suddenly a familiar female voice rang

September 04 [Tue], 2012, 12:14
In Lv Yan will not point when, suddenly a familiar female voice rang . ,I called the police ! Is the leaf Mingwei !The sound of a shock ,Lv Yan suddenly awake ,he never promised body inside the evil sound ,if you just say yes ,I now that he has died .
Lv Yan wants to turn ,but found himself unable to move ,how, every time Ye Mingwei appeared ,they can not move . Yo Ho ,another girl ,looks pretty good . Short man iooks voice made Lv Yan keck .
Ye Mingwei came straight back : knife Karen Millen February 2012 Sale,I have a report to the police ,the police will soon come . Voice is so sweet ,but more of a makes Lv Yan feel warm calm and brave ,he could not help feeling face hot Voyeur campus Belle ,their romance, after be being caught but leaves Mingwei to help save .
Short man mumbled something obviously didn let it go ,but the campus Belle ran to pull him : ,go ,the woman father is in the hospital, she may alarm . Short men don ,heh heh sneer sound : the dean How ,not to say that the world will be destroyed ,the police were busy ,which have time some kid, door delivery girl ,I just prior to the destruction of feel all right ! ? These four words to make Lv Yan jump ,short man why say so ,he is in the world, is so D Lordaeron ,why will destroy ,the destruction of Ye Mingwei ,and it doesn ,and have it doesn ? Ah ,you let go ! Ye Mingwei screams rang, her hand seemed to be that short man caught .
Around a few boys cry, Lv Yan out of the corner of his eye to see they flew away ,but the campus Belle did not run ,her anxious beside exhortation, wearing red shoes socks leg gently shaking .
Lv Yan felt the inexhaustible anger in the chest burning ,when he heard again the body that evil voice : want to save her ,join us ... ... Roll ! Roll ! Roll ! Roll ! Roll ! Roll ! Lv Yan shout oneself hoarse roar ,he struggled to climb up from the ground ,exhausted body strength ,but the body seems to be a strong glue sticks in the ground ,in any case to have a little move means ,Ye Mingwei struggled voice and short man Jian Xiaoru this harsh, Lv Yan feels like a fire in his heart burning .
I want to climb up, never let her hurt !Lv Yan mouth filled with the smell of blood ,may be tongue or lips bitten through ,but he will be in charge of those where Gissella UGG,on his hands and knees propped up on the ground ,desperately to arched back ,much to his disappointment ,he found his muscles have no strength ,they are to be frozen ,only know to maintain rigid thriller .
Muscle strength ... ... Muscle strength ... ... So ,why do I need muscle strength ?Lv Yan click into place ,he suddenly think of it ,it is not human ,or that ,he is a skull ,the skull when the need for muscle strength ? !I want to climb up ! In the crazy roar ,Lu Yan finally found inside the bone strength ,his back a little arch, soon came tearing pain .
.. ... Compared Mingwei leaves may be hurt ,this pain what ... ... Lv Yan to his face pain shiver of feelings of shame ,he further increased the force behind ,issued as cloth was tearing sound ,white dense bones from his back out .
Inexhaustible vertigo attack ,Lv Yan felt almost stopped breathing ... ... Don breathe !He then put his hands from the sticky flesh out ,tore off his chest clothes and pectoral muscle ,he had only one idea ,to save Mingwei leaves ,never let her hurt .
Lv Yan in the ending of the sound .The new bone pain and full of chill ,seem to have returned to the original from rot soil woke up ,but Lv Yan did not have the time to reminisce about the past, he saw a bald man is pulling a short hair girl ,the girl that is a look at the leaves Mingwei ,Lv Yan did not hesitate to attack the short man to : to die ,beast ! ! Lv Yan hit a ball so cold blue ice ,in this respect human ice break before, Lv Yan saw his face ,is kermit .
Ruo Dinglun disc jacket outer .Yu Lao looked at the root of inverted peaks eventually moved his head, still down .While the entire suspended combustion mainland ,also will be stopped .
He harbored indescribable complicated mood look up, look to the few metres beyond the mountains ,to see the station in inverted mountain top white beard old man : amyes ,how could you .
.. ... Suddenly ,the old man a gentle turn, from the mountains of jumped down ,fell to Yu Lao side : jade old man ,you call me ? Ah ... ... Yes, I am. No ... ... Yu Lao suddenly a ramble in one ,although only a few meters distance ,but is unable to pass through the void, and the sound is also unable to transfer ,so the entire continent although overhead combustion ,but Yu Lao could not hear any sound ,he just automatic speaking ,who can think of ,Mias could hear his voice ,but also through the void to his side ?An old woman after jade wizards have low exclaimed ,with awful eyes look to the amyes ,of which there are several halfway with east to make City Wizards have the desire to kneel ,because through the void .
.. ... Is that mark . Amyes ,this base plate ... ... What matter .Yu Lao stabilized mood ,be calm asked .He is mentioned in the base two words to make him behind the magicians confused Karen Millen July,because most of them do not have the qualifications to star cross world of true knowledge .
