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August 30 [Thu], 2012, 9:57
Cheng Mu empty person ,insidious ,be extremely cruel and merciless ,although you will all his way blocked ,we also leave him to die ,but with his ability ,I a little while also not exposed the whereabouts of you catch Chen Zhu reminded the footpath ,is best not to be Yin hope things way ,blindly kill process Mu space revenge and forget about the situation there knife Valley in battle, the Jin Dynasty and martial arts are concerned about and he ,how can get crazy ,just for the sake of Cheng Mu empty a person it was over there ?Early in this ten days in East Sichuan wars in the process, Guo Zijian ,Feng Ming Jian ,to wind you Lin Jiajun boss already go ahead of the rest to Sichuan ,to and in the valley ,Xu Congrong Road ,Song Heng joined together ,await the arrival of allied .
This is great news ,just like in the knife Valley caused mountains fall and the earth splits. Indeed, Golden South of this barrier Womens UGG Classic Tall Fancy, half a month to demolition ,Lin Qian already in short valley side look at fiercely as a tiger does more than Cao Fansu ,Gu induction to the adverse situation Ashur UGG,a lot of neutral forces is also going to be in a constant state of anxiety he dreamed of the martial art holy ,now everyone in fear of him ,or he had vowed to defend the Southern Song Dynasty against the Jin Dynasty ,now in the protection of a jin of the princess went to fight in the civil war there is many things ,the surface looks so ridiculous as Su Mu from Han Ze leaf ,in order to stopped him at the Victoria state to the south UGG Slippers, do not cherish and Jin collusion ,although may not dare to leave evidence lest to ask for trouble ,but these things are basically a look ,not far in the future ,the whole twisted way ,all accompanied by civil war !Who ever thought ,is at this juncture, Northern War not to Lin Qian began knife inside the valley ,Kanzawa Ba and his prowess ,night defeated Song Heng and road ,the knife outside the valley, Hanjia ,together with Gu Tingtong ,together with Guo Zijian ,Feng Ming Jian et al shut sb.
Cold party or in short Valley this is known as the Han Army ,while Lin Jiajun is the forest party ?The army put Song Heng and road play their land after straight sent them hyakuririn to join Lin Jiajun for real this time round, did not think of is in short Valley hundred Lilinli cold army saying , defeated Song Heng and Guo Zijian ate the cold-shoulder treatment ,can only eat northwest wind.
next to deal with, is Xu Congrong the only remaining loyal to a dead forest footpath large forces when Lin Qian is in East Sichuan Golden South uprooted ,Han Ze leaves so sinister to choose will He Lin Fan uprooted !The situation for the cold color leaf to say ,fundamental is natural ,in recent years, Cao van Su Gu have seven princes in addition to almost all, of the nine dead walked under house arrest does not exist do not exist, who could threaten his Han Ze leaf position ?Besides this knife Valley many native, convinced he Han Ze leaf billings field ,including the Lin Jiajun itself ,the forest footpath strange those soldiers ,already take refuge in him cold color leaf ,so ,recently is to lookout valley wind comes ,can measured cannot clap with one hand Xu Congrong ,obviously be placed in jeopardy master ,Tianjiao General Guo had sent urgent letter the news spread in East Sichuan to ,also do not know how to change in the situation of situation? ! The will is very concerned about ,especially Tianjiao big brother may have been quick to resist ,three brother asked what to do Lin Qian down letters big brother house ,is the last of the forces Tianjiao sighed , if it was cold color leaf to usurp .
.. ... It is no site ?So many of our men ,are homeless? ! Zhu Mengchang was surprised, sleep hundreds of miles in the forest ? ... ... Hyakuririn also big enough sea waves enjoy life though hard up ,look to the forest footpath ,know that he will win the southern strategy ? Liu Wujin had to ask , do you to do? All abandoned ,exits the valley Lin Qian said ,people can is a shock : abandoned ? Put up a desperate struggle ,there will only be more casualties ,as from outside the valley, retention strength such as Joomla said, hyakuririn sufficiently large enough to hide, knife Valley could not disperse forces to kill us ,coming out only be killed ,but is a safe place Lin Qian Road , a few days we went to the north ,and they are hyakuririn rendezvous is but ,all out ,how can we go in ? Tianjiao without concerns , with the rest of the family have the same enemy and hatred Valley ,nature ,will we blocked outside, if things go on like this ,we will not be in hyakuririn survival .
