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Han mother grave is ... a small mountain valley in the village. Two face mountains. East of the the Shishan old ... Xiangshan, north of the Phoenix Mountains. Also known as white Maoshan. On the plains in the middle of the mountain valley, rises a small stop. Same mound. Above the trees and shrubs, on both sides of a clean two small oil flowing down the mountain valley, cheering, singing with the open flow to the south. Liling Feng and Wang, the students led a special combat brigade and the sniper brigade had arrived here. See Liu Yimin and his entourage arrived. The Liling Feng and Wang briefly with the students reported a small village. The original village was called Goddess grave, because the mountain valley in the bare soil mountain. According to village the villagers say, this is the right of the Ming Dynasty Yongle Emperor Zhu Lin Fei's tomb. This is the right Princess is the daughter of Korean workers Cao Code book the right executive, the Korean king into the offer paper models in the name of Jin Feng to Zhu Lin, her natural beauty, mess with the quality orchid heart. Military books, blowing a good hand flute, stand out in Zhu Lin's harem, has been called Xian Fei. In charge of the the Palaces affairs, to exercise the Queen's powers. In the way of the expedition with Zhu Lin triumphant return troops to the capital of Mongolia. Illness invalid and Yu Yun, at the age of 22-year-old. The villagers said that when the right to Princess passing Weishanhu seriously ill and wanted to after death buried in the beautiful city of Weishan lake, and therefore to deceased. Explored the Feng Shui Zhu Lin ordered within the radius of hundred miles, and eventually settled on this. Surrounded by mountains, springs flowing, Erlongxizhu of feng shui treasure People say like charge guard of the right of the left lion, the Sanshan a Shuizang Huang mother. It is said that the right to Princess's death, Zhu Lin grave keeper could not bear to leave. Or the right to Princess night Tuomeng advised Funan normalized, so Zhu Lin Huang, Wang surname four soldiers ranger had to choose to keep the tomb of Realm troops to the capital. Now people of this village have only surnamed Wang, about seven, eighty people. Li Lingfeng speak of the extremely rich. The soldiers also listen attentively. Liu Yimin said the sound is a poor woman. Ordered increased vigilance, guards series of Li Tsung-jen to send four of Chiang Kai-shek rifle opened. To wipe the gun, given to each soldier, with the horse. Letting special combat brigade to return guards series storage of arms and ammunition, troops in the rest, after dark, by a special combat brigade to guide signposts left along the reconnaissance eastward advance. Forces during the break, Princess Tomb of Chen Yaoguang went to see the right. A look there to see the huge a mound above wooded. Between a variety of flowers, the idea is very beautiful scenery. The girls are more sentimental, the Chen Yaoguang listened to Li Lingfeng the introduction. The field looked over the beginning of the tomb, and my heart sour. Women think in this tomb during his lifetime must be Enchanting, like a flower character, or the Mind of the Yongle Emperor Zhu Lin, and will not even set off regarded her belt, a mysterious lost no less than. That she was dead. Zhu Lin will not only wake, but also the grave keeper, after is not even a hobby have changed, like the Korean diet, repeatedly selected from the Korean Princess. If she is not the angel like figure, Where can I stand out in the sixth house, Zhu rubber so favored it? I kept thinking to think of their own, already determined to leave him to do a real Eighth Route Army soldiers, but accidentally met godsend, even in Xuzhou, the achievements of some affinity, then the wish. But this illusion soon woke up, back to the troops, I am afraid that he would sent the far. Out of sight out of mind, but I am afraid that life will not be to others to admit that he is his woman. Own life, why so bitter it! It touches a woman in the tomb. Died in the Love is the United States, and sexual gratification. Nestled in the Qingshanxiushui being, no longer have to return to the capital that palace grudge and 3,000 contestants rivalry love, free leisure to see Chunhuaqiuyue, Yunjuanyunshu. As a woman, as a woman of outstanding men around, this right to Princess also be considered lucky the This girl grew more and more unhappy. The more unhappy the more sad, tears involuntarily down to DC, it was not ado, the right to marriage tomb crying with a bloody nose, before returning to camp. Liu Yimin see Chen Yaoguang back from the outside, red eyes, I know this girl went to the right of Princess Tomb, must be moved by the occasion, crying with