but is actually composed of metal element

September 14 [Fri], 2012, 12:36
Scream and the people will look at that big half broken spur above ,the other side is also heard a muffled roar -_ ) then that because Zhou Yulong and Garuda fights and rolled up the fog began to disperse ,revealed two of them look at building ,it now has very miserable ,not only it all the muscles in the human skin has a strong hit out together around the wounds ,and the right-hand spur was also Zhou Yulong Langnujisi sword cut off most of students ,leaving only a broken stubble coupled with his head stuck gold dagger ,making it the look miserable miserable miserable end but to be in vivo gene system ,intelligent control Karura is and no loss of combat capability ,although it was Zhou Yulong right-hand spur Langnujisi sword cut off ,but he left Spurs but once again into Zhou Yulong will Zhou Yulong chest tearing a almost made him broken into two pieces the gaping wound Damn ,fortunately I, or face this not monsters ,who who died .
four wing show ,Zhou Yulong worked out the Karura left spurs give back ,And then fast movements within their abilities ,half remnant metal bodies recovered completely and now he had to admit ,Atlantis final force is a terrible place, especially in this because of the use of crystal have broken a dead-alive person state after the ,ultimate force is difficult but difficult to deal with does not mean that we cannot cope with Karura ,now Zhou Yulong has been right to spur the students to cut off ,the rest of the left hand has been made to spur Zhou Yulong does not become too big a threat but now only troubled Zhou Yulong is ,how to completely kill the bulky guy after all now Karura body means is in vivo the biochemistry of gene control ,without any key to want to kill him ,can be completely destroyed but to completely destroy such a fierce defying death and has powerful attack guy ,that is not an easy thing .
Try it . look to jump towards their mase to Karura ,Zhou Yulong slightly narrowed squinting ,then waved his right hand will be inserted in the gold dagger to Karura head pumping out Since the condensed in the gold dagger Sale Women UGG Boots,Zhou Yulong had an idea ,but this time he is really too busy ,too late to put the idea into action now ,but also useful in this way can one will be the Karura is completely defeated Pong accompanied by a soft sound, the Youth Pre-employment Training back directly Zhou Yulong hold the handle gold dagger ,and the heavy paste in the hands of the Langnujisi sword suddenly ,solid gold dagger and hard Langnujisi sword made clear between metal transfer .
However ,the scene was so that the presence of the people to attack the Karura was slightly started ,slow attack strength Jimmy Choo Starlit Outlet, eyes look to the hand of Zhou Yulong two sword intersect only in the two sword intersecting ,Langnujisi sword and gold dagger have flashing a brilliant ,and with brilliant continues to shine, the hard edge without horse Sale UGG Neema,unparalleled gold dagger has slowly melting ,into the Langnujisi the sword blade .
When the gold dagger slowly into the Langnujisi sword ,the sword of Langnujisi also started flashing up red golden glow ,And it seems to the gold dagger com. Then became increasing version cut the immortal sword as will Langnujisi sword and gold dagger com.
, Zhou Yulong finally stopped himself, his right hand, to the Karura threw me suddenly, his hands have become a Langnujisi sword moment into a red light, direct rushed to the front of the Karura, and light
up, just like the fire spirit condensed fire giant Sale Karen Millen 2011 Dress, in the blade body is condensed into a giant energy sword, heavy, Luo head towards building off with a thud, aka Rona Jan unparalleled powerful body
in blazing red sword light like a fast decay under general was completely in two, and remains above also instant flamed out, only a moment between will Karura debris burning a coke black, as two piece
of charcoal, heavily onto the ground sword: garoro, Zhou Yulong And also can be used as an energy carrier ,the energy expansion initiated his ranged attacks several times as if his beheaded
immortal sword ,although is the entity ,but is actually composed of metal element and the radiating element of condensed ,so Langnujisi sword can be completely absorbed ,and it contains
energy expanded several times, the combination of a huge the blazing red energy sword, that blow struck has become a dead-alive person Karura though that Zhou Yulong cut the immortal
sword is also completely scrapped need heavy condensation ,but this play out on the attack is Zhou Yu Long Xingfen I know just the one displayed by the attack can be said to have more
of his abilities peak otherwise ,can not easily be beheaded the Karura ,and the remains of burnt ruins can develop such strong great attack force ,for Zhou Yulong, is undoubtedly a force
on the leap good works and Zhou Yulong inexplicable excitement in the presence of different ,the strong heart is Zhou Yulong the sword of Viagra completely stunned just to know
their collective hand was wounded Karura ,but no real threat to his life but Zhou Yulong Hand is easily to execute such power, so that the gap ,so that the presence of the hearts of everyone
will have mixed feelings among them and Zhou Yulong had good relations with Pope et al is shocked at side side ,but those once and Zhou Yulong as an enemy of the people ,such as Xia
Zhiqiu ,such as Luo Hou ,but they all have one from the bottom of my heart can resist fear they know ,if just the sword goal is to them North Face Women's Gore Tex Jackets Sale, then they must also have the same as before
and the Karura ,such coke debris ,even ,even the debris can not stay this gap ,let them sit on pins and needles ,heart hair ,how to start considering easing and Zhou Yulong the relationship
between I had to cut the immortal sword and Zhou Yulong don know these people know what, from ecstasy after wake up ,he just felt a pain that handle made of metal elements and fire
elements of condensed to cut the immortal sword not only unite out waste him a lot of effort ,but also it is in this period of time every day he can absorb large amounts of metal elements
and fire elements into the chopping sword ,sword of tempered body ,strong The immortal sword blade now cut into Langnujisi sword issued his strongest blow although be an easy job
to the beheaded the Karura ,but to play like this the most powerful sword ,he also only in condensed the immortal sword after cut constantly Pei Lian ,which contains the power to achieve
just that handle chop strange immortal degree ,it can be done just to reach this level ,not after three five seven days of concentrated training ,is unlikely to be the PS: first offer
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