.. ... Not if things go on like this Lin Qian laughed , they don have the same enemy and hatred ,as the villain who is the enemy ,but our enemies ,there have been two be well-matched in strength .
is a su snow ,is a cold color leaf met nod, understanding good once Lin site loss ,this be well-matched in strength will be in Su Han repeatedly between the swing ,how they have the same enemy and hatred to blockade ,or the best laid plans for ,do not know yet Lin Qian Mausoleum ,said Wu and nodded : Hanjia this impatient ,the fear is our performance ,is now wins the south said ,I feel they are :to ask for trouble .
The area will be more ,faster . but ,my bureau ,June has been on the cloth ,then ,will fall a layer of ash . Lin Qian said ,everyone is startled Xu Yuan immediately explained to them : in June in the north of Sichuan Province, the matter must be in today to fight in war time can open ,because a little may be implicated in a wide range of Cao van Su Gu may because of the remaining forces .
bad ... ... That month, Nandu is in short Valley wins willow Wujin then realized that occurred to Shi Zhongyong to tell him the news people are singing ,the happy day in matching his and Chen Jing little girl ,if she is in now ,it all the more perfect it a month in where square ,is a rock 1000 billow fan Yuyi exclaimed you and ease ,today Han Ze leaf aggression ,the future will be called back his hands forest Qianru is said that all will see his smile ,hear his words ,hearing of his confidence ,so no doubt is a sweep and the light at East Sichuan on the last day, like the day the allies and black will be a gift ,so happens that everybody has the right to punish Cheng Mu empty ,exposed the whereabouts and there is no room for the many Master Cheng Mu space under siege ,fight a lone battle where may have a slim chance of survival ,was eventually Sun Ji Xiao hand edge fortunately the allies are still here ,otherwise black will finish ,inevitably some difficult black will all will sigh lucky that is killing the leader ,naturally can not let him off ! The allies said Sun Ji Xiao martial arts also have not returned to the best, but can so easily cut off the enemy ,apparently also feel lucky ,said to Sun Siyu : he is a target for all or just in time to my condition now .
.. ... Must be hard maybe Cheng Mu empty appearance ,to you is the opened door of vengeance sun had a laugh , he said ,helping you learn your father sword ,then a kill enemies.
another enemy ,but Cheng Mu empty martial arts but also high strength . Sun Ji Xiao sighed , it seems to be another to Qingcheng ,apprenticed to lift head is but turned to her, however ,I don trust you though Chuandong here sure never to want a little while ,but you .
.. ... Can let me rest assured ! t you know ?Sister I have Baishixueyi sun had a laugh , you don have to worry about ,my master will take good care of my sister. ?When the apprentice ?Thanks to whom as a teacher ? Sun Jixiao frowned ,think it style Au king had said to me ,I am very suitable for practicing double knife Sun Siyu road ? UGG Boots Siobhan!He will teach you lost the knife ?! Sun Jixiao be struck dumb , how is it possible? ! Oh ,I don your sister this present life to marry out easy to find one I dream of many years of heroes, the man has another woman on the side ,I want to be with him ,only to worship him as a teacher ,does not have other inordinate ambitions Sun Siyu wry smile, said her apprentice just to leave the forest footpath situation of battlefield ,already so no one knows ,last night, but Siyu and Lin Qian saw process ,empty ,she accompanied Lin Qian to the forest of drug-seeking ,surprised Cheng Mu empty his power of two ,completely can be captured Cheng Mu empty ,because with the forest footpath a person ,it should be possible with Cheng Mu air balance not think ,in a moment of Cheng Mu empty hard, even Sun Siyu can still panic when the forest footpath ,suddenly fell off ,by the destruction of the break out of an encirclement !Cheng Mu empty ,is from the League Wang hands escape sun had apparently cannot understand the forest footpath for, then asked : that is killing the leader ,Au king let him off ?! Everybody wants to be his allied lingchi Lin Qian reply lightly she but ,if everybody has the right to punish ,into your hands ,don kill him ?! The sun had get desperation footpath that she cannot read smile ,immediately took to medicine and to find another medicine at night she and Lin Qian go ,may not understand Lin Qian deliberately set against the very next day morning painstakingly ,until see him through the window was still moving ,suddenly remembered something, entering the house ,did not see him off the clothes have be besmeared with blood ,heart faint with guess :he spent at the time to find drug ,night time to heal ,is to champion a man opens his eyes while he was good-looking but apparently because discovered what as if thinking of sth.
King Mu by Au be most willing to process air blow ,in order to break his secret from shifting ,thereby find the treatment alliance approach Sun Siyu sigh from the memories ,told the Sun Ji Xiao , Au King man love ,no wonder the hegemon die without any regret .
it ,I but worried Sun Ji Xiao smiled and shook his head, but seriously Sun Siyu gawks : what ? Opens his mouth is your hero Sun Ji Xiao Xiaotan , see how you came out from
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