a bloody nose, the soldiers around, we are unable to comfort her, I sigh, he turned to continue Li Lingfeng they discuss the SCS things. The sun go down. Afterglow of the surrounding mountains dyed a golden yellow. Liu Yimin not wait for the command the Liling Feng rate commandos departure, the front open. One hour after the departure of the SCS to see if the sun had set, and twilight from the four weeks spread over the mountains are shrouded tightly. Liu Yimin This command guards series launched and sniper brigade along the reconnaissance, special operations brigade through the path. In order not to disturb the enemy. Along the way, the soldiers not to fight the torch, all dismount, holding the horses forward. The Zaozhuang also this time there is no separate set county or city, north of Tengxian the south belong to the peaks County. However, because of coal mining. Zaozhuang coal city has become larger than the average county more prosperous. The total coal mining giant ZTE Corporation, the largest coal company in the pre-war has developed into a modern, open bath coal mine, Fushun Coal Mine and said China's three major butterfly mine. ZTE not only coal, but also the birth of the first stock of China's national industry, the first steamer, the first train, the first port. The company began in Li Shichang, Li Yuan-hung, president of the Northern Government has served as chairman, Northern Prime Minister weeks since Qi, Zhu Gum, and Zhang Xun, Zhang Xueliang, etc. are a major shareholder. The Zaozhuang before the Japanese occupation, the Nationalist government had ordered the ZTE Corporation, blew coal, Unfortunately, the management of the Company luck, even fabricate reason, on grounds of foreign capital holding company has been refused the fried mine abruptly to a modern coal mine left to the Japanese, to become the Japanese launched a the Jinpu the southern section of the operations harvest. It is the Japanese Tenth Division stationed Zaozhuang eighth brigades and regiments, brigades, head of Laiwu Ping Major General, led by Wing. Laiwu Ping since retreated Zaozhuang, and go northward to fight back ** fought several small-scale fighting, completely dead, the heart of counter-offensive, in accordance with the alum Gu Lian referred by the command, holed up in Zaozhuang city, producing dense defensive, waiting for reinforcements arrived. Captain Joint Numata Jia possession of Colonel since been taught in Cangxian five brigades cavalry camp to teach after becoming a little nervous, afraid to listen to the words of the Eighth Route Army and Liu Yimin, an the words immediately on the attack of hysteria. Fortunately, back on defense from Tianjin, Shandong, no longer as soon as heard Liu Yimin words, this guy's emotions basically stable. The the Taierzhuang combat cross-wing, led by the Laiwu Ping Major General, commander-in-chief Liu Guitang blade fierce troops went forward with Huang Association Army reinforcements Linyi combat. Playing for some time, Numata multi-Jia Zang Colonel found Chuan small study China party in this House military desperate resistance, all the battle is not easy to play. Delete the beads changed suddenly smart not to let the horse wing at the head, always allow the wing to supervise operations at the back, The coercion Liu Guitang the Royal Society army attack. The results of Linyi did not play down, and also defeat in confused loss of soldiers off to Liu Guitang saw him hide to the side. However, Numata Jia Tibet successfully preserve the strength of the first wing. South reinforcements the Taierzhuang stationed Zaozhuang condensate Valley detachment almost annihilated the the alum Valley Lian referral will be heard first correct wing formed almost homogeneous full member, specifically a telegram in recognition of the the Numata Jia possession of Colonel commanding well walk all Numata multi-Jia Zang Lok Pidianpidian not to preach to the captain of the men to fight the assault Huang co-army work, supervised the operation of the work of the Imperial Army. Laiwu Ping Major General on April 14, the Numata Jonathan possession of Colonel smell a trace of base camp is to mobilize the army to surround and annihilate the Xuzhou area team the main force of the wind, and immediately on the proposed focus on the main line with the troops of the garrison peaks County, clearing the peaks County external team to prepare for large-scale combat. Surprisingly, Laiwu Ping Rear Admiral ignore him and want him back honestly scraping training troops, waiting for orders. Numata Jia Zang bitterly one day is not at peace and not want to play the slap in the face of the little devils, that is, kick the traitor ass. Made the hasty wing of the Ministry of deserted. Until after supper, Numata Jia Zang people