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September 06 [Thu], 2012, 18:58

out from the car, each of them holding hands are edged, pistols pointing straight naturally peak of Chu. Chu shock to jade, but the time spent when purchasing eight thousand good value! 8000 good value buy jade, imagine defense will certainly be quite good! Jade of defense coupled with the defense force protecting God, Chu is not a little worried about that! I got a bullet to the Chu-then directly in front of that jade was stirred layer of defense to Dangxia! This scenario immediately so that the spirits of a few big guys to take, they did not think Chu's defense actually is so powerful pistol is not a special defense breakdown Chu! Four faint knock that guy, that middle-aged forty years old is out of a hundred meters! One of the two-edged colored pistol, then let the power of the Chu-quite satisfied, that one went to a hundred meters away from the middle-aged man he shot on the breakdown of a leg bone of the knee fell heavily to the ground! , Chu San is not their income but caught up prison space thrown into a black sedan that within. Into the car, Chu quickly to launch a car, ten minutes later, the car is to a very remote place, it is now night, there is simply no one to this neighborhood. Four guys that were hurt suffered a hand suddenly woke up. again. The eyes of those four guys are showing the fear of color, said they believe Chu certainly can do it! Prior to the youth to speak and said: Chu slightly nodded: What is the force behind. Chu said: Chu-hear the words of the four guys face became pale. Chu-cold channel: to choose from! The knife was that guy on the ground quickly pick up on, Suddenly a hand was Zhanxia! Shaking voice heard screams from the guy's mouth instantly sent out! Very very scary sound miserable the rest of the three white guys face all of a sudden! For that guy is a threat of Chu did not mind completely, even if these four guys all the way into the devils he is without any fear! is chop down! gloomy face down. then it is clearly heard! powerful pistol bullets but not many may also be used to keep the future, Chu did not want to waste this four guys! . Chu-car slowly started to leave, Chu: Sima family in Japan, this piece is certainly considerable attention, if Chu destroyed this one piece, then the anger of Japan's strength in the Chu-simply can not afford! removed, wrong, wrong! seems only according to previous plans, hidden in the dark, hold! endured without power in the case indeed, the best way! (Brothers, look with flowers Please vote slightly, thank you!)

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