Amyes smiled : you four old man is not always want to know where we come from ,you know ,we will from this base ,green heavy continental ! You can move the disc substrate ... ... Yu Lao swallowed a slobber tremble with terror ,asked : ? Oh ,rest assured ,I will not destroy you want to preserve the peace of the world ,I just want to go home ,can only rely on the base plate to move only, so simple .
Amyes said ,no longer ignore jade old ,jumped into the mainland .Yu Lao hesitated ,with students go .West Sea seabed ,large ice crystals in vivo .Kermit body in Lv Yan impact with fragmentation ,not only his body ,including his armor UGG Neema Sale,his sword ,his body all things are broken into small blue ice ,heap at the feet of Lv Yan ,has always been to his leg .
West Sea seabed once again into silence, Lv Yan actually survived .All the people saw Lv Yan head blue colour fading fast ,to return to the black bone .This skull successful devoured the blue dragon ,came back to life .
Shocked ,envy ,hatred ,jealousy ,worship ... ... Countless eyes on the Lv Yan body .Lv Yan himself is a chaos ,his thought is still slowly awake ,it truns out everything is fantasy ,that does not stop the temptation would pull himself to death ,finally their anger out ,finally broke the illusion ,and survived ,finally completed the blue dragon swallowed .
Only Lv Yan was intrigued .In his almost nod moments ,Ye Mingwei suddenly appeared ,which is also a part of the dream ?Exactly what it looks like ,but the illusion is not always at his death to fall into temptation ,why at the critical moment of the release Ye Mingwei throat ?Lv Yan was not to lose ,anyway ,and leaves Mingwei saved her once, didn what she looks like ,is really not to see her ,he is just with memory she saved a life ,this feeling really strange .
.. ... Ye Mingwei these three words ,in the hearts of Lv Yan brand and deepened in many .Ignoring the strong men around the eyes ,Lv Yan reflect on advanced bone and three memories .The first paragraph :he was caught in the home of Ye Mingwei rain ,hot bath ,he may in a coma .
Second :hot bath things are Ye Mingwei found ,found a school ,but also know what to give a girl give something and shower rain .Third sections of memory or illusion :reading campus Belle tryst humiliated ,Ye Mingwei appeared to save yourself, short man to take leaf Mingwei ,they jump up and short man .
The memory of that ,he is to give the campus Belle send packets and leaching .I would like a woman ?Lv Yan suddenly sick ugh a mouth ,shook his head : never ,I otherwise hidden ,that guilt ,why does the woman feel guilty .
.. ... These incomplete memory is too much torture . From memory ,Ye Mingwei and I are good friends ,similar to the human said that childhood sweetheart ... ... Otherwise she wouldn dare put me to her house to hot water .
Lv Yan secretly considering ,suddenly he thought of short man in ,Lu Yan guess which is bound to have some sort of meaning ,but as for what it is ,he does not know .The SA old sighed : he is still alive, his mind is very strong .
Kui Lao looked to Kermit into crushed ice, forcing with anger : you said the Duke will be how to deal with him? How can the processing ... ... Blue Dragon phagocytosis is not reversible ,even if we kill the skull also does not change back to a new piece of dragon .
SA old shook his head : the skull while also not strong enough, but can also on the mainland of the situation according to affect ,so the Duke is not to kill him ,only to him indulge no matter ,let him emerge of itself and perish of itself ,but also may enter the tower asked the Lord god .
... ... Kui Lao made a surprise ,staring Lv Yan moment back his head: should not be so troublesome, although we can ,but let him the emerge of itself and perish of itself ,with his current strength ,the Magister and Zhenwu makers can walk a few rounds ,I will die here today .
Sa Lao looked at Lv Yan a faint disgust : Blue Dragon on the castellan of wonders, but the general could not play ,so his old you are right ,this small skull today I to die here, he left the key and swallow Soul Ring continental strong men are envious of .
The ice is melting ,we will soon be able to know the ending . Kui old sneer .Lv Yan heard around a while Kaka split ring ,he will be from the memory of back to the real world, he saw the huge cracks in the surrounding ice crystals may be generated ,and he ate my dragon ,ice crystal begins to collapse around him puma ferrari shoes,in a very short period of time ,the spider webs as cracks it across the ice crystal ,followed by bang with fragmentation .
Magister snow smoke mouth raised behind her ,dozens of big magician pulled out of magic potion .Evil eye Athy excitedly pulled out his little bow .Empire who will rule and fire Zhenwu ,Kuat upon Lu yan .
Sword Zhenwu cherry mousse pace ,the Zhetuolujiesi show Zhenwu grin .Caton and Busailuo not hesitate to Lv Yan .Doron Princess right hand tight touch his riding a crossbow .Alban Griffin knights and snowman Legion began to spurt ,seventeen shoe fort in sixteen sent a shock roar .
Xi Benga in the sky with Master League started singing .Disappeared for a long time do not know from where Sennacherib rather suddenly appeared ,with his only remaining dozen magic drew scrolls .
Even the pale and Riel also climbs out of the ground ,looking at Lv Yan with his revenge grin .... ... Ice crystals collapse of the moment ,LV rocks are exposed in front of all the
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