determined to go in any case be out of town raids, highlighting the Imperial Army's combat power. Otherwise, even the town to maintain the Council feel that the imperial army was defeated, to die. The Numata Jonathan possession of Colonel went to see the Laiwu Ping Major General. This Laiwu Ping Major-General would be delighted readily sweep, beating the team's actual situation, he took a brigade and a cavalry squadron to a nearby village. So, the Numata Jia Zang Colonel boarded the armored vehicles, with five cars and a brigade of infantry, a squadron of cavalry, to the Zaozhuang southeast shiyangchang along the along the Taiwan jujube Highway to kill. In Numata Jia Zang Colonel wanted to come, the surrounding countryside, there must be many of the landed gentry baby hiding, this to so attack, five cars will be loaded full. Narayana with a reconnaissance through the Highway of Taiwan dates from the Shiyang, here also there is no enemy, on the left road signs, radio made a security code word and move the investigation forward. Night old, Liling Feng led a special combat brigade to the Shiyang near Taiwan dates on the road the Japanese armored vehicles, cars and cavalry. Road east side of the village ablaze, obviously devils in evil. The Liling Feng know their task is to return to base to escort One dare not into battle, while ordered two squadrons of special operations concealed the enemy, a detailed investigation, while the report to Liu Yimin. Such as Liu Yimin, led by a guard row and sniper brigade forced march to the reinforcements come, the old point. Special warfare brigade arrived near the reconnaissance soldiers are coming back to report on enemy movements, several aspects of the case of a meet, Liu Yimin has largely clear of the enemy situation. Devils should be a brigade of infantry and a. Squadrons of cavalry, an armored vehicle and five cars, Taiwan jujube road on both sides of the village the attack. Among them, the devils of the road west side of the Shiyang village is a squad devils main focus of the highway east along the village burning and looting. Liu Yimin silent forget about the special combat brigade and sniper brigade plus the Guard series, Gongdi not prepared, will certainly wipe out this devils. But at night, the Devils once indented the village to stick harder to resolve, over time, the Zaozhuang devils inevitable reinforcements, think easy to get rid of the enemy difficult. However, this devil is the tenth division of the troops, committed numerous blood of old devils, met not kill is a sin. That they can not wipe out devils, to destroy it part of the line determined to make up after taking into account the Shiyang the Devils, though small, but ready to be hiding in the village to fight back, is not conducive to a quick fix; alert the Devils on the road a little over, but Japanese standard is conducive to a quick fix. Liu Yimin then ordered a special combat brigade sniper brigade to leave the horses, a series by the guards to look after. Li Lingfeng rate of special warfare two squadrons and the sniper one squadron quietly movement to a large roadside wreck Devils of armored vehicles, get rid of a large road activities of devils cavalry and guarding the car's small forces; king of the same birth rate special warfare three squadrons and attacks on two, three squadrons eradication in stone Yang village of devils; guard row broke out after the horse crossed the the jujube Taiwan Highway. With special warfare brigade sniper brigade arranged on the roadside ambush, engaged the devils. The Liling Feng and Wang students do not agree that you should first ensure that the 1st safety, where the distance is the Zaozhuang too close, easy to attract devils troop reinforcements. Liu Yimin payable to that looked Xiwangzhuang direction fire, interrupted the Liling Feng and Wang syngenesis, command them to perform. Until the special combat brigade and the sniper brigade's soldiers hidden into the night, Liu Yimin ordered the guard company launched, every soldier holding the horses, just waiting for the Li Lingfeng they started a series of rush on the rate of guards. Chen Yaoguang Although a set of military training, but it will only fire a gun, see the soon to be war, and my heart thump thump wildly. Although until Liu Yimin picked her up and put one right away, is in a counterattack at any time are likely to re-siege Zaozhuang so, he commanded the troops to the village raids, leaving the cavalry squadron and a squad of infantry to guard car, police on the road since Liu Yimin fight, and to call mobilize being along the highway village evil devils reinforcements Li Lingfeng also blunt the pending troop movement in place boat issued the attack order. Yamada wood husband is the son of a secondary school