-laden past.
(majority of the residents in Gulangyu love
and play piano. A lot of them play violin too!)
It's where China's largest PIANO Museum is
There's no cars on the island, and the
only means of transport are bicycles and
battery-powered vehicles.

We were lucky that the weather was just nice
for the beach. Ain't too cold, though the sea
water was chilly. Got to see cloudless BLUE sky
which was so rare in China. (That's how I felt)

A nice shot of Thom with the backdrop of Amoy

Amoy - Food 

January 09 [Wed], 2008, 1:33
My trips are never complete without FOOD.
Eating is an important part of socialization.
You get to know more about the people
at the table while eating and you experience
the culture and understand the history of
a place through their food and table manners.

I've been forcing lots of stuff down
my stomach every single day in Amoy,
as long as it's not cat, dog, rabbit, insects
or other protected animals.

seafood restaurant

fried oyster

a typical lunch at aunt's

And the coldness just made me
crave for more nuts and Chocolates.


Amoy - Friends 

January 09 [Wed], 2008, 0:37
2nd week in Amoy was much more exciting.
while mom and dad occupied with their own
middle school, high school, university
and whatsoever reunions, I had my own time
to spend with my friends.

Not that I have lots of friends in Amoy...

Thomas came during the last few days and
so we did a little sight seeing,
lots of DVD shopping, had KFC which was
really horrible, complained that we've
been eating too much, and spent lots
of time in Internet Cafe bidding for modules
and of course more movies.

Almost everyone was impressed by
the French boy's Mandarin.

Met my one and only friend in Amoy,
who used to be my neighbour and
kindergarten buddy who plays really
good er-hu. She's one of the few
Chinese girls who dares to admit
that China lacks civilization and
spitting on the street and burping
in front of everyone is uncool.

Went to a city beside Amoy,
called Quan Zhou to visit my cousin.
Nothing much to do in QZ.
Visited a couple of temples and
a mosque. Temples are beautiful,
but it gets kinda boring after visiting
a few because they all look and smell
the same.

There was this kid who said to Thomas:
(I knew that you're a big monk!)
It was pretty funny.

It was a city without sky-scrapers...
or should I say, it's less developed??

my adorable god brother & sister.
A 10 years old who knows the first
20 elements on Periodic Table.
and a 5 years old who knows how
electric circuits work...
kids today are creepy.

Amoy - Families 

January 08 [Tue], 2008, 23:06
2 weeks of China has finally come to an end
and I'm more than happy to be back
in my little room with my 12Mbps Broadband.
It's been quite a while that I once again appreciate
the warmth and humidity of Singapore.

Nevertheless, the whole trip was sweet.

Spent most of the first week at my aunt's
place, hung out with their families and even
attended a wedding.
I've not been to any wedding in SG but I
guess it should be some what similar.
By the way, my aunt's side of family
lives in an apartment which was built in
the 30s. It looked really old with squeaking
narrow wooden stairs and mosaic floor.
It's under conservation but I though they
should at least paint the outer walls...

I love my aunt's cooking
and once she knew that I like seafood,
prawns, fish and crab became normal
in our daily meals.

And you've gotta try the Sand-worm Jelly
and fried oysters if you're in Amoy.
Sand-worm jelly sounds really disgusting,
but it's a cold dish and it tastes really good
with garlic and soya sauce!

sand-worm jelly

Stayed a couple of days at my grandma's village
which is about 1hr away from the Amoy main island.
The village used to have no street lamps because
it was near an important army camp. I hated going
to the village when I was small because it's pitch dark
at night. The village used to be a place where the
ethnic Chinese from Southeast Asian countries settled
down, so you can find a small community of Thai,
Vietnamese and Indonesian Chinese.

The area around the village is still less developed
than the rest of the Amoy city, but it's getting
much better recently. At least there's street lamp,
hot water and supermarkets.
However, lots of efforts are needed for a better

HAPPY 2008. 

January 02 [Wed], 2008, 0:08
 Happy New Year!!!


Ok. done practicing Chinese for today :p
been here for a week, but Chinese's not
improving. Instead, I'm picking up some
Hokkien. wth. China is so cold.
Though Amoy is supposed to be "warm".

Spent my new year eve watching DVD
while Henry(my cousin) was playing with
his DS, and mom went for her university
class gathering and dad went for Karaoke
with his secondary school friends.

wait... why are parents having so
much fun partying away while the kids
are stuck at home!?!?

I heard there was countdown at the
downtown area, but it's too cold to step
out of the house.

well. I'm just procrastinating.

these keep me occupied.


December 31 [Mon], 2007, 20:37
Amoy is getting colder these few days.
THe news said it's gonna hit as low as 0 degrees.
Anyway, finally found a cable to connect to my
laptop. I can't live without MSN.


So. about christmas.
I thought that I would be spending my xmas
playing with Tidak, but the schedule was kinda

Had a Christmas Party with the basketball gang
over at my place. Did a little setting up of
dining table to get a feel of Christmas.
Had turky, salads, Japanese pancake and
grilled mushroom with shrimp & ebiko.

Made some rare-cheesecake for dessert,
which was a little too cheezy.
It's called "rare" not because I rarely make
cheesecake, but it's because the Japanese
refers to those non-baked cheesecakes as
"rare-cheesecake". :)


Laughed at our old secondary school photographs
cuz all of us looked so silly and nerdy and really
YOUNG. Some of my secondary friends are getting
married soon and it makes me wonder when my turn
will be.

On the Eve, met Kyohei cuz he wanted me to press
some mysterious BUTTON. I was skeptical of what
Button i was supposed to press but decided to
answer to the favour anyhow.

While waiting for him at orchard MRT, someone tapped
on my shoulder and I got a shock.

Kyohei came in his Santa Claus outfit!!
I thought that he was working as a mascot
but apparently he was doing it out of fun.
I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.
There weren't other santa claus except for
Kyohei, and he definitely got hell lot of attention.
Kids swam to him for presents, shouting for Santa
while adults take a few glances, whispers to their
friends, giggle a bit and looked away. Interesting.

In the evening, went to ziqi's place to join her
spottiswoods gang for Christmas dinner.
She's off to India now and we're Separated by
Himalayas. Haha

We cooked, ate, bitched, and exchanged
presents. I didn't know what's wrong with me
but I left everything at her place except for
the packet of PEANUTS she bought for me...
oh well..


November 29 [Thu], 2007, 1:21

Yay! I'm left with 3 core papers and
much much de-stressed!! (for the time being)

IR today was better than I've expected,
though it doesn't mean I'd do well... oh well...
3essays in 2 hour - NUS style.
I need to work on time management!!!

I hope the rest of my sociology papers would be ok too...

Anyway, I can't stop thinking about post-exam activities.


Writing Christmas Cards
Meeting friends
Going China

But a large part of it would be devoted to
writing essay for grad school though... :(

I was looking at the Victoria Secret's catalogue just now
and I love the swimsuit!!!
The baby green one looks really cute.

By the way, their swimsuit models are HOT.
I wonder what their workout routine is like.
I love looking at the bodies of swimsuit models
(erm.. ok... it sounds wrong) cuz they're not just
thin like the typical runway models. You look better
when you're toned, rather than thin!!
Damn.. I want their abs (though i know the photo's
probably photoshopped!)

Okay, I'm motivated.
I'm adding DIET to my list.


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