teacher in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan, when the school had already learned a stomach Shina how rich knowledge. Originally, his father, after he graduated from high school on Normal, good inherited his father. results of Yamada wood husband consent of his mother's consent, quietly join the army of his mother's thoughts and he is consistent, is that when the teachers are very boring work, it will kill the will of the people, mediocrity, it is better to cast the military and maybe even have to Shina to Bo a lifetime of wealth to, Amaterasu care, the army two years in Japan would start to send more troops to the north. Yamada wood husband with the tenth division is burning all the way in North China. even promoted to team leader. her mother received the money he sent back, wrote to tell him that her life the pride of His Majesty the Emperor has trained a hero of Tarawa and her son are proud of the retreated Zaozhuang Yamada wood husband all the time looking forward to release the finally looked out of the city raids, the results captain even team caretaker car. Yamada wood husband indignant sense, looking at not far from the fire in the village, shaking eyes are shining white silver, of golden bullion and flower girl struggling figure on the bed, and my heart Million everywhere curse greetings captain on behalf of less than 18 female relatives, who let their house so stupid captain you, but also issued a so stupid command? heart catlike only. Tianmu husband at this time attend to what the guard vapor abundance, as one looking forward to burning in the foot off the captain of the addiction to think of his squad, let him to choose the target is too fun. at this time. Yamada wood husband heard the cry of strange sound, looked outside, a projectile with a light fly straight crashed into the turn on the headlights of the armored vehicles, armored vehicles to fight became a fireball. Yamada wood husband again greetings captain can not attend your sister and sister, mouth and called, Yamada wood husband on his back and down and can no longer provide for his mother of gold and silver. Liling Fei is so arranged that: Special Operations Squadron quietly move to the side of the road to do at or near the shooting, the first rocket-propelled grenades destroyed the devils armored vehicles , try the car and seized the devils. sniper a squadron in the hidden from the road Tian meters, and focus to deal with the devils car on the machine gunners and cavalry. As the night sniper rifle sight does not work, so Li Lingfeng ordered the sniper one squadron and special operations squadrons be eighty-one automatic-rifle fire. to ensure the rate of fire gunshots woke up the alert being on the road devils cavalry squadron and the infantry squad of soldiers, these guys are indeed the elite, and some place lying to the Some go under the car below, but without exception, are the rapid rise of look around, determine the direction of the attacker, and then quickly out of the gun firing. Unfortunately, these devils just ordinary troops of the elite, and Liu Yimin scraping practiced a few years special combat brigade and the sniper brigade photos, they are Xiaowa ** not the ball. Devils fired a single shot, Lee buffalo shooter who attacks a squadron immediately sent a bullet to the end, those lucky enough to live devils First Cavalry carry live, jumped on his horse and go out into the Zaozhuang direction to run, because they know that their encounter is the devil's forces, led to Numata Jia Zang Colonel Battalion of the main force to move closer to probably be a dead end, but they do not know if we could let them run out the sniper brigade signs I am afraid that a change is necessary. This is not on the bow escape Devils cavalry became the target of a scrambling to his horse fell. heard gunshots; Liu Yimin immediately ordered the guards series starting he took the lead in the run ahead. he knew devils on the road will soon be eliminated, they are not special operations squadron and sniper squadron opponent. Sure enough, such as guard row rushed the highway Li Lingfeng has been the headquarters team to sweep the battlefield. Liu Yimin ordered the devils car row south-easterly direction, the lights are all lit, the irradiation battlefield ordered the troops to disperse immediately, so that the horses all lie down and be prepared to fight ambush. time is not Wang students led Special Operations Squadron and the sniper, three squadrons back, the report says Shiyang village only experience a small devils, too few people, play boring Liu Yimin one know the devils in the other village house three and a half squadron of troops may soon rushed to the rapid reinforcement of the the Zaozhuang devils may, perhaps also copy their escape route, ordered the devils up to be quickly evacuated after the slap in the face. road upload to gunfire when, the Numata Jia Zang Colonel in command of their dogs biting an old man. this old man's son is too Bushi Xiang, his flower girl's clothes when the two soldiers to go Pa, the son of this old man even dared to use a knife to the two soldiers split into two, while his son was also killed. humble Chinaman's name, how can compensate for the life of two Japanese warrior? Numata Jia Zang Colonel huff, even kill the old man home flower girl. this is not Jiehen command the soldiers all the villagers rushed to the Otani field, he wanted to kill 100 a proud, these Shina people know annoy the end of the imperial army. justified with the villagers surface to put the dogs biting the old man, remembered the shots on the road. Numata Jia Zang was soon to learn, a certain team in the warning of the attack on their own forces. the Numata Jonathan possession of Colonel refused to re-kill command messenger notice is a few collection of village raids of troops, the rapid reinforcement of guard forces when approaching the edge of the road, the Numata Jia Zang Colonel found that one of the only lights lit, surrounded by quiet, seems to attack the team had to retreat. Numata Jia Zang Colonel waved to command a squadron of running forward, on the road view, led the rest of the troops around the search, of course, experience Numata of Cangxian war more than Jia Zang Colonel is not a general officer of the Imperial Army, his early under the horses go in the middle of the team at this time. mutation emergent, surrounded by sounds of gunfire. Numata Jia Zang large Zuoma would lie down to the ground, the organization of troops counterattack. playing for a while. Numata multi-Jia possession of Colonel does not feel right, listen to the gunshots each other only light machine guns and rifles, light machine guns to fight are burst, so that firepower stands to reason that only a small team forces a motley crew, but why such a big casualties of their own troops? each other's shots is getting thin, but the strange thing is, the gun shots can be fatal, especially their own officers and machine gunners, grenade hand, under the dumplings, like cushions Gululu to lying on the ground. this call a while, I'm afraid the whole brigade should be better to die here. feel wrong Numata and more Jia Zang Colonel hurriedly ordered the Signal Corps to the the Laiwu Ping Major General for help, ordered the troops to move back, beginning with the team the distance. to suppress the use of heavy machine guns and infantry guns enemy. found Liu Yimin the Guizi Bing began to crawl back, and ordered the troops to end the fighting retreat on Ma Xiangdong forward quietly. just issued the END command. heard around Chen Yaoguang backwards then remember that The Chen Yaoguang no combat experience, I heard myself ordered a retreat, must stand up and ready to run back, hit by the devils. things and Liu Yimin think, as the battle started, Chen Yaoguang climbed Liu Yimin side watching Liu Yimin Da Guizi use support eighty-one automatic rifles shot a Liu China has just handed her self-defense-year gun to ghost afternoon Alexandra-chan, cited unfortunately hit a few shots did not hit. Also led to Liu Yimin scold. Liu Yimin even to baleful her head to the ground. Liu Yimin's attitude is not good, but the falls Chen Yaoguang eyes that are sweet and happy, she knew, the man to protect her, afraid she was out of danger. An ordered retreat Liu Yimin, Chen Yaoguang thought the fight was over, even imagined, stood up directly. Ready to go to the horses there, at this time, a bullet hit her. Liu Yimin a stride in the past, reached over and hugged the upcoming arrival of Chen Yaoguang, looked down, girl shot in the chest, the blood is out of infiltration. Liu Yimin the hepatobiliary splitting, Manghan hygienist to take first-aid kit to. Chen Yaoguang of this time has to die, opened his eyes, see Liu Yimin holding his face showed a hint of a smile; off, said: distorted, fell on Liu Yimin arms. Hospitals climbed over a check, Liu Yimin, said: the light of the Devils team, bitterly said the word After a thorough listen but not the opposite of gunfire, Numata Jia possession of Colonel was strong from the gallbladder, ordered the troops to go and join the reinforcements rushed to the battlefield. The, Laiwu Ping Major General in person with troop reinforcements, also with a few tanks of the wing action to. See the the Numata Jia possession of Colonel, Major General Laiwu Ping command to clean up the battlefield, this clean up the battlefield, only to find not only the cavalry squadron collective Stick to the squad of Shiyang village raids and to guard the car squad collective Stick, that is, with the Numata Jia Zang Colonel return to the main infantry brigade in the rescue and also killed a full two-thirds, if a little late, estimated that the Numata more than Jia Zang this fool on the army Stick. Especially intolerable is that the captain and several squadron leader and even a small captain almost all the better to die, this brigade to be considered finished. Laiwu Ping Major General fury grabbed the the Numata multi-Jia Zang Colonel, crackling open. Until Laiwu Ping Rear Admiral tired, living a hand, Numata Jia possession of Colonel clutching his face swollen Lao Gao Lao Gao said: yo but very accurate marksmanship, soldiers, a hidden, it might be killed, and for beating the officers and the machine gunner, grenadier simple hand. Major General Lai Wuping an on alert to think about is this invincible elite Battalion, Linyi fight fought so long, there is no big casualties of this a little while the force is really good! TIPS Numata Jia possession of Colonel, see Major General Lai Wuping not speak boldly asked: The head of you, we can not catch up to chase? Or else your head how will rust? Then, the rationale ignored marsh Tian utilization possession of Colonel, ordered the troops to quickly clean up the battlefield, to withdraw zaozhuang. Back to Zaozhuang Major General Lai Wuping alum Gu Lian referral will transmitters, reported fighting in the Shiyang request submitted to the Second Army and the North China Area Army investigation Shina Lehr, Liu Yimin Ministry of trends, North China Area Army Command, received the layers of newspaper Laiwu Ping can not think of forces in addition to Liu Yimin, China, which a force such a strong fighting force. up the report, Kita Seiichi has received the report of the spies in Xuzhou, know teaching mentor teachers Liu Yimin south Xuzhou audience with Chiang Kai-shek's intelligence, two the next control, the truth must first hook wing encountered Liu Yimin and his Guards, Liu Yimin must be from Xuzhou Taierzhuang north to return to Luxi. Thus, the temple Shou generals command: Army Now police station intelligence personnel, to mobilize all forces. investigation Liu Yimin whereabouts, must be nipped in the way back. Liu Yimin certainly do not know these initiatives of the devils, the devils guessed his destination, and naturally not realize the purpose of interception along the way after leaving the Zaozhuang territory, I feel we will not encounter the devils, Liu Yimin ordered troops to playing torch horse gallop. night Benz dawn of time has returned to high Hashimura, and the convergence of Narayana, and teaching activities in five brigades. Liu Yimin ordered troops to base camp, they dismounted, the Chen Yaoguang on the grass, but also go fold some squid. next to the remains into the Chen Yaoguang this Lee Xiaoshuai and high Hashimura village chief, Zhao Laoxiang coffin, ready to Chen Yaoguang into Ling. Originally, Liu Yimin want to Chen Yaoguang burial place, but to see around potential, are not good but Lai Shan mountain. probably smaller than Monsanto, decided to be a Chen Yaoguang the body back to divisional headquarters, and then choose to be buried. the Liling Feng and Wang syngenesis know Chen Yaoguang Chiang Kai-shek sent teachers embarrassed, not knowing the twists and turns of this intermediate, see Liu Yimin so got the idea on the proposal of the vice is not a stretcher, carried back to division headquarters the Chen Yaoguang comrades, and then OK buried. Liu Yimin shook his head: do the stretcher carrying not only affects the march speed, and easy for the remains bumpy. Or into jointed lumber car transport. Party's construction of this high Hashimura engage in early, mass base, Lee Xiaoshuai soon on the car shipped to a coffin. Looked Liu Yimin, is a pure shot of wood, painted, carved, and a look to know coffin of rich families of the carefully prepared, agreed in march, everything go from simple, Liu Yimin Li Xiaoshuai with the soldiers to find a point of pine shoot branches and flowers, the coffin at the bottom of the laying of the aroma. this let the soldiers go away, put up tents, and got a few this year, light wife, water wash for Chen Yaoguang to clean the body out of the backpack and from Chen Yaoguang clean underwear to put to her, to the village to buy two new bedding, has been a busy morning. be considered the Chen Yaoguang into picking up. Liu Yimin extremely sad, bad mood, do not want to stop here and more, then ordered the coffin into the carriage, with their accompanying forces, patrol wagon to the Mengyin advance you book the Friends greatly, you are the good man to serve. Hermit look forward to your subscription and to vote! Thank you for the (to be